National Pro-Life Youth Podcast Episode 005: Fatherhood Begins in the Womb

On the latest episode the National Pro-Life Youth Podcast we have two interviews for you!  First I interview Ryan Bomberger, Co-Founder of The Radiance Foundation. Ryan recently unleashed a TooManyAborted campaign called, Fatherhood Begins in the Womb.  Listen as Ryan describes the project and how you can get involved.  Ryan has a compelling story.

On the second half, Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America interviews Julia Pritchett, a junior at the University of Arkansas, President of the pro-life group on her campus, and former Students for Life Summer Missionary. Julia gives us a great look into how the 9-week, cyclical summer Missionary internship works, what it was like working for SFLA, another national pro-life group and inside a Congressional office, and how she’s able to apply what she learned from her internship on her campus!

Music provided by our good friends Manic Drive off of their latest CD, Epic.

To listen to the podcast click here.


Fatherhood Begins in the Womb

Did you know:

  1. 41% of all US children are born to non-married mothers
  2. 72.3% of all black children are born in homes with no fathers
  3. 84% of abortions are performed on non-married mothers
  4. Children (without fathers in the home) are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than homes with married parents
  5. Children (without fathers in the home) are twice as likely to drop out of school than their peers with married parents

This isn’t a dis on single-parents or single moms.  Many mothers don’t have a choice.  Many moms are forced to raise their children alone, at least for a time.  Our hats are tipped to those who take on the extra burden of single parenting.

Where are the fathers?  Fatherhood doesn’t start at birth or if you want the child or not.  Fatherhood is born when your child is conceived.  Roe v Wade / Doe v Bolton has created for many men an aura of selfishness and irresponsibility.  It is time for men to be men.   It is time to share the truth that children are best born into a home of a man and a woman committed to each other and the children they have and may conceive.

 Fatherhood Begins in the Womb is an excellent new joint campaign between The Radiance Foundation and the Issues4Life Foundation.  Check it out and get involved!

National Pro-Life Youth Rally

We are so excited to announce the first ever National Pro-Life Youth Rally January 24th in Washington, DC!  This rally immediately follows the big annual pro-life march, features music by BarlowGirl and inspirational talks by Eduardo Verastegui (Bella – the movie), Lila Rose (Live Action), David Bereit & Shawn Carney (40 Days for Life), Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life) & your very own – me! (and many more!)

It’s not only our hope of putting on a fun and inspirational rally, but we also want to equip you and the young people attending.  With that in mind we’ll be handing out action kits to the first 5,000 attendees.  So make sure to come out, have fun, get inspired and get equipped!

Because we expect a big turnout and the fact that the park can only hold so many people you need to pre-register to help ensure you a spot at the rally.  You can pre-register here.  When you do Students for Life will send you a free “Abolish Abortion” silicone wristband.  Also, you will be emailed a link to where you can download some free music provided by us, Rock for Life!

National Pro-Life Youth Rally
Lower Senate Park
Corner of D St., NE & 1st St., NE (3 blocks north of the US Supreme Court)
Washington, DC
Jan. 24th, 2011

Register here (for free wristband and music downloads)
RSVP on the facebook page here
“Like” us on facebook here

Read about the event in the news here and here

National Pro-Life Youth Rally is founded by: Rock for Life, 40 Days for Life, Students for Life and Human Life Alliance,, Creation 2011, Family Research Council & The Radiance Foundation are this year’s sponsors

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