Creation North East – recap

Creation in Pennsylvania was the biggest festival we have on our tour line up. Unbelievably, this festival brought in over 110,000 people from all over the country. It’s quite an experience to see that many individuals in one place, much less to engage with them everyday at our booth. There were a few moments where I had to escape to the forested area to enjoy some solitude, but overall I really loved it.


Creation Northeast tends to attract a much more family oriented crowd so we got to meet a lot more children at this stop than at any of our other festivals. For those who know me, talking to children is definitely not my forte, but even I had fun chatting with them. We got some new baby models to display for this event and the kids went absolutely nuts for them. Some of them even wanted to take them home! (Luckily we spotted that before it happened.) Apart from the smaller children we also got to make friends with a lot of youth group kids in high school. Many of them wrote in our pro-life journal, and had some touching stories about adoption and other things.

One curveball we weren’t expecting was the extremely volatile weather. This area in Pennsylvania is insanely humid in the summer, and prone to intense thunderstorms. The weather would jump from being sweltering hot to pouring down rain in nearly an instant. (This made camping really interesting.) One of my craziest memories of this trip happened while watching Nick Vujicic speak. You may have heard of Nick, he was born with no arms or legs, and God has used his story to encourage people all around the world have a bolder faith in God. Well, Nick was speaking when some very intimidating thunderclouds rolled in. Lighting began to flicker and thunder cracked in the sky.



Luckily Nick was able to finish his talk just before festival administration made an announcement for everyone to “calmly and safely” evacuate the area and return to their campgrounds to prepare for the storm. Within minutes the rain began to pour. Being the Idaho girl that I am, I was beyond excited. “We never get rain like this” I kept exclaiming. I was so excited that I made our team (as well as some nearby vendors) come outside with me to dance in the rain. It was corny, it was unnecessary, it was nothing short of wonderful.

Marc, a traveling missionary that we met at a Starbucks run. He blessed us with groceries!


Overall, Creation NE was a pretty intense festival in more ways than one. We had an awesome time but were utterly exhausted by the time we left. Thank you all for reading our updates and please continue to pray that God would use our group to touch people’s hearts and these festivals.

Boxer’s – our favorite restaurant in Pennsylvania

Creation Recap: Teamwork!

Hello again!

So here is round two for my festival round-up! Creation was amazing but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. The coolest part of Creation came before the festival started and that part was meeting the other half of the Rock for Life road crew! I am always excited to get to meet and work with new pro-lifers especially ones I consider my peers. It encourages me that we will be the generation to end abortion. Some new faces I got to meet were Erin, Christyn, Ryan and Matt. As we shared dinner that night with some friends before we headed to our host home, I couldn’t help but be extra excited for the festival.

After an awesome stay at Ida’s house (including a breathtaking field-trip to a nearby dam) we hit the road for Creation. Once we arrived and set up camp, it was time for the booth! Creation was definitely a change of pace in both heat and people. It was big and hot but our team handled it. Soon enough we had tons of visitors to our booth. Sure, they dug out cool t-shirts and tanks but countless of them wanted to know what we were about. They wanted to know how to get involved. Many of them stopped by our fetal models. They were amazed to see how small a baby at 10 weeks was, how it developed step by step and then were saddened to learn that a baby is able to be aborted through all 9 months.

Creation was so big that sadly I wasn’t able to talk one on one with as many people at alive but it was awesome to see how much people loooooved our merch and the message it put out: “Human Rights for All,” “I am Pro-Life,” and “I Heart Babies.” I do remember one girl. Her name was Tiffany. She came by at a rare moment when most people had filtered out from the merch tent. I told her the general facts about abortion. 3500 dead a day, around 1 million every year and that this was because abortion is legal through all 9 months. She was shocked and  since we had run out of our informative postcards, I made sure to give her my info and info about Rock for Life. It was a good moment that made all the tiring work in the heat that much more worth it.

After the festival ended, it was sadly time for me to go back home and time for the team to move on. I was incredibly reluctant to go but I hope to be working with the RFL road crew again this summer. Until then, I will be rocking this blog hard with posts for the sake of the babies. Look for another post soon!

900 miles to drive today!

Hey everyone please keep our team in your thoughts and prayers.  They are driving over 900 miles today on their way to our next event on our Summer Festivals Tour, SoulFest!  They are really excited for this festival as it is amazing as always.

Please pray for their safety and that the van stays in good condition.  On the way to our last event, Heaven Fest the passenger side front tire started wobbling.  Come to find out the front shock looks like it is not so good of a condition causing the front-end to be out of alignment, which is causing the tires to wear out unevenly.

A nice gentlemen from Walmart rotated the tire for free!  It looks like the rotation is a temporary fix but eventually we’ll need to get some work done on the van.

If you are capable of pitching in a few dollars for gas that would be awesome!  900 miles at 12 MPG x $3.50 for gas = $262.50.  If you can help out with today’s gas bill please click here and make a donation.  All gifts are tax-deductible.  Thank you so much!

Hello from Cumberland, Maryland!

Hello from Cumberland, Maryland!

It has been a crazy week at Alive festival and I am just now able to catch my breath to tell you all about it. We arrived at the festival to set-up on Wednesday. I already felt that buzz of excitement as I set out our merchandise. I have been on tour in the past and it is something I have a passion for. Sure, hearing some great bands is a perk but I really get a kick out of talking to young people about being pro-life.  And the young people did not disappoint! Our booth was flooded with festival go-ers. Some knew Rock for Life from past years at Alive. Others wanted to know what we were about. I was happy to tell them that Rock for Life is a pro-life organization that loves spreading the pro-life message through education, action, t-shirts, stickers, and most importantly, music.

As a pro-life activist, I was able to share with many young people how they could engage their peers and culture with the pro-life message. As an adopted child, I was able to bond with numerous people who were adopted themselves or had adopted children. It always pleasantly surprises me to see how quickly adoption can bond strangers. Within moments of talking to these people, we had this amazing connection of hope and love.

I talked to one man who looked about my age who told me he had been a preemie. Doctors hadn’t expected him to survive but he did and here he was, telling me his story. Another older man told Erik and I that a doctor, after finding out his unborn child was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, encouraged him to abort. The man refused, unwilling to take the life of his daughter, a child that ended up being misdiagnosed. A spunky 10-year old girl ran up shortly after he finished his story. “Here she is.” he said with a smile. It was an incredibly awesome moment.

Besides getting t-shirts, stickers, and buttons for people, I also talked to people who would flip through a binder of Graphic Abortion Pictures we have at our booth. It honestly is always a bit heart-breaking to explain to teenagers and adults alike the reality of abortion. I remember one girl who looked to be about 16 who listened with horror as I described one of those procedures. A tear ran down her cheek and then she began taking pro-life literature. That was encouraging to see. It was sad to see a young person so broken but the tragedy of abortion motivated her to act, and to start spreading the truth.

I talked to many people and I wish I could remember all of their names and stories. All I can say is I was inspired, encouraged and motivated by each one to continue what I am doing. It is obvious to me that we, the pro-lifers, are the side with hope. But we need to keep educating ourselves and spreading the truth of the pro-life message to others. If we do this, with God’s help, there is no doubt in my mind that we can end the injustice of abortion in my lifetime.

That’s all I have for you guys for now! In just a few days we will be at Creation Festival at the Agape Farm in Mt. Union, PA! If you are planning on coming, come check out the Rock for Life booth!

Thanks and I love you!

Coming Together

Our Rock for Life team was finally joined together on June 13th in a little home outside of Atlanta, Georgia. As I breathed in the humid southern air, I realized I was a LONG way from home. Our team quickly got aquatinted with each other on a hair raising trip to Walmart, driving in a van that can only be described as enormous. As we navigated the area, got lost a few times, and laughed hysterically over how many ads for peaches there were, I realized this was going to be an awesome summer. All the members of our group have very different personalities and talents to bring to the team. We all have our quirks, but a uniting passion to see God do some awesome things this summer.

As we embarked on our very first day on tour at AtlantaFest, none of us knew quite what to expect. We had set up our vendor stand, laid out our flyers, and had our pep talk… now all that was left were the people. They began to pour in slowly, some of them stopping to glance at the shirts and ask what we were about. At first it was a little strange talking with them because it was all so new (at least to me.) As time went on however, we all got into the swing of things and some pretty cool stuff went down.

It’s amazing what a wide variety of people you come in contact with at a giant festival. You have the ultra-hyper kids, the high schoolers and their youth groups, the older married couples, the musicians, the moms, the volunteers. Everyone is unique in their own way. One of the things that everyone seemed to be drawn to was a small notebook on our table with a sign that reads “Why are you pro-life?” This book serves as a way for the people we meet to not only be talked to, but also to let their own voice be heard on the issue of abortion. We got such a variety of responses in that small little book. Some people would quickly jot down things like, “Because I love babies!” Others however would pick up that notebook and pour their heart out. We got all sorts of responses. A reoccurring theme over and over again in the notebook was adoption. We have so many entries from people expressing how thankful they were that their parents gave them up into the care of a loving family who could provide the love and support they needed. For me personally, this notebook really opened my eyes to what a beautiful thing adoption is. With the sheer number of people sharing their testimony of adoption, I also realized that it is much more common than I thought.

There is so much more that I could write about our first tour in Atlanta, but for the sake of your attention span we will save that for another blog. Suffice to say, I think we all are excited to spend our summer touring the US, listening to awesome music, meeting hundreds of fascinating people, and most importantly, spreading God’s love.

Thank you to all of you who fuel this ministry with your love and support, we really could not do it without you. Please remember us in your prayers as we move forward in this adventure.

‘Till next time.

And we’re off!

This morning Kevin, Ryan & Kaylee took off for Atlanta, Georgia for the first event of our Summer Pro-Life Missions Trip.  They are really excited for this tour!  The drive today is going to be over 10 hours and over 570 miles.  Tonight and tomorrow they will be picking up Christyn Trelow and Erin Brecht, our other tour members.  Please keep their safety in your thoughts and prayers.  To read more about the full tour click here.

We want to thank everyone who has given to Rock for Life for our various efforts to help make this trip a success; the summer gas fund, Christen Trelow’s summer missionary fund and Erin Brecht’s summer missionary fund.  Without your thoughts, prayers and financial contributions we could not go out this summer to educate, activate and mobilize the youth of our nation to take a stand for LIFE!

We still have a way to go to reach our goals for this summer trip but we are trusting in God know that He will provide for our needs.  We are nearly at 50% of meeting our gas fund goal!  Christyn is also nearly 50% of her goal as well.  We still have a way to go so please prayerfully consider pitching in for one of these three funds to help keep us out on the road this summer.  Make sure to check back here, on facebook and twitter as the trip progresses.



In a good way of course, but the term “blindsided” is the best way I know how to describe how I’ve felt the last 6 days.  It’s terrifying in a way, but I like that our God is unpredictable. That He doesn’t conform to our rules or ways of managing our lives. He beckons us with love and kindness to lose our lives, to take a chance and follow Him, just so we can find what we were truly looking for all along…

I would like to explain to my friends and family exactly what has happened in my life recently, and for many of you, why I wont be around for while. It is extremely sad to leave, but I know God has wonderful things in store.

It began on June 2 as our new roommate Morgan and I talked over breakfast about the beautiful things God was doing through her band and through music as a whole. I began to realize more than ever what an incredible tool music could be in reaching people for Christ. This wasn’t your every day, run of the mill, “oh I’m so happy for you” kind of thing. It was like a fire being lit under me – my hands were shaking, my heart was pounding, I couldn’t explain it. It was the kind of stirring of the Holy Spirit that I had been praying for the last year.

I go out to my driveway and just pour my heart out to God in prayer. I had an urgency, but I wasn’t sure what it was for. I prayed that God would open a door and that He would give me bravery to go where He called me. Now this is definitely bolder than I usually am and I almost didn’t know what to make of it. All I knew was that God was moving.

In the middle of praying I keep thinking about an old friend from Bible College named Kevin. Kevin was very passionate about music, but that’s about all I knew about him. When I really could not get him out of my head I decided to send a little message on Facebook to him, explaining a little bit about what I was thinking.

It wasn’t more than a few seconds after I sent it that he responded, “Call me, ASAP.” And that was the moment the whirlwind began. It turns out Kevin works for Rock for Life, a Christian charity organization that promotes human rights for all people, born and preborn, by engaging our culture through music and education. Basically, Rock for Life tours all around the country with different music festivals and concerts sharing the love of Christ with all sorts of people, as well as the hope God has for any person struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. They aim to equip people with the facts and show how precious human life is at every stage of development as well as hope and healing for people who have had an abortion. As Kevin finishes talking about the ministry of Rock for Life, he mentions one last thing. One of their interns just dropped out for the huge tour they are about to embark on, and they need someone to take their place…my heart skips a beat.

To make a long story short, they offered me the internship and told me the tour kicks off  in Atlanta, Georgia on June 14th. We will be traveling over 6,000 miles all over the United States attending HUGE concerts of anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 people. We will be traveling to Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia, New Hampshire, New York, and potentially other states as well as there are still plans up in the air. The opportunities to touch lives for Christ are awesome. After I recovered from the initial shock of it all and after much prayer and wrestling with God, I could not deny that this was His leading. Assured by His love, but terrified nonetheless I began to make the preparations for this leap of faith. I quit my dream job at my favorite coffee shop, and bought a one way ticket to Atlanta, Georgia.

To my friends and family back home, I can’t imagine being where I am now without your love and support. As I embark on this incredible journey the main thing I want to ask of you is that you would support me in prayer. I know there will be discouragement and obstacles, but I am also confident in the amazing power of your prayers for me and this ministry.

Rock for Life is not currently funded by a major foundation so I will have many expenses on the trip as well.  I have calculated that I will need a total of $1,700 this missions trip.  This will cover my food, travel expenses, lodging and any miscellanius items I that may come up.    But I am not asking for the full amount.  I have about $1,100 is savings so as long as I can raise $600 I’ll be able to go for the whole trip!

Rock for Life has set up a ChipIn page here for online, tax-deductible donations if you would like to help me out financially.  You can also call them with a credit card (540-322-3761) or mail them a check or money order.  Make it out to “Rock for Life,”  put “Erin Brecht / Summer Tour 2012” in the memo line and mail to PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508.

Any and every contribution is extremely helpful for meals, tickets, and other travel expenses that are bound to pop up. At first the money was a scary aspect of this endeavor for me, especially because I no longer have any source of income, but the more I pray about it the more I am assured that God will lead and provide.

So guys, that’s the story. I am so excited to be able to share the amazing things our God does through small and weak vessels like me. I know that I am not strong or brave enough to do this on my own, however God has told me over and over again “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” –2 Corinthians 12:9  And that is my hope for this tour, that His love and power would be channeled through us to a lost and hopeless world…not because we are great, but because He is.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this. Trust me, I am as shocked as you are, but let’s pray and see what the Lord does. I am beyond excited!

All my love,

Erin Brecht

We need gas money to reach tens of thousands this summer – Can you help?

Less than one week from today we leave on our annual Summer Festivals Tour and we are wondering if you can help us out.  Click here if you can make a contribution right now.

We will be traveling nearly 10,000 miles with the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of young people with the pro-life message to at least a dozen Christian music festivals.  In between events we will also have opportunities to speak at youth groups and to pray at abortion facilities as well.  This is an awesome opportunity to get the pro-life message out to the younger generation, get them motivated and activated with the ultimate goal of eliminating abortion in our country in our lifetimes.  To see where we will be check out our online calendar for a full listing of events.

In order to make this happen we need your help! We will be driving 9,613 miles, therefore consuming 657 gallons of fuel!  Thank GOD the gas prices are coming down a little bit lately but our bill looks to be about $2,325.00.

Can you help make a generous donation right now to help offset these fuel costs?  You can click here to make a contribution.  Here we have set up a “ChipIn” page where you can see how much of our goal has been met, when it has been met and how you can make an online donation.

$2,325.00 to reach tens of thousands of young people with the pro-life message is actually not a bad deal!

Right now our bank account is near zero and our personal credit cards are maxed out.  The costs associated with planning this summer festivals tour has totally depleted our cash reserves.  We are literally running on empty!

We are hoping to get a couple hundred dollars in our gas tank by next Tuesday in order to make it to our first event.  From there we’ll just keep asking and praying each week, hoping to keep fuel in our tanks in order to accomplish our work.  So could you help fill up our tank so we can make it to our first event?

Anything you can do right now would be greatly appreciated – a small, medium or large gift.  Doesn’t matter, we appreciate it tremendously.  Click here to make that donation (which is of course tax-deductible).  You can also call our office and give a credit card donation at 540-322-3761 or by mailing a check or money order to us at PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508.  Finally, all Rock for Life store purchases help keep us on the road as well.  Click here to check out our store.  THANKS!

Make sure to check back here often, as well as facebook and twitter as we will be posting updates from the road!

Thank you so much!

Help make me a RFL Pro-Life Summer Missionary


To help make me a Rock For Life Pro-Life Summer Missionary click here!

For those of you that don’t know me, I have an obvious passion for music that has been growing in me since my younger years.  However, it was not until this past year that Christ really showed me that He would like me to use that passion to serve Him.  This summer, He has opened a door for me to serve Him through Rock for Life.

Beginning June 12th, I will spend the next two months touring Christian music festivals across the country serving with Rock for Life.  For those of you that aren’t quite sure what Rock for Life is, I will explain a bit: Rock for Life is a christian non-profit pro-life ministry founded in 1993.  They spread the human rights for all (born and preborn) message through music, education and action.

Confused as to why I am suddenly so passionate about a pro-life ministry? Rock for Life has taken a gospel stance on the subject of abortion and convicted the hearts of pregnant teens and others with a graceful love and informative conversation.

So what will I be doing this summer? I am going to travel America challenging our youth to love the way that Jesus did with a boldness that informs their peers of future decisions.  I will be spending each and every day talking about Jesus and building relationships with believers and non-believers, alike.  And my favorite part is that I get to approach these people with a common interest, regardless of their religious views.  We share a mutual love for music and hopefully (if not, eventually), an incredible love for our Lord and a love for human rights.

I will be traveling over 6,000 miles to attend 7 major Christian music festival (and possibly more as events may be added!) with the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of my peers with the pro-life message!  I will be traveling to Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia, New Hampshire and New York (and, again, maybe more!). This is such an amazing opportunity to make such a positive impact on such a huge amount of young people!

The one big challenge for this trip, currently, is my funding.  I have calculated that in order to make this happen I will need to raise $1,300.00 by the end of the missions trip, August 11th.  I have to raise at least $300 by June 12th.  This will cover my travel costs and meals to get me going for the first week.  Rock for Life has set up a ChipIn page here.  Each contribution to Rock For Life for my mission trip is tax-deductible.  You can simply donate through the ChipIn page, call Rock for Life (540-322-3761) with a credit card, mail them a check or money order made out to “Rock for Life” with “Christyn Trelow Pro-Life Summer Missions Trip” in the memo and either hand it to me or send it to them at: PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508-0333.

Unfortunately, Rock for Life is not currently funded by any major foundations so my food, travel to meet with the tour, and any other costs I may encounter must be funded individually.  Many of you already know that I simply cannot afford to fund myself the entire summer without a job.

So I would encourage you to pray about whether or not God is calling you to help me in this. I would also encourage you not to do anything out of empathy or guilt.  I am positive that God has assigned me this journey with all intentions of fulfilling my needs.  If that is through some of your finances, spectacular.  If not, He has a backup plan.  And I would love for you to pray for me and with me for my spiritual growth and the hearts of the people I will encounter this summer.

I will be blogging my experiences throughout the summer as well as keeping you up-to-date on my fundraising goals.  So please check often for updates on this amazing journey.

Thank you for loving me,

Your friend,

Christyn Trelow

P.S. To help make me a Rock For Life Pro-Life Summer Missionary click here!  Thanks again!

Rock For Life Summer Festivals Pro-Life Missions Trip Application

Would you like to tour with Rock For Life this summer attending numerous Christian Music Festivals, driving thousands of miles, praying at abortion facilities and much more?  Then YOU need to apply to become a Rock For Life Summer Festivals Pro-Life Missionary!

The trip starts June 11th and ends August 10th.  We are looking for missionaries for the full trip and for a portion of the trip.  There will also be limited opportunities after August 11th through the end of September and beyond.  Here is a short list of events & locations:

  1. AtlantaFest; Stone Mountain, Georgia
  2. Ichthus Festival; Wilmore, Kentucky
  3. Creation Festival; Shirleysburg, Penn.
  4. Cornerstone Festival; Bushnell, Illinois
  5. SonShine; Wilmar, Minnesota
  6. SoulFest; Gilford, New Hampshire
  7. Kingdom Bound; Darien Center, New York
Post ‘Tour’ Events
  1. DC Fest; Fairfax, Virginia
  2. Awakening Fest; Leesburg, Virginia
  3. Uprise; Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Other possible events:
  1. Alive Festival; Mineral, Ohio
  2. Lifest; Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  3. Creation Festival; George, Washington
  4. LifeLight; Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  5. HeavenFest; Loveland, Colo.

If you are interested, please fill out this form and get it to us as soon as possible.  We look forward to hearing back from you soon!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at or call me at 540-322-3761.  Thanks!

Rock for Life Summer Festivals Pro-Life Missions Trip Application


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