March for Life 2014

Thanks so much for everyone who supported us and our team this year. This year we had a core group of 12 RFL’ers who helped us have a presence at not only the March for Life, but the Students for Life conference, the March for Life exhibit hall and the Geaux Forth youth conference. Our team was very blessed to be there, joining hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers from across the country to brave blizzard-like conditions to show our nation that we are the pro-life generation and we will do all we can to eliminate abortion from our land.

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Thanks to everyone who volunteered, prayed for us and financially contributed to make this a huge success. If you are one who did financial contribute you are owed a Rock for Life merchandise product. Please comment below so we get you what you want in a timely manner.

VIDEO: Cashier suggests to statutory rapist he crush up Plan B and put in his victims orange juice

Earlier this fall I had the pleasure to work with Students for Life for their Expose Plan B project.  As part of that project I went undercover posing as  a 33 year-old statutory rapist with my “girlfriend” actor, an actual 15 year-old Students for Life volunteer, Ashton.

We visited numerous CVSs, Walgreens and Rite-Aids as well as their pharmacy departments purchasing Plan-B, or the morning-after pill.  We purchased the drug under different scenarios.

The first video of a series of video releases shows Ashton purchasing Plan-B along with Sudafed.  What you will find out from this video is that Ashton needs identification to purchase Sudafed, but not Plan-B.

In the second video release is where I come in.  Here I am purchasing Plan-B with Ashton at my side in various scenes.  In that first scene you will see that I let the cashier know that I will be crushing the drug up and putting it my victim’s drink.  Problem? Nope – SOLD!

In the next scene, which is obviously very disturbing the cashier actually SUGGESTS that I crush up Plan B and put the drug in my victim’s orange juice in the morning. UNBELIEVABLE!

Watch it here:

As you can see, selling Plan-B over the counter to anyone in any circumstance is a major problem.  If I can purchase Plan-B from cashiers and pharmacists knowing I am supposedly going to use it to cover up statutory rape or crush it up and put it in a drink, then this can be done, and most likely has IN REAL LIFE.

It is my hope and prayer that these videos will help expose this ridiculous policy, hopefully initiating laws to pull this drug from being over-the-counter.

VIDEO: Minor carded for Sudafed, not for abortion causing drug Plan-B

Many in the pro-life movement knew it was not a good idea for the FDA to not only allow for Plan-B to be sold over-the-counter ages 17 and up, but especially when they decided to waive the age limit.

In this undercover video sting by Students for Life of America you will witness a 15-year-old young lady attempt to purchase a package of Plan-B (an abortion causing drug) along with a package of Sudafed at a few different Pharmacies (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen) in different states.  At each pharmacy the cashier / Pharmacist asks for her ID. Take a guess which product she was being carded for? Yes, that is correct – SUDAFED. Unbelievable! In other words, without an ID she COULD NOT purchase Sudafed but she COULD purchase Plan B WITHOUT QUESTION.


This is the first of a series of videos that will be released by Students for Life as part of their Expose Plan B Project.  To find out more what you can do to combat this go to

Planned Parenthood said she could birth child at 22-weeks and let die

A good friend of mine (and President of Students for Life of America) Kristan Hawkins tells a gruesome story in her latest commentary of how a Planned Parenthood nurse told her how she could abort her son.

She was 22-weeks pregnant, and although obviously wasn’t seeking an abortion, wanted to see what Planned Parenthood would say.  The nurse said she could get the abortion.  What kind of abortion? By giving birth and letting that baby die.  Unbelievable.  And its caught on tape.

This is illegal, but Planned Parenthood and late-term abortionists are getting away with it.  Gosnell almost got away with it, although the jury is still deliberating, and others are getting away with it right now.

All human beings should be given the right to life, whether a baby who survived an abortion attempt, a late-term abortion or an early abortion. Right now babies are being birthed simply to be left to die at abortion facilities.  Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton may have ignited a slippery slope in our country that we are seeing unfold right before our eyes.  Let’s hope and pray that it ends here.  If we cannot prosecute the perpetrators who execute children already born, then who is next?

Going on the I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour next week!

Next week I will be joining Jill Stanek and Students for Life for the first ever, I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour!  We will be hitting up at least nine college campuses starting Monday, September 17th.  We will be bringing the I Vote Pro-Life First pledge to each campus, educating and encouraging collegians the importance of the pledge and the importance of voting, and getting people registered to vote.

I am part of the I Vote Pro-Life First Coalition and I am committing to promoting this message.

Here is our current touring schedule:

Monday, September 17th
University of Michigan, MI
Michigan State University, MI

Tuesday, September 18th
Purdue University, IN

Wednesday, September 19th
Ball State University, IN
University of Cincinnati, OH

Thursday, September 20th
Ohio State University, OH
University of Akron, OH

Friday, September 21st
Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH
Clarion University, PA

If you are near any of these campuses please stop by, hear what we have to say and see about getting involved.  If you would like to bring this to YOUR campus let me know.

Finally, if YOU support our efforts and want to help us financially, please click the “donate” button or send us a check or money order to Rock for Life, PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508-0333.  These efforts aren’t free.  We are doing it and hoping and praying we can pay the bills when we get back!  So if you support us doing this please prayerfully consider supporting us.

And please keep this effort and our safety in your thoughts and prayers!

Keep checking back here for updates as well as our facebook and twitter.  THANKS!

March for Life Weekend wrap-up – Thank You for a successful weekend!

The March for Life Weekend for Rock For Life was amazing!  We had an amazing team of young people.  For some they’ve been here before and enjoy the weekend and the opportunities to serve.  For some it was their first time and were amazed and ready to come back next year.

Becca – This weekend was absolutely incredible, seeing the number of people of all ages, faith and walks of life who came together to stand for the rights of the unborn. I feel like God has great things in store for the pro-life movement this year, it will be great to see His impact.

Erik – I just want to thank everyone who gave! This weekend gave me an experience I could have never had without RFL. To see the impact that have on this generation is truly amazing!

Lisa – I’ve been volunteering with RFL for quite sometime and it was such an experience to volunteer yet again this year. I am so indebted to those who make that possible. They are truly a blessing and lives are being saved because of their support.

Nicole – Between RFL and SFLA they both create an amazing experience with supporting an awesome cause. Volunteering for Rock for Life was exciting and exhausting but it is all worth. So much hard work has gone into helping save lives! They do a wonderful job with everything.

Caleb – It was an awesome trip, everyone had a good time, and worked really well together.

Alex – It was an amazing experience! It was incredible to see so many people stand up for something they believe in.

On Saturday and Sunday we helped Students for Life set up and tear down for their conference, which was amazing as always.  If you have never attended Students for Life’s annual conference, you need to do it.

Here at the conference we co-hosted a photo booth with Students for Life.  Nicole Eva Photography took some amazing photos at the booth and throughout the weekend.  Make sure to hire her, she is good!  Click here to view a photo album of the photo booth and click here to view a photo album of other photos from the weekend.

We also treated some attending the conference with a surprise performance by Rocky Loves Emily, an up-and-coming Tooth and Nail band.  These guys rocked the house.  Make sure to check them out here.

Rocky Loves Emily w/friends

The next morning our team helped Students for Life pass out thousands of their signs then we worked at launching, a collaborative effort between a number of pro-life organizations to get pro-lifers registered to vote AND getting young people pledging to vote for pro-life candidates.  A politician’s position on LIFE is the most important question to be considered when contemplating who to vote for.  If a politician doesn’t advocate human rights for all of us, born and preborn then whose rights will he or she consider stripping away if push came to shove?

So this is a big huge THANK YOU to all who had us in their thoughts, their prayers and also to those who sponsored a pro-life youth activist.  You guys made this happen for us, but more importantly for our Rock For Life team – 15 pro-life youth activists.  We were all so blessed and know that you have made a difference in many lives. THANK YOU!

Unfortunately our annual National Pro-Life Youth Rally had to go from an outside rally with speakers and band performances to a webcast.  Every once-in-a-while the March for Life is hit with rain.  This was the year.  It happens.  Next year we will be out there.

A big huge thanks to the artists who were going to play but no thanks to the rain we didn’t have a chance to see them perform 😦

Collin Raye – Five time nominee as Country Music’s Male Vocalist of the Year.  Click here for his website and click here to hear him on our podcast!

Robert Pierre – Worship leader and Christian Rock artist with 3 CD’s out and an awesome pro-life song, Silent CryClick here for his website, here for our interview with him on our podcast and click here to listen to his pro-life song, Silent Cry.

The Deep Space Network – a great up-and-coming rock and worship band from the great city of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Click here to go to their website.

kalledout – These Hip Hop Missionaries have a pro-life song, Margie’s Song.  Click here to check it out and click here for their website.

Also, a BIG THANKS to the rally sponsors.  Make sure to click on their links to find out more about them and how you can get involved.

Founding sponsors: Students for LifeRock For LifeThe Radiance FoundationHuman Life Alliance40 Days for Life,

2012 Rally Sponsors: Pro-LifeInterns.comOperation OutcryOperation RescueConsistent LifeCitizens for a Pro-Life SocietyLife Report,LifeSiteNews.comNational Pro-Life Youth

Virtual Action Kits from this year’s sponsors:

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization, starting and serving the more than 678 groups across the United States. Their mission is to equip this generation to abolish abortion in their lifetime. SFLA provides many free resources for student pro-lifers. See their flyer below for everything that they offer FREE to student pro-lifers. You can also order hundreds of our eye-catching postcards to distribute on your campus for only a penny each here:

The Radiance Foundation addresses pressing issues in the context of your God-Given Purpose through creative ad campaigns, powerful live multi-media presentations, and compassionate community outreach. Help start conversations in your community with bold postcards. These ain’t just any ole handouts; get yours (up to 50 FREE) by signing up at

Human Life Alliance produces full color, comprehensive pro-life literature designed to help students reach students with a heart changing, life saving message. See this year’s edition at and get 100 FREE copies (or more) by request!

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through prayer and fasting, constant vigil, and community outreach. Go to their website to join in a campaign near you. encourages you to invite our seasoned pro-life leaders from America’s Abortion Capital to your campus to speak on How to Save Lives Now, and How to Find A Life Changing/Life-Saving Internship. Check out their website at:

How many women have been hurt by abortion? The Supreme Court wants to know! Become a Declaration Ambassador (DA) for Justice! Help The Justice Foundation and Operation Outcry collect legally admissible testimonies for the Supreme Court and legislatures around the world. Go to to learn how to collect or share confidential testimonies about the pain of abortion.

Attend Consistent Life’s 25th Anniversary Conference, March 9-11, Chevy Chase, Maryland. Hear Rev. Johnny Hunter, Catherine Meeks, Aimee Bedoy & Rachel MacNair, plus exciting workshops. Register by January 31st for their lowest rates. Inexpensive lodging available at the site.

Want to connect with pro-lifers in your community, find pro-life events, create pro-life jobs, read the thoughts of pro-life leaders, and look for pro-life jobs? Check out!

Equip Yourself to Engage by Listening to Life Report: Pro-Life Talk. Real World Answers. Podcasts include interviews with national experts dismantling arguments from abortion advocates, as well as exposing faulty pro-life arguments and tactics. Check them out at:!

Now that you’ve shown your support for life by marching on D.C., witness to the sanctity of life online by liking the Facebook page “We Can End Abortion.” Join this online movement today to network with other pro-lifers around the world and stand up for the rights of the unborn. Click now, and together we CAN end abortion.”

Thanks again for your support!

Announcing National Pro-Life Youth Rally

We are so excited to announce the 2nd annual National Pro-Life Youth Rally!

Pro-lifers of all ages are invited to join us for this FREE rally. National leaders like David Bereit of 40 Days for Life and Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America will join me on stage with Collin Raye, five time nominee as country music’s Male Vocalist of the Year, actress Jennifer Cadena, Jason Jones, co-executive Producer of Bella and more!

This year, like last year the rally will be held in Washington, D.C. at Upper Senate Park (corner of 1ST NE & D ST NE).  This location is a couple blocks north of the end of the March for Life on the way to Union Station.

A new project will be launched at this rally called I Vote Pro-Life First.  I can’t tell you too much about it right now, but you definately want to pre-register now for the Rally to not only learn more about this project but also SFLA will send you a FREE “I Vote Pro-Life First” button which guarantees your admission to the event. Space is limited, so pre-register today! (Hurry, only the first 5,000 pre-registrants will receive a button!)

In addition, all pre-registrants will receive Free Virtual Action Kits on January 23rd stuffed full with pro-life resources by national pro-life organizations!

For more information on the National Pro-Life Youth Rally or to register you or your group, visit us at

In order to make this a successful event WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Please share on your social media websites.  Please visit the event on Facebook, “like” it, comment, share and invite all your friends to “like” it as well.  The more people know about it the better!  We want to pack this park and let the world know that the youth of America is pro-life!

I hope you can join us on this historic day!  See you there!

Another friend of ours has passed away – please do what you can to help

I am really saddened to share the very unfortunate news that another one of our friends in the fight for life has passed away.  Jon Scharfenberger, Students for Life’s Pregnant on Campus Coordinator passed away Tuesday morning (October 18th) due to complications from the car crash that took the lives of Kortney Blythe Gordon, her preborn little girl Sophy Gordon as well as the driver of the other car.  Please pray for Jon’s family as well as the Students for Life staff.

If you are interested in attending a memorial service for Jon, his family will be receiving visitors at a viewing from 2:00 – 4:00pm and 7:00 – 9:00pm this Friday, October 21st, at Lazear-Smith & Vander Plaat Memorial Home in Warwick, New York at 17 Oakland Avenue.

Students for Life is accepting donations for Jon’s burial and memorial costs.  If you would like to make a donation to help out Jon’s family during this time of need click here.  Please prayerfully consider making a donation. Thank you.

Podcasts are back!

Just posted a podcast at National Pro-Life Youth Podcast!  Check it out

[audio: 9-16-11.mp3]

We are back!  After a busy summer Erik and Kristan are ready to serve you up a dish of National Pro-Life Youth Podcast every week!  Are you ready?!!?

On this episode, Kristan interviews Matt Mihelic, a 2L at Liberty University School of Law. Matt is a current Wilberforce Leadership Fellow at Students for Life and was motivated to join the pro-life movement through the efforts of the fellowship’s namesake, late social justice pioneer William Wilberforce. Kristan and Matt talk about how he has served the Liberty campus as a pro-life advocate throughout his undergraduate career and in law school.

Also, Erik & Kristan discuss the hot topic at the GOP / Tea Party debate – Gardasil.  What is it? How does it work? And why are pro-lifers up in arms over it?  For additional info on Gardasil click here.

Music provided by Brothers McClurg

TOMORROW: National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

Tomorrow we, Rock for Life alongside Students for Life are co-sponsoring  National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

On February 3rd we held the first ever national event and it was a huge success! I personally chalked at the University of Mary Washington and oh boy did I cause quit the controversy!

The more we talk about abortion and what the act does to a baby and his / her mother the more hearts and minds are changed to the pro-life position and the more babies lives that are spared.  One way to get people talking is to sidewalk chalk pro-life messages.

So tomorrow, grab some sidewalk chalk, grab some friends and start chalking public sidewalks.  It’s fun and a little rebellious!  Sidewalk chalking is inexpensive, fun and another creative way to get the pro-life message out.

So, whatever it is you are doing tomorrow take some time to join thousand of pro-lifers nationwide who will be participating in National Pro-Life Chalk Day.  Visit the website at for messaging ideas and tips, tell all your friends by forwarding this email and posting the website on your facebook and twitter. Then take pictures and post them on your Facebook and Twitter as well and let us know how it goes!

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