Planned Parenthood to be investigated

Great news!  Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider is being investigated by Congress!  On September 15th a Congressional Committee sent Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards a letter that communicated its concerns regarding their operations and how they use federal funds.  Documentation is being requested on how Planned Parenthood keeps its federal funds separate from their abortion business, how they are notifying law enforcement regarding reporting statutory rape and sex trafficking.

Of course they aren’t keeping their federal funds separate from their abortion business so it’ll be interesting to see how they comply.  You can read the letter here.

And we all know they aren’t contacting the proper authorities when it comes to statutory rape and human sex trafficking as you can see by this video and this one.  I wonder how they’ll wiggle their way out of this one.

Planned Parnethood aborts one baby every 96 seconds.  Planned Parenthood receives $11 taxpayer dollars every second.  Planned Parenthood, at the very least should not be funded by our tax dollars.  Ultimately, Planned Parenthood and their affiliates, as long as there are aborting babies, covering up for statutory rape and sex trafficking should be shut down.

Cecile Richards has 2 weeks to comply.  That is tomorrow!  Let’s hope and pray that this Congressional Committee, the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the investigation led by Cliff Stearns, (the Chairman of the Subcomittee on Oversight and Investigations) will be able to overcome the upcoming attacks by the pro-abortion forces and bring the truth about Planned Parenthood and their illegal operations to light!


Pimp’s can be Guardians for their underage prostitutes, says Planned Parenthood

LiveAction just released it’s latest undercover sting of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities showing a disturbing trend – they are willing to cover up for human sex trafficking.  If that is not enough, Planned Parenthood is willing to offer disturbing advice on how abortion clients can cheat on their forms to recieve tax-payer funded abortions.  For instance at this Bronx, New York facility a counselor tells the pimp and his prostitute that their under-age (and non citizen) clients could claim them as their guardians. Abortion is a dirty business.

Planned Parenthood receiving our tax dollars must end now.  There are a couple different bills in the House circulating to defund the abortion giant.  As an action item, call your representative and let him/her know that they must support any and all bills designed to defund Planned Parenthood.

For LiveAction’s blog entry, go here.

Planned Parenthood caught protecting sex trafficking

This YouTube video made huge news yesterday.  LiveAction released their first in what appears to be a series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood covering up for human sex trafficking.  This video will blow your mind.  Watch, click “like,” comment and forward to everyone on your list and post on your facebook and twitter.  This information needs to get out and Planned Parenthood needs to be exposed for the type of organization they really are.

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