Rock for Life Maryland Conference Recap!

Hello lovely beautiful people,

It has been some time since I blogged with y’all but the time has come! I am back and ready to blast your faces off with brilliant blog recap love of the Rock for Life Maryland conference! (cue crowd noise.)

So in case you were not aware, Rock for Life had an amazing conference Nov. 17th that had all the important things needed for a great pro-life time: Awesome passionate speakers (I was one of them! They just let me up on the stage! It was great!), great music (The Revived! They were awesome!) and free merch! (You totally should have been there! You could have gotten free stuff!)

Ok, toning down the excitement just a notch.  I have pictures!

Our lovely lady of ceremonies, Erica Valenstein!


The Revived!!


Michele Henrickson!! Laying down the facts.





Erik, Michele and Andy Moore chilling like bosses.

So clearly it was AMAZING and I, as well as the rest of the RFL team, cannot wait to do it again. The evening, besides being fun, was an energizing conference complete with a thorough scientifically-sound pro-life presentation from Michele Hendrickson. She laid out the pro-life case passionately and showed us that we are the side with the facts and we will not be silenced. I spoke on my story as an adopted child and my intro into activism. Finally, our fearless director, Erik Whittington, explained how he got involved in fighting the tragedy of abortion. Our message was simple: Abortion is wrong, we have the tools to stop it and we want YOU to join us.

So will you?

Citizen Complaints rejected by Maryland Board of Physicians, late-term abortionist’s license not suspended

Yesterday, I traveled to Baltimore to deliver over 5,000 citizen complaints to the Maryland Board of Physicians.  I met Alexa and Beth from Students for Life of America.  These were complaints regarding the death of Jennifer Morbelli who died of complications from the abortion performed by LeRoy Carhart as well as Mr. Carhart’s unavailability to assist Jennifer when it was obvious she was dying from complications.  Read more about it here.

The letters were signed as part of, a coalition of national pro-life organizations we are apart of (Operation Rescue, Live Action,,, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, and Students for Life of America) and asked for the immediate suspension of Carhart’s Maryland Medical License until his disciplinary case can be fully adjudicated and his license permanently revoked.

Beth & I carried the boxes (Alexa wanted to carry them as well but she was taking pictures!) of letters up to the fourth floor of the office building where the Maryland Board of Physicians is located. I told the woman at the front window that we had petitions to deliver and the case it was referring to. She made a call and a few minutes later, the Executive Director of the Maryland Board of Physicians, Carole Catalfo, and another woman came out to speak with us.

Believe it or not the two board staff members refused to take the 5,000 + complaints! Furthermore, they insisted that we could not leave them with them because they would not accept these complaints – regardless of the number – because they only accept official complaints like the one Operation Rescue filed here. We explained that these citizen complaint letters were in support of Operation Rescue’s official complaint, but they refused to accept them as they said that public opinion does not matter.  Can you believe that?  At first I thought, ok she has a point.  But upon further reflection this is absurd.  Physicians are public servants.  Some, like LeRoy Carhart are operating on individuals on a daily basis.  Thousands believe, and rightfully so that his actions, and lack of follow-up resulted in the death of a human person.  A death that could have easily been avoided. And this has happened more than once.  This is not an isolated incident.  Citizens should be scared when people are dying at the hands of careless physicians.

Ms. Catalfo and her associate were dismissive and condescending, stating that it was very unlikely that 5,000 people knew the details of the situation. Instead, they suggested that these 5,000 concerned citizens were merely biased by the media.  Are you kidding me?

This is entirely unacceptable. Our voices do matter and for Ms. Catalfo and the Maryland Board of Physicians – an organization which has received an award for “serving the public interest and protecting the health of Maryland’s citizens” – to say otherwise is wrong.  How can you serve the public interest by allowing physicians to run amok, killing their patients?  How can you claim to serve the public interest when you don’t even listen to the public.  This award has obviously been awarded to the wrong organization.

We are going back and we need your help.  Today, can you help us get the word out there so we can have an even stronger voice when our team goes back to Ms. Catalfo’s office in a few weeks?

Here are two things you can do RIGHT NOW:

1) Help us increase the number of signatures on our citizen compliant by 50 percent before April 4th by encouraging your friends and family members to sign on at

2) Call and/or email Maryland Board of Physicians Executive Director Carole Catalfo at 410-764-4780  and today to show her that 5,000 people really do care and know the facts of the case – please use the official OR complaint for reference.

Then we will go back with double the boxes and personally deliver the complaints, dropping off box after box in the reception area of the office if we have to. We will not take NO! for an answer!

Stay tuned for more updates! Let’s show the Maryland Board of Physicians that America is watching, and we expect justice for Jennifer and Madison!

Story of a Life Saved – Impact Youth Conference Ocean City

Image“Seeing you at Impact last year helped me in my decision to not have an abortion” – A quote from a young girl who came to our table at Impact Youth Conference this past weekend.

Last weekend we were in Ocean City, Maryland for a 2,000+ person Christian youth conference. We had a booth alongside many other college, ministries and bands.

We had great conversations all weekend, but the one that stood out was one I had with a young girl who recently became pregnant. She came storming to the table at the start of the conference asking how she could get involved with Rock for Life. After answering all her questions I asked why she was so interested.  She told me  she was pregnant, and seeing our booth the previous year was an influence in her decision to keep her child. Now she wants to get involved and share her story to as many people as she can!

Yes that’s right – a young child is alive today partly because of our presence and efforts at this same conference last year!  Isn’t that amazing?

Stories like Kristan’s are what keep us going, it’s why we do what we do. Rock for Life targets the younger generations by going to youth conferences like Impact and hearing her story just confirms the influence we are having on the pro-life generation! Impact was a great weekend of inspiring the next generation of youth!

Special thanks – Hannah Valle for hosting us at her home – The vendor coordinators at the event –  All the kids who support our ministry – Alex Moreland and Brian Collins for volunteering.

And a special thanks to our supporters who give their prayers, time and their resources to see that we are a constant presence at Christian youth conference, conventions, concerts and festivals.  THANK YOU!


VIDEO: Caitlin Jane Live Performance of her pro-life song, “Unborn”

Friday night we were at “The Cave” in Columbia, Maryland for an evening of pro-life education and awareness.  One of the performers, Caitlin Jane performed her pro-life song, Unborn.  We caught it on video and wanted to share it with you.

Unborn is a great song, Caitlin Jane is a great song writer and a great performer.  Make sure to go to her website and listen to some of her other tunes.  Thanks!

Thank you for helping us renew our vehicle insurance!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us in renewing our vehicle insurance policy!  On February 22nd I sent out an email asking you to help us, either with your prayers or your pocketbooks to come up with$396 to renew our vehicle insurance policy.  In less than 48 hours our goal was met!  We are so amazed at the graciousness of our supporters.  THANK YOU!

Now I apologize, I haven’t sent out a thank you until now.  That has a lot to do with being so busy!  Since that email we have been at:

  1. Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention in Harrisburg, Penn.
  2. Spoken show in Columbia, Maryland
  3. Fireflight show in Dunn Loring, Virginia
  4. Impact 2012 in Harrisburg, Penn.

Whew!  These last two weeks we’ve had the opportunity to reach thousands of young people and we’ll have many more opportunities in the month of March.  And we couldn’t have done it without you!  Your prayers and your financial support keep us on the road which keep us reaching young people with the pro-life message.  This in turn builds the next generation to be one that will end abortion in our lifetimes!  Now that I look forward too!

So, thanks again big time!  And make sure to check back here, facebook and twitter for photos and stories from the road.

ALIVE 11 Metro Maryland Youth for Christ conference recap

This past weekend we had the opportunity to be at the Alive 11 Metro Maryland Youth For Christ Conference, a conference for junior high youth students held in Ocean City, Maryland. Every year a few thousand middle school students come out with their youth groups to sit in teaching sessions and listen to some awesome music. We had the opportunity to set up a table and educate some of these kids on the pro-life issues.

Though it was a loud and crazy weekend we were still impressed with the maturity level of some of these kids. We were able to have serious, mature conversations with some of them at a level that we didn’t expect.  They asked questions, they had ideas, they were interested in getting involved.  They truly believed in what we were doing!

At the conference was this giant 50 foot long sign that the conference had up for the kids to draw and write on.  For us the best part was getting kids to write pro-life slogans and draw some of our designs on that wall.  There were pro-life messages spread through the whole wall!  You could definitely say we co-opted the wall!

At these events some of the best interactions we end up having are with the other volunteers and vendors that are also set up alongside us. This weekend we made friends with a guy who started an online Christian music video channel and we discussed doing different video projects together.  We also befriended a handful of teen volunteers for the event that want to help us out at Impact, the senior high conference in March.

Our most popular items at this event were our I Am Pro-Life wristbands.  We are almost completely out of them!  We also distributed a lot of buttons and stickers too!  A huge big thanks to Human Life Alliance for giving us tons of ‘Live Pure’ tattoos to give out.  The kids loved them!

Overall this event was a success in starting to develop a heart for pro-life in young junior-highers. I hope that the connection that we are establishing with them now will continue for years as they get into high school and continue going to the senior high event through the years.

Thank you for helping us get to Alive 11.  Through your prayers and financial contributions we were able to reach thousands.  Without your help we could not of made such a huge impact.  THANK YOU!

Tonight – Maryland March for Life – See You There!

Tonight (Monday, March 14, 2011) is the Maryland March for Life in Annapolis, Maryland and we will be there!

If you are a Marylander and pro-life you should attend this event.  Speakers include David Bereit (40 Days for Life) Matt Birk (Center for the Baltimore Ravens), Mike Martelli (MD Coalition for Life) and many others.

The event kicks off with a Mass & Non-Denominational Service (5:15 pm) at St. Mary’s Catholic Church (111 Duke of Gloucester, Annapolis), then March activities begin at 6:30 pm followed by a rally at Susan Campbell Park – City Dock at 7:45 pm then the walk back to the church and finally fun, music and hang-out time.

See you there!

Not Many Fans of Late-Term Abortions

I (obviously) am not a fan of abortion.  Most people aren’t.  All abortions kill a human person and leave another (the mother, sometimes the father and other family members) scared physically, spiritually, emotionally, or all of the above.

But one thing is for sure – Most people REALLY aren’t fans of late-term abortions.  Can you blame them?  A late-term in-utero baby looks much more like you and I as opposed to a first-trimester baby.  Doesn’t make it worse.  Killing is killing.

It’s fascinating to see the latest outrage against late-term abortions.  Leroy Carhart, a late term abortionist started performing his specialty Monday, December 6th in a new location – Germantown, Maryland.  Over 600 pro-lifers showed up on opening day to pray and be a public witness.  That is an awesome showing.  I was very impressed.

Then, the first Saturday of his business (Dec. 11th) over 600 pro-lifers showed up to pray and to be a public witness. Again, awesome!

Last night, (Dec. 13th) over 150 reported pro-lifers showed up at a City Council meeting in Council Bluffs, Iowa to protest another proposed late-term abortion facility opening up by, you guessed it – Leroy Carhart. Again, major awesomeness!

So, as you can see late-term abortions really rile people up – and rightfully so.  But aren’t all abortions the killing of a human person?  Why does the killing of a late-term abortion freak everyone out but not so much as when his or her younger brother or sister is being terminated via abortion?  Aren’t all human persons equal regardless of age / level of development?

I don’t mean to be a downer.  I am really excited that so many people are coming out to oppose abortion.  But where are these same people when it comes to first-trimester abortions?  If abortion kills a human person and we really believe that, then we should be just as horrified when a 12-week old baby in-utero is killed as a 22-week old baby in-utero.


PODCAST: SLU SFL The Gateway to a Pro-Life Campus?

Check out our latest podcast!  You can listen to it here.  This is the podcast we published on October, 15, 2010.  We finally got our podomatic account up and running so make sure to check out all of our podcasts here.  Finally, make sure to subscribe to the podcast RSS feed here.  Copy the feed URL and paste it into your iTunes Podcast RSS feed reader.  Thanks!

Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life of America) and Erik Whittington (Rock For Life) interview Rose Daly, who runs the Students for Life group at St. Louis University.  Rose talks about all of the different unique projects and tactics her group employs to bring the LIFE message on campus

Kristan & Erik also interview Kelly Stauffer, who is Silent No More and hosting a pro-life youth rally Oct. 29th in Hanover, Maryland

Featuring music by Hello Kelly


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