Quick – Input needed from moms on maternity shirts

We have had a number of requests to print a pro-life maternity shirt.  So, we are going to print some up with the “I am a human being… I am pro-life” message on one.  So, we need your input!

The choice comes down to a scooped neck in black or white or a v-neck.  V-necks are going to be at least $2 more than a scooped neck.  Are they worth it?  If a v-neck, what color shirt?

Please leave your input below or on Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks!


Tons Of NEW Buttons! Now All Buttons Are Only $0.75!

We have just added a bunch of new buttons and a new wristband to the online store.

“Human Rights For All”

“1/4 Forever Silenced”

“Let Them Live”

“LIFE. No Exceptions”

“Former Embryo” – in multiple colors!

Baby Logo – in multiple colors!

“I (heart) Pro-Life Boys” – in multiple colors!

“I Am Pro-Life” – in multiple colors

“Abolish Abortion” – in purple and black

“Abolish Abortion” – Wristband

Check them all our in our Wristbands/Stickers/Buttons section of our online store!

Expect even more colors and designs soon!

Rock For Life Merch Photo Shoot!

Ever wonder what you would look like wearing one of our shirts running through a meadow, balancing on one foot, doing a cartwheel, holding flowers or just hanging out with friends?  Then we have great news for you!

At SoulFest we ran into some friends who offered to help us put together a photo shoot of some of our most popular and newest items.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to photographer Chelsea St.Pierre and models Kelley Rocca, Christina Clifton, Tim Cackett & Kevin Feliciano!

To order these shirts go to www.RockForLifeStore.com

New Merch for this Summer!

We just got a huge order in this morning for our 2011 Summer Festivals Tour!  Here is some of our new items.

New 2011 Summer Merch

The black “I AM PRO-LIFE” is a long sleeve hooded shirt.  The Slate “Let Them Live” is a Deep V-Neck.  The pink “I AM PRO-LIFE” shirt is a ladies cut.  Finally, the black “I AM PRO-LIFE” is a V-Neck.

We’ll get these on the store here shortly.  You can also get these from us at one of the many tour stops this summer.  The schedule can be found here.

Let us know what you think!

Need your thoughts for a new color-combo for the “I AM PRO-LIFE” shirt

Hey, we need your input on another shirt.  We are thinking of putting the “I AM PRO-LIFE” design on a couple different colors – fuchsia and turquoise.

What do you think?!!?

Thanks for all the input regarding the “Adoption Saves Lives” shirt guy version.  If you haven’t given us input yet please do by clicking here.  We haven’t decided on a color-combo for that shirt yet.

In the mean time make sure to visit our online store at RockForLifeStore.com.  Thanks!

Merch is on its way!

We have been low or at completely zero on several items and sizes in our online store.

Good news: inventory is on its way!

We’ve been out of our small regular Anvil “Let Them Live” Tanks. Not any longer! Only $15 plus shipping and handling

We’ve been low on our extra small and small “Let Them Live” American Apparel tanks.  Not any longer! Plus, they are now available in Medium! Only $17 plus shipping and handling

We’ve been completely out of our “Let Them Live” American Apparel V-necks sizes extra small, small and medium.  Not any longer!  Plus, we now carry large.  Only $17 plus shipping and handling

We’ve been completely out of our “Let Them Live” medium pullover hoodies.  Not any longer!  Plus they are now available in large.  Only $27 plus shipping and handling

We’ve been completely out of our purple “Human Being / I Am Pro-Life” smalls and mediums.  Not any longer!  Only $15 plus shipping and handling

We’ve been completely out of our olive green “Human Being / I Am Pro-Life” extra larges.  Not any longer! Only $15 plus shipping and handling

Finally, we’ve been extremely low on our stock of “Adoption Saves Lives” zipped hooded sweatshirt. Plus we finally have extra large!  Only $35 plus shipping and handling

Every purchase from the Rock for Life store helps us to continue spreading the “human rights for all – born and preborn” message through music, education and action.  Thanks for your support!

New Merchandise

Friday we received a few new items that you might be interested in.

“Let Them Live” pull-over hooded sweatshirt $30 plus shipping and handling

“Let Them Live” V-neck t-shirt (American Apparel) $17 plus shipping & handling

“Let Them Live” tank (American Apparel) $17 plus shipping & handling

Let us know what you think!

For ordering info email us at info@rockforlife.org


New shirts!

Three new shirts and a tank have arrive! See photos below and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Both shirts and tank are $15 plus S&H. Until we get an online store up and running you can send us an email (info@rockforlife.net) for details concerning how to order. Every purchase you make goes to furthering our efforts in spreading the human rights for all message!

We’ll also have these at Kingdom Bound and SoulFest next week so hopefully we’ll see many of you there.

We also have more shirts, a zip, a hat and a wristband on the way this week so stay tuned!

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