Meeting Virginia’s pro-life heroes

Last Thursday night I was invited to the Virginia Governor’s Mansion to meet Governor Bob McDonnell and a number of Virginia’s pro-life leaders.  The room was filled not with politicians, but mostly with directors of pregnancy care centers that spanned the entire state of Virginia.  These are true heroes of the pro-life movement.

Directors of pregnancy care centers are in nearly every community meeting the needs of mothers who are in a crisis situation.  These directors usually take on this task on with little or no salary.  These centers run mostly off of donations.  Needs are being met at these centers and lives are being spared the trauma associated with abortion.  It was definitely a privilege to be in a room filled with Virginia’s pro-life leaders!

Governor Bob McDonnell is also doing a great job as well and it was an honor to meet him as well, of course!

With elections just around the corner, please consider signing the “I Vote Pro-life First” pledge, acknowledging
that a candidate’s stance on LIFE is the most important stance to consider in any election.  Check it out at

Rock For Life is a founding coalition member.


Thank you for helping us renew our vehicle insurance!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us in renewing our vehicle insurance policy!  On February 22nd I sent out an email asking you to help us, either with your prayers or your pocketbooks to come up with$396 to renew our vehicle insurance policy.  In less than 48 hours our goal was met!  We are so amazed at the graciousness of our supporters.  THANK YOU!

Now I apologize, I haven’t sent out a thank you until now.  That has a lot to do with being so busy!  Since that email we have been at:

  1. Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention in Harrisburg, Penn.
  2. Spoken show in Columbia, Maryland
  3. Fireflight show in Dunn Loring, Virginia
  4. Impact 2012 in Harrisburg, Penn.

Whew!  These last two weeks we’ve had the opportunity to reach thousands of young people and we’ll have many more opportunities in the month of March.  And we couldn’t have done it without you!  Your prayers and your financial support keep us on the road which keep us reaching young people with the pro-life message.  This in turn builds the next generation to be one that will end abortion in our lifetimes!  Now that I look forward too!

So, thanks again big time!  And make sure to check back here, facebook and twitter for photos and stories from the road.

Northern Virginia is Pro-life Rally tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be speaking (along with many others) at the Northern Virginia is Pro-Life Rally.  If you are near Fairfax tomorrow why don’t you come out and be apart of this awesome event!

Besides yours truely you will get to hear Elizabeth Farah (, Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life of America) Peter Shinn, (Pro-Life Unity) and many others.  Also, musical entertainment will be provided by Emily & Anna Weisband and Maddy Curtis.  Emily & Anna have provided music at numerous Rock For Life events.  Many of you may have already heard Emily & Anna play at one of the numerous coffee shops in the area! You can hear their music by clicking here.

Also, Maddy Curtis hails from the Northern Virginia area, she was a contestant on American Idol and comes from a family of twelve whose mother is an award winning blogger!  We interviewed her earlier in the year on our podcast. Click here to listen.

Northern Virginia is perceived by many as non-friendly to the cause of human rights and justice for preborn children.  With a large number of pro-life groups located in the Northern Virginia area this is bound to change.  Polls tell us that more and more people, young and old are self-identifying themselves as pro-life.  With the elections coming up this is a perfect time for pro-life people to use the ballot box to speak out for the preborn.  Then, after the elections, no matter who holds public office our work continues by holding them accountable.  Let’s not forget our most important work, to personally be pro-life by continueing to educate those around us, get involved in pro-life projects, speak out, raise awareness and raise funds for important pro-life efforts.

Here’s the lowdown:

October 23, 2010 2-4pm
Government Center Ellipse
Fairfax, Virginia
For more info click here

Hope to see you there!

Erik Whittington,
Executive Director, Rock For Life
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