VIDEO: Abortionist compares aborted baby to “meat in a crock pot”

Today Live Action released the fourth undercover video as part of their Inhuman series.  This one is directly targeting late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart.

In this video Leroy Carhart compares a dying baby in-utero to “meat in a crock pot” and when asks how he breaks the baby up, in case it isn’t born whole, Carhart jokes how he uses a pickaxe and a drill bit.  He also goes into great detail of how he aborts babies.

But there is more, Carhart also goes into great detail of what happens if a mother has complications at the hotel, waiting for the abortion to complete.  He makes it sound like he will there and available no matter what time of the day in case something happens.  Unfortunately for Jennifer Morbelli, this wasn’t the case.

Carhart also tells the undercover agent that this abortion will make you a better person.

And if that isn’t enough, he also lies to the mother telling her that Morbelli did not die from the abortion, but from the pregnancy.  That is not correct.

This video is very eery, it not only uncovers the above but it puts a voice and a face to a man who commits heinous crimes against humanity.  This is a must see and must be shared with everyone who considers themselves pro-choice.


Citizen Complaints rejected by Maryland Board of Physicians, late-term abortionist’s license not suspended

Yesterday, I traveled to Baltimore to deliver over 5,000 citizen complaints to the Maryland Board of Physicians.  I met Alexa and Beth from Students for Life of America.  These were complaints regarding the death of Jennifer Morbelli who died of complications from the abortion performed by LeRoy Carhart as well as Mr. Carhart’s unavailability to assist Jennifer when it was obvious she was dying from complications.  Read more about it here.

The letters were signed as part of, a coalition of national pro-life organizations we are apart of (Operation Rescue, Live Action,,, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, and Students for Life of America) and asked for the immediate suspension of Carhart’s Maryland Medical License until his disciplinary case can be fully adjudicated and his license permanently revoked.

Beth & I carried the boxes (Alexa wanted to carry them as well but she was taking pictures!) of letters up to the fourth floor of the office building where the Maryland Board of Physicians is located. I told the woman at the front window that we had petitions to deliver and the case it was referring to. She made a call and a few minutes later, the Executive Director of the Maryland Board of Physicians, Carole Catalfo, and another woman came out to speak with us.

Believe it or not the two board staff members refused to take the 5,000 + complaints! Furthermore, they insisted that we could not leave them with them because they would not accept these complaints – regardless of the number – because they only accept official complaints like the one Operation Rescue filed here. We explained that these citizen complaint letters were in support of Operation Rescue’s official complaint, but they refused to accept them as they said that public opinion does not matter.  Can you believe that?  At first I thought, ok she has a point.  But upon further reflection this is absurd.  Physicians are public servants.  Some, like LeRoy Carhart are operating on individuals on a daily basis.  Thousands believe, and rightfully so that his actions, and lack of follow-up resulted in the death of a human person.  A death that could have easily been avoided. And this has happened more than once.  This is not an isolated incident.  Citizens should be scared when people are dying at the hands of careless physicians.

Ms. Catalfo and her associate were dismissive and condescending, stating that it was very unlikely that 5,000 people knew the details of the situation. Instead, they suggested that these 5,000 concerned citizens were merely biased by the media.  Are you kidding me?

This is entirely unacceptable. Our voices do matter and for Ms. Catalfo and the Maryland Board of Physicians – an organization which has received an award for “serving the public interest and protecting the health of Maryland’s citizens” – to say otherwise is wrong.  How can you serve the public interest by allowing physicians to run amok, killing their patients?  How can you claim to serve the public interest when you don’t even listen to the public.  This award has obviously been awarded to the wrong organization.

We are going back and we need your help.  Today, can you help us get the word out there so we can have an even stronger voice when our team goes back to Ms. Catalfo’s office in a few weeks?

Here are two things you can do RIGHT NOW:

1) Help us increase the number of signatures on our citizen compliant by 50 percent before April 4th by encouraging your friends and family members to sign on at

2) Call and/or email Maryland Board of Physicians Executive Director Carole Catalfo at 410-764-4780  and today to show her that 5,000 people really do care and know the facts of the case – please use the official OR complaint for reference.

Then we will go back with double the boxes and personally deliver the complaints, dropping off box after box in the reception area of the office if we have to. We will not take NO! for an answer!

Stay tuned for more updates! Let’s show the Maryland Board of Physicians that America is watching, and we expect justice for Jennifer and Madison!

Jennifer Morbelli: Another victim of LeRoy Carhart


Abortion hurts women and sometimes kills them as well as their children. Jennifer Morbelli and her daughter, Madison Leigh make two more lives that abortionist LeRoy Carhart has taken from this world. Morbelli was a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher who had been 33-weeks-pregnant when she discovered that her daughter suffered from fetal anomalies. Morbelli made the tragic choice to seek out a third-trimester abortion from Carhart at Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Maryland. Morbelli died at Shady Grove Hospital on Thursday, February 7. The exact cause of Morbelli’s death isn’t officially known but it is suspected that she died from internal bleeding that resulted from the abortion.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. In 2005, Carhart’s careless methods caused the death of a 19-year-old girl named Christin Gilbert.

We need to remember these women when we speak out against abortion. Abortion isn’t just snuffing out a life, it is a procedure that is dangerous for women. Abortionists like LeRoy Carhart are willing to take advantage of these scared and confused women for the sake of money. Late-term abortions are happening and women will continue to get hurt in this way because the abortion industry cares more about their own financial well-being than the well-being of their “patients.”

My thoughts and prayers go out to Morbelli’s family and I hope to see more women choosing life for their children and themselves in the wake of this tragedy.

Source and Picture: LifeSiteNews

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