Maryland March for Life 2012

ImageMonday evening Rock for Life was at the Maryland March for Life in Annapolis. Every year at the march hundreds of people gather from all over the Maryland area to march the streets of downtown Annapolis to make a stand for life! Rock for life participated in the march this year and also had a table set up alongside other pro-life organizations.

While running the table we had many engaging conversations with many different groups of people.  We had talks with different Maryland Right to Life staff to kids wanting to get involved. We have been doing a lot of events in the Maryland area and this was a great opportunity to find new volunteers to help us with those events.

Events like this are a great way to network and build relationships with like-minded people. I encourage you to find a pro-life march in your area and partake in it!



Pro-Life Quotes From Lifest Attendees (Part 1/4)

This summer we went around the country to multiple massive christian festivals. At these events we spoke to hundreds of people about the pro-life movement and asked them “Why are you pro-life?”  Below is part 1 of a collection of what some people said at Lifest in Wisconsin…

Because love is putting others happiness before your own and abortion is putting your happiness before others – anonymous

Because God made every baby for a purpose– anonymous

Because all 13 of my kids would be dead if their birth mothers had an abortion! – anonymous

God made children. They are His image, his creation. They bring joy to so many, they have a place in His place; they have potential to make changes when we may not be able to. Abortion is murder, murder is sin, sin is against God, and God is love and justice. Infants and embryos are His creation that he wants love and justice for. – anonymous

No matter how small, they are still a person and should be treated with the love and compassion they deserve – Ashley 17

Because you never know who is destined to do great things. – Mike 17

Every one deserves a chance to live; born or not. As a strong Christian I believe in this everyday and I spread the word – Logan 14

Because everyone has the right to live, no matter how old, babies are a gift from God!  – Rhianna 13

I was more premature in 1963 than a partial birth abortion now. You cant tell me its not murder. – anonymous

I believe everyone should have a chance at life. – anonymous

My 3 year old cousin was adopted; if he hadn’t been, his birth mom would have aborted him. It’s a child, not a choice – Michaela 14

Doctor said I would have downs syndrome – Isaac 21

When I was 15 I got pregnant and knew it was best for my son that he be adopted… and now he is turning 1! – Ciara

 I delivered my son at 24 weeks!!! He fought hard for his life! He survived and is now 15 years old and healthy. I can’t imagine life without him; what if he wouldn’t have survived? He is my joy in life; I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on what a blessing from God a Child is or could be to someone who’s childless. Choose life or adoption! You will never have regrets like you would if you choose abortion. – Tammy 52


So why are you Pro-Life?

Summer Festivals Tour officially over!

The Summer Festivals Tour is officially over. This past weekend we exhibited at our final event of the summer, The Awakening Festival. OK some of you are like, Erik the summer has been over for quite some time. Well, not exactly. Fall officially started last Friday, September 23rd. Anyways, lets not split hairs!

The main thing is that our summer-ish travels are over. We had an amazing time of ministry, meeting and praying with a ton of young people, educating, activating, equipping them to be effective pro-life warriors in their communities, high schools and college campuses. We drove 6,948 miles exhibiting at 12 festivals, speaking and exhibiting at one concert and one youth group as well as one Warped Tour date! This is an increase from our 2010 Summer Festivals Tour where we drove 2,666 miles to exhibit at 6 festivals – our first summer since 1998 as an independent organization. And we are looking forward to the summer of 2012 where we plan on building off of these numbers – exhibiting and speaking at more events!

With all the young people who signed up with us this summer we have plans on starting a number of Rock For Life groups so stay tuned!

So thank you so much for your generous support and your prayers! We couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Planned Parenthood to be investigated

Great news!  Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider is being investigated by Congress!  On September 15th a Congressional Committee sent Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards a letter that communicated its concerns regarding their operations and how they use federal funds.  Documentation is being requested on how Planned Parenthood keeps its federal funds separate from their abortion business, how they are notifying law enforcement regarding reporting statutory rape and sex trafficking.

Of course they aren’t keeping their federal funds separate from their abortion business so it’ll be interesting to see how they comply.  You can read the letter here.

And we all know they aren’t contacting the proper authorities when it comes to statutory rape and human sex trafficking as you can see by this video and this one.  I wonder how they’ll wiggle their way out of this one.

Planned Parnethood aborts one baby every 96 seconds.  Planned Parenthood receives $11 taxpayer dollars every second.  Planned Parenthood, at the very least should not be funded by our tax dollars.  Ultimately, Planned Parenthood and their affiliates, as long as there are aborting babies, covering up for statutory rape and sex trafficking should be shut down.

Cecile Richards has 2 weeks to comply.  That is tomorrow!  Let’s hope and pray that this Congressional Committee, the Committee on Energy and Commerce and the investigation led by Cliff Stearns, (the Chairman of the Subcomittee on Oversight and Investigations) will be able to overcome the upcoming attacks by the pro-abortion forces and bring the truth about Planned Parenthood and their illegal operations to light!

Podcasts are back!

Just posted a podcast at National Pro-Life Youth Podcast!  Check it out

[audio: 9-16-11.mp3]

We are back!  After a busy summer Erik and Kristan are ready to serve you up a dish of National Pro-Life Youth Podcast every week!  Are you ready?!!?

On this episode, Kristan interviews Matt Mihelic, a 2L at Liberty University School of Law. Matt is a current Wilberforce Leadership Fellow at Students for Life and was motivated to join the pro-life movement through the efforts of the fellowship’s namesake, late social justice pioneer William Wilberforce. Kristan and Matt talk about how he has served the Liberty campus as a pro-life advocate throughout his undergraduate career and in law school.

Also, Erik & Kristan discuss the hot topic at the GOP / Tea Party debate – Gardasil.  What is it? How does it work? And why are pro-lifers up in arms over it?  For additional info on Gardasil click here.

Music provided by Brothers McClurg

Fatherhood Begins in the Womb

Did you know:

  1. 41% of all US children are born to non-married mothers
  2. 72.3% of all black children are born in homes with no fathers
  3. 84% of abortions are performed on non-married mothers
  4. Children (without fathers in the home) are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than homes with married parents
  5. Children (without fathers in the home) are twice as likely to drop out of school than their peers with married parents

This isn’t a dis on single-parents or single moms.  Many mothers don’t have a choice.  Many moms are forced to raise their children alone, at least for a time.  Our hats are tipped to those who take on the extra burden of single parenting.

Where are the fathers?  Fatherhood doesn’t start at birth or if you want the child or not.  Fatherhood is born when your child is conceived.  Roe v Wade / Doe v Bolton has created for many men an aura of selfishness and irresponsibility.  It is time for men to be men.   It is time to share the truth that children are best born into a home of a man and a woman committed to each other and the children they have and may conceive.

 Fatherhood Begins in the Womb is an excellent new joint campaign between The Radiance Foundation and the Issues4Life Foundation.  Check it out and get involved!

Favorite National Pro-Life Chalk Day Photos

These are my favorite photos that I’ve seen so far from last week’s National Pro-Life Chalk Day.  Check them out!

Great job everyone!  The next Chalking Day is February 2, 2012.  See you then!


At First Love Festival we had an opportunity to meet Nate Sara, the bassist for an awesome band called Compelled.  Nate is a great guy who really has a heart for people, including the preborn and those affected by abortion and really loves the ministry of Rock For Life.  Here is Nate sporting one of our “Adoption Saves Lives” shirts.

Compelled is a great band and you should check out there website and listen to their music, “like” them on facebook and follow them on twitter.

TOMORROW: National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

Tomorrow we, Rock for Life alongside Students for Life are co-sponsoring  National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

On February 3rd we held the first ever national event and it was a huge success! I personally chalked at the University of Mary Washington and oh boy did I cause quit the controversy!

The more we talk about abortion and what the act does to a baby and his / her mother the more hearts and minds are changed to the pro-life position and the more babies lives that are spared.  One way to get people talking is to sidewalk chalk pro-life messages.

So tomorrow, grab some sidewalk chalk, grab some friends and start chalking public sidewalks.  It’s fun and a little rebellious!  Sidewalk chalking is inexpensive, fun and another creative way to get the pro-life message out.

So, whatever it is you are doing tomorrow take some time to join thousand of pro-lifers nationwide who will be participating in National Pro-Life Chalk Day.  Visit the website at for messaging ideas and tips, tell all your friends by forwarding this email and posting the website on your facebook and twitter. Then take pictures and post them on your Facebook and Twitter as well and let us know how it goes!

I AM PRO-LIFE wristbands now available in new colors!

Our wildly popular “I AM PRO-LIFE” bracelets are now available in multiple colors!  Now you just get them in purple, turquoise and pink as well as the popular black.

Go to to place your order.  Each purchase helps us to continue spreading the human rights for all (born and preborn) message through music, education and action.


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