Pro-life crosses desecrated with condoms

Friday morning (April 20), abortion advocates at Western Kentucky University vandalized a pro-life display of crosses with condoms.  The campus police stood by and watched while 3,700 pro-life crosses were desecrated.  The campus police claimed that putting condoms on the crosses weren’t considered vandalism, in their opinion.

The display is what is called a cemetery of the innocents – 3,700 crosses represent the approximate number of babies aborted daily in the United States of America.  The display was set up by a campus group called Hilltoppers for Life.

This story is of concern for many reasons.  First, abortion advocates on university campuses seem to be getting more embolden to vandalize pro-life displays then every before.  These acts of vandalism seem to be increasing as of lately.  Secondly, the campus police stood by and refused to deal with the vandals.  If campus police aren’t going to uphold the rule of law, then what is the point of a rule?  If campus police can pick and choose which illegal acts they will prosecute then everyone on campus is in danger.  Finally, act of vandalism could fall under a “hate-crime” category or some sort of anti-religious bigotry act.  Imagine if vandals desecrated a Koran?  Or chanted anti-Semitic slogans at a Jewish display?  How do you think the campus police would respond?  Or how do you think the campus would respond to the perpetrators?

Call or Email WKU Dean, Dr. Dennis George at 270-745-8723 or to express your outrage and demand the university apologize to WKU Hilltoppers for Life and to train the campus police that putting condoms on some one else’s crosses is desecration and vandalizing.


PHOTOS: Pro-Choice response to a Pro-Life display? Upside crosses, fake blood and baby feet…

Pro-choice vandalism occurs more often than many believe, know about or want to know about.  Here a pro-life display (at Clarion University during “Life Week”) of crosses representing the number of babies aborted daily are turned upside down, some even covered in blood.

The upside down cross isn’t always considered anti-Christian or Satanic.  Simon Peter requested (out of respect for his savior Jesus Christ) and was granted to be crucified upside down – hence the upside down cross.  Although in this instance of “pro-choice” opposition, with the blood covered on some of the vandalized crosses I don’t think this was out of respect for Jesus or His peaceful, pro-life teachings.

To make matters even worse, fake blood was splattered on the side-walk, the phrase “pro-choice” written in fake blood and definitely the most disturbing of all – baby feet drawn in fake blood.

Will the University look into this? Will this be considered a Hate-Crime? How long will it take for the “pro-choice” groups on campus to condemn this act and do all that they can to bring justice to the perpetrators?

Pro-Life Crosses Vandalized

I’ve been blogging recently about the violence coming from the pro-abortion camp.  Unfortunately the volume of these stories seem to be on the increase.  Hence, this post.

Students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse recently spent over three hours putting up over 1,100 crosses on Wittich field to memorialize the victims of abortion.

Unfortunately most were torn down and thrown into piles.  Another case of pro-abortion violence.  No one has been charged and the police have no leads.  The student group filed a hate incident report and the school said whoever vandalized the display could face disciplinary action.

Pray for those who are so upset at the site of crosses displayed to memorialize the victims of abortion that they would break the law and cause this sort of disruption.  Also, pray for the student group led by Alyssa Gebel who sacrifice so much to spread awareness of the abortion atrocity and risk so much in the process.  Thanks!

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