May – A song about losing your wife during childbirth, by American Idol James Durbin

When I get my Guitar World magazine in the mail I like to go through it, read about new artists and new CD releases and listen to them on my Rhapsody player.  I have an account where I get unlimited downloads – I love it! (<— shameless plug, not a paid endorsement!)

Anyways, I was listening to Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, the debut of James Durbin from American Idol fame, and I came across this song called, May.  It’s not outwardly a “pro-life” song, but it has a message that I wanted you to be aware of.


Now, we got older faster then we ever could have seen
Lights when down on graduation then on a wedding ring
We bought our first house and had a baby on the way
But, during birth I got my daughter
Jesus took my May away

In it, the author falls in love and gets married to his high school sweetheart, May.  It seems they got pregnant before marriage but choose to keep their child and get married. They have their first baby, a girl.  During childbirth May dies.  It’s really a sad song.  As his girl grows up she constantly reminds him and everyone around him that she looks and acts like his deceased wife.  Again, it’s really really sad.

I’ve done some research and I can’t seem to find anything on this song other then what I mentioned above.  Is it based on a true story?  If so, who?  Is James Durbin pro-life?  If you find anything, let me know.  Thanks.

You can hear a clip of it here.  You can also read the full lyrics here.


VIDEO: Skillet’s live explanation of their pro-life song Lucy

John Cooper from Skillet explains their pro-life song, Lucy during a recent live performance in Pittsburgh and it was caught on tape!   In a nutshell Lucy is about a young non-married couple who get pregnant and feel that the only way out is to get an abortion.  Soon after the abortion they feel guilty and go see a counselor.  The counselor suggests that they give their baby a name and a burial service.  The couple decided to name their baby Lucy.

Mad props to Skillet for not only writing this song and performing it but also for taking the time to explain it to their fans.  Many lives will be saved because of the courage of Skillet for sharing this story.  Great job guys!

VIDEO: Life, by Jaeson Ma

Check out this new song / music video, Life by Jaeson Ma.

Jaeson Ma is pro-life!  His life was almost aborted 30 years ago.  He has an amazing testimony that you can read here.

This song and video is about LIFE – the ups and downs, the struggles and the victories.  Life is beautiful and you’ll definately get that from listening to this song / watching the music video.

Jaeson, Thanks for sharing your story!

Pre-Order Barlow Girl’s upcoming CD

Just noticed an ad on Facebook that Barlow Girl is accepting orders for their upcoming Sept. 14th CD release, “Our Journey… So Far.”

Barlow Girl is an awesome pop rock three piece with a heart for the younger generation.  Barlow Girl is very pro-life and we definately highly suggest giving these girls a listen and pre-ordering this CD.

You can also take a listen to Barlow Girl on the Rock For Life Podcast here and a full interview we did with them here.  Enjoy!

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