Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity

A great pro-life effort is coming up that you should be a part of.  It is called Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.  This year is the 9th year and it is on Tuesday, October 16th.

On this day, people all over the world will give up their voices in solidarity with the pre-born children who have had their voices silenced by abortion.

It’s just under two weeks away, and already, students from over 800 schools — along with over 80 homeschools, more than 120 businesses & ministries, and over 400 individuals/non-students — in 33 countries have registered to participate!

Are you willing to give up your voice for one day for those who will never have a voice?

By participating you will get people to talk.  The more that people talk about abortion the more people will come to our side AND young mothers who are considering abortion will have a change of hearts.  In other words, lives will be spared the trauma associated with abortion.

So, will you get involved?


Be Quiet!

OK I’m being funny but seriously, today is Pro-Life Day of Student Solidarity where thousands of young people will be wearing red”LIFE”  tape over their months to raise awareness about the horrors of abortion.  Many lives have been saved and hearts and minds have been converted to the truth because of this event.

So why don’t you head over to for more info, put your “LIFE” tape on and be silent for one day to speak out for the over 3,500 babies in America who will be silenced forever – one-fourth of your generation.

Erik Whittington
Executive Director, Rock For Life

PODCAST: How being Silent and Clipboarding on campus can save lives!

On this podcast (Sept. 24, 2010) Kristan Hawkins and I interview Bryan Kemper, President of Stand True Ministries and Students for Life of America’s West Coast Field Agent Steve Macias. Click here to listen!

Photo by: Berry PhotographyFeatured Music: Restless Street

Bryan tells us about the upcoming annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity which is October 19, 2010.  Listen as he tells us moving stories of babies being saved from last year. Click here to listen!

Also, Steve Macias tells us how simply asking the question, “What do you think of aborton?” can help save a babies life! Click here to listen!

Music you hear on this podcast is by Restless Street, a Modern Worship Rock band from Northern Virginia.  These tunes are specifically from their 6 song EP, The War Has Just Begun. Make sure to support them and other pro-life artists!

Click here to listen and let me know what you think of the show!

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