2014 Summer Festivals Tour Schedule

map2We are excited to announce the 2014 Summer Festivals Tour Schedule!

This summer we will be exhibiting at 13 Christian music festivals in 9 states, traveling 7,584 miles through 21 states total.  The total attendance / ticket sales for all of these events combined is over 700,000! We have an opportunity to reach thousands upon thousands of young people this summer!

Here is our current schedule:

June 12-14: Atlanta Fest – Stone Mountain, Ga.
June 18-21: Alive Festival – Mineral City, Oh,
June 25-29: Creation Festival Northeast – Mt. Union, Pa.
June 26-29: King’s Fest – Doswell, Va.
July 10-13: Lifest – Oshkosh, Wisc.
July 16-19: SonShine Festival – Willmar, Minn.
Aug. 3-6: Kingdom Bound – Darien, NY
Aug. 7-9: Soulfest – Gilford, NH 
Aug. 16: DC Fest – Fairfax, Va.
Aug. 29-31: Lifelight – Worthing, SD
Sept. 5-7: Ignite Festival – Meadville, Penn.
Sept. 13: Awakening Festival – Centreville, Va.
Sept. 19-20: Uprise – Shippensburg, Pa.

If you plan on attending any of these festivals make sure to stop by and say hi!  Hope to see you this summer!

Check back here on our website as well as our facebook, twitter and instagram for pictures, stories, blogs, videos, etc., etc. Thanks!

NEEDED: Rock for Life Summer Festivals Interns

RFL2013SummerFestivalsTourAre you passionate about LIFE and human rights?  Do you have a desire to share your passion with others? Do you want to educate and activate the younger generation to not only be pro-life, but to act upon it?   If you answered yes to these questions, then an internship with Rock for Life’s Summer Festivals Tour is just for you!

The Rock for Life Summer Festivals Tour is an annual event that starts in June and lasts through most of the summer.  The bulk of the tour begins the second weekend in June and lasts through mid-August.  A Rock for Life Summer Festivals Intern attends numerous Christian Music Festivals, has an opportunity to see a lot of great bands, meet a lot of great people, camp, see the countryside, see young people convert to the pro-life truth and even see babies lives saved from abortion!

What does a typical week look like for a Rock for Life Summer Festivals Intern?

  • Day 1: driving to the festival, unloading all of our materials and setting up a camp site
  • Day 2: Setting up our display at the festival, and running the booth for about half of a day
  • Days 3 & 4: Running our booth at the festival all day (seeing great bands, meeting cool people, educating young people about abortion and getting them involved in our movement!)
  • Day 5: Running our booth at the festival for most of the day, breaking the booth down and loading into the vehicle
  • Day 6: inventory, weekly recap and driving to the next event
  • Day 7: mostly a day off with site-seeing and maybe praying / public witness at a local abortion facility and/or meeting with a local pro-life group

We are looking for individuals who not only have a desire to spread the pro-life message and recruit young people to our movement, but also individuals who need experience in pro-life educating, recruitment, merchandising, management, social media, blogging, photography, video and many other skills associated with an endeavor like this. This is a great opportunity to not only do great work but also to gain valuable experience.

Here is a short list of events & locations:

  • AtlantaFest; Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Alive Festival; Mineral, Ohio
  • Creation Festival East; Shirleysburg, Penn.
  • Lifest; Oshkosh, Wisc.
  • SonShine; Wilmar, Minnesota
  • SoulFest; Gilford, New Hampshire
  • Kingdom Bound; Darien Center, New York
  • DC Fest; Fairfax, Virginia
  • Awakening Fest; Leesburg, Virginia
  • Uprise; Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
  • LifeLight; Sioux Falls, South Dakota

If you are interested in the Rock for Life Summer Festivals Tour Internship – the full summer, one week or anything in between – please fill out this form and get it to us as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Summer Festivals Tour officially over!

The Summer Festivals Tour is officially over. This past weekend we exhibited at our final event of the summer, The Awakening Festival. OK some of you are like, Erik the summer has been over for quite some time. Well, not exactly. Fall officially started last Friday, September 23rd. Anyways, lets not split hairs!

The main thing is that our summer-ish travels are over. We had an amazing time of ministry, meeting and praying with a ton of young people, educating, activating, equipping them to be effective pro-life warriors in their communities, high schools and college campuses. We drove 6,948 miles exhibiting at 12 festivals, speaking and exhibiting at one concert and one youth group as well as one Warped Tour date! This is an increase from our 2010 Summer Festivals Tour where we drove 2,666 miles to exhibit at 6 festivals – our first summer since 1998 as an independent organization. And we are looking forward to the summer of 2012 where we plan on building off of these numbers – exhibiting and speaking at more events!

With all the young people who signed up with us this summer we have plans on starting a number of Rock For Life groups so stay tuned!

So thank you so much for your generous support and your prayers! We couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Help us get to Purple Door – get a free shirt!

Tomorrow, Friday August 13th we leave for Purple Door!  Purple Door is a two day music festival in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.  This year it is held this week-end August 13th-14th.  Each year is an awesome time of ministry, educating and inspiring many to action.  If you are in the area we urge you to stop by and check out this festival.  It has a great line-up this year! (Children 18:3, Showbread, Days Divide, House of Heroes, A Plea For Purging)

Things are pretty tight here so I need to hit you up for some help.  It is going to cost us about $150 this weekend in gas and food.  Plus the mini-van is in desperate need for an oil change and tire rotation.

So here is what I am going to do.  The first 10 people who commit to donating $15 or more I am going to send you a new Rock For Life mission t-shirt.  These shirts are printed on Tultex fine jersey, 90% ringspun cotton.  In other words, these are nice shirts with a great message!

The shirt reads; Rock For Life is promoting human rights for all people, born and preborn, by engaging the culture through music, action and education.

Normally these shirts are $15 plus shipping & handing but since you are standing with Rock For Life in spreading the human rights for all message (born and preborn) we can absorb the shipping cost.

So please, prayerfully consider helping us get to Purple Door (and back) along with some minor way past due maintenance issues and you get to wear the Rock For Life mission statement!

In order to do so send $15 (or more!) through PayPal to info@rockforlife.net or send us an email (info@rockforlife.net) saying that a check is in the mail or you would like to charge a donation to your credit card.

Thank you for standing with us!

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