Planned Parenthood opens up abortion facility next to an adoption center

This past Sunday Planned Parenthood opened up a mega-abortion facility in Fort Worth, Texas.  The facility is called Planned Parenthood Southwest Fort Worth Texas Health Center.

The $6.5 million center was built next to – AN ADOPTION CENTER!  The center is called Gladney Center for Adoption.  An interesting move as its usually the non-profit Pregnancy Care Centers looking to open up next to Planned Parenthoods and other abortion facilities.

Planned Parenthood is the group who aborts 145 babies for every adoption referral.  That doesn’t mean an actual adoption took place, just they failed to make the abortion sale to the mother and instead referred her to an adoption agency.

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VIDEO: Abortion supporters chant “Hail Satan”

While pro-lifers are singing “Amazing Grace” at the Texas State Capitol abortion supporters attempt to drown them out with their own chant of “Hail Satan.”  See the video below.


Now this is in no way suggesting all abortion supporters are devil worshipers, just like not all opponents of abortion are Christians, but unfortunately the underlining theme is far too common.  Pro-lifers peacefully pray at abortion facilities and other visibility and outreach events.  Abortion supporters rarely, if at all do.

Please keep all abortion supporters in your thoughts and prayers, who are so hurt and angry by our support of all human life. Thanks!


WHAT!? Teen Sues Her Parents Over Abortion

(BREAKING: It just came in that the girl won the lawsuit!

It is a sad state that our culture is in when a teenager has to fend off her parents to save her own child. However, that is exactly what is happening.

A 16-year-old mother of two months in Texas has filed a lawsuit against her own parents through the Center for Defense of Life. The girl’s mother apparently tried to get her grandparents to slip her an abortion pill.

Yeah, officially disgusted.

And it gets worse.

Apparently, the girl’s dad even tried to take her to a clinic and claimed that the decision was his to make. Where are the feminists here? A man would DARE tell a girl what to do when concerning abortion? Where is the choice in that?

The teen also said her parents took away her phone and car, keeping her out of school as well in order to punish her for not going along with their plan to abort their own grandchild.

This is not unusual, guys. Parents and friends have been known to pressure their loved ones to abort as well as boyfriends and husbands. I can only imagine the trauma these parents are putting on their daughter who has chosen to take a very courageous stance. It is a position I would hope no girl would be placed in, between her parents and her own son or daughter.

Let’s pray these parents have a change of heart and that this girl is able to protect her child and herself from the tragedy of abortion. (And the girl won!)

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Breaking news courtesy of Yahoo! News.

Local Planned Parenthood CEO charged with indecent exposure

There really isn’t much to say here other than this is truly disgusting, but then is it really a surprise?  Tony Ray Thorton, the President and CEO of the Planned Parenthood located in Lubbock, Texas was arrested for indecent exposure Monday, March 12th.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider pushes condoms that don’t work, lies to women, covers up for rapists and human sex traffickers.  All of this while pushing sexually immoral books towards young people.

So, does this really shock you if one of their local Presidents / CEO’s gets caught exposing themselves?  Planned Parenthood needs to be exposed, defunded and ultimately shut down!

Judicial Watch uncovers 26 new deaths caused by Gardasil

Judicial Watch announced on Wednesday that it has reviewed documents obtained from the FDA and have found that there were 26 additional deaths caused by the so-called vaccine Gradasil.  Gardasil is marketed as a vaccine to protect persons against HPV – which can be a sexually transmitted disease.  It is also marketed towards young girls ages 13-17. One governor, Rick Perry of Texas signed an executive order mandating all public school girls ages 13-17 to receive the vaccine.  Luckily the state legislature intervened and struck that down.  The deaths uncovered by Judicial Watch occurred between September 1, 2010 and September 15, 2011.  According to the report there were numerous additional serious side effects including, “seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short-term memory loss and Guillain-Barré Syndrome.”

The current official Gardasil death count is 56.  If you add these 26 the death count jumps to 82.

I’ve been saying ever since Gardasil come out that it is not pro-life.  Gardasil has serious side effects, including death.  It gives the recipients and their parents a false sense of security because it is far from 100% in vaccinating against HPV.  Finally, it is wrong for the government to circumvent parental authority and force children to take this so-called vaccine.  How can this be pro-life?

Unfortunately many well-meaning Christians and pro-lifers aren’t convinced.  Help spread the word on Gardasil.  Share this article!

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