Abortionist asks moms if they’d like to hold their aborted children

OK this is really bizarre, but then again, maybe it’s not.

In a lengthy interview with the Hairpin late-term abortion specialist Susan Robinson admits that she asks moms before she aborts their children if they would like to hold them.  Is that nutty or what?!?!

Not only that but she will arrange to have remembrance photos taken, give mom a teddy bear and footprints of her aborted baby.  These are things you do when you give birth, not abort, but in this crazy world we live in lines between life and death, birth and abortion seem to get blurred.

To add insult to injury Susan also offers a baptismal for the baby and non-denominational prayers.

Click here to read the full article / to get more into the mind of a late-term abortion specialist.

Please keep this woman in your daily thoughts and prayers – she is obviously deeply disturbed and could use all our prayers to pull her out of the abortion business.  Thank you.


BREAKING: Gosnell found guilty of murdering 3 born children who survived abortion

many posts on facebook are telling me Kermit Gosnell, late-term abortionist has been found guilty just now of murdering three babies who survived abortion.


Gosnell Guilty 

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Give them dignity: Naming the 45 babies babies recovered from Gosnell’s clinic.

Kermit Gosnell’s story is no longer being ignored (for the most part.) The late-term abortionist currently is on trial for lives lost at his clinic, women and children, as well as having to answer for the disgusting conditions of his Pennsylvania clinic. If you haven’t heard of this man yet, please google him. Educate yourself. Don’t close your ears.

The whole ordeal is heart-wrenching. It shines a spotlight on the horrific effects of not only one man but of the ignorance of the media when it comes to the abortion industry. This particular story, originally from LifeSite News, gives a small note of good to a saddening series of events.

Forty five precious babies were found at Gosnell’s clinic. They had no names because they were deemed “unwanted.” But those of us who value life, we recognized that these children were important, they deserved life. Since they were denied the right to live, we agree with the sentiment that Father Frank Pavone holds: they all deserve names.

We here at Rock for Life, out of respect for these children, will list their names below:

Names of the Gosnell Babies

From the Grand Jury Report: “The Philadelphia medical examiner analyzed the remains of 45 fetuses seized from the clinic. Of these, 16 were first-trimester; 25 were second-trimester, ranging from 12 to 21 weeks; 2 were 22 weeks; 1 was 26 weeks; and 1 was 28 weeks.”

Baby Adam (Baby Boy A, aborted at seven and a half months, six pounds weight)

Baby Michael (Baby Boy B, killed at 28 weeks)

Baby Alex (Baby C, breathed for 20 minutes after delivery.)

Baby Chris (Baby D — Was delivered into the toilet and was seen swimming there.)

Baby Andy (Baby E — This baby was heard to whine.)

Baby Lou (Baby F — This baby’s leg jerked and moved after being delivered.)

Baby Pat (Baby G)

Baby Joshua
Baby David
Baby Ashley
Baby Sal
Baby Terry
Baby Sam
Baby Val
Baby Tony
Baby Ronnie
Baby Sarah
Baby Melanie
Baby Sandy
Baby Corey
Baby Drew
Baby Ryan
Baby Toby
Baby Sean
Baby Kelly
Baby Carroll
Baby Joseph
Baby Benjamin
Baby Stacey
Baby Gabriel
Baby Brett
Baby Julian
Baby Taylor
Baby Courtney
Baby Danny
Baby Kim
Baby Mandy
Baby Robin
Baby Austin
Baby Abel
Baby Michelle
Baby Lisa
Baby Shannon
Baby Nevin
Baby Connor

It is our duty to do this. As pro-lifers, as human beings. In America, the nameless dead are always tragic. We feel a special kind of loss when we are unaware of the identity of the victim of a crime. It is always a tragedy for someone to suffer violence, but to have their name and their identity forgotten adds a bitter note. For these children, this is one way to give them respect, dignity and to love them. Obviously, we should aim for this body count to be unthinkable. We lose around 4,000 little lives like these every day in America. Little Connors, Little Kims, and Little Taylors. Think of them and oppose abortion. Think of them and stand up for life today.

For the full article, written by Fr. Pavone, go here.

VIDEO: Abortionist compares aborted baby to “meat in a crock pot”

Today Live Action released the fourth undercover video as part of their Inhuman series.  This one is directly targeting late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart.

In this video Leroy Carhart compares a dying baby in-utero to “meat in a crock pot” and when asks how he breaks the baby up, in case it isn’t born whole, Carhart jokes how he uses a pickaxe and a drill bit.  He also goes into great detail of how he aborts babies.

But there is more, Carhart also goes into great detail of what happens if a mother has complications at the hotel, waiting for the abortion to complete.  He makes it sound like he will there and available no matter what time of the day in case something happens.  Unfortunately for Jennifer Morbelli, this wasn’t the case.

Carhart also tells the undercover agent that this abortion will make you a better person.

And if that isn’t enough, he also lies to the mother telling her that Morbelli did not die from the abortion, but from the pregnancy.  That is not correct.

This video is very eery, it not only uncovers the above but it puts a voice and a face to a man who commits heinous crimes against humanity.  This is a must see and must be shared with everyone who considers themselves pro-choice.

Planned Parenthood said she could birth child at 22-weeks and let die

A good friend of mine (and President of Students for Life of America) Kristan Hawkins tells a gruesome story in her latest commentary of how a Planned Parenthood nurse told her how she could abort her son.

She was 22-weeks pregnant, and although obviously wasn’t seeking an abortion, wanted to see what Planned Parenthood would say.  The nurse said she could get the abortion.  What kind of abortion? By giving birth and letting that baby die.  Unbelievable.  And its caught on tape.

This is illegal, but Planned Parenthood and late-term abortionists are getting away with it.  Gosnell almost got away with it, although the jury is still deliberating, and others are getting away with it right now.

All human beings should be given the right to life, whether a baby who survived an abortion attempt, a late-term abortion or an early abortion. Right now babies are being birthed simply to be left to die at abortion facilities.  Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton may have ignited a slippery slope in our country that we are seeing unfold right before our eyes.  Let’s hope and pray that it ends here.  If we cannot prosecute the perpetrators who execute children already born, then who is next?

Snipping of necks to alleviate pain?

I’m reading an excellent commentary by Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger who was at the late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s trial yesterday.  This is a must read to get a first hand account of what went on inside of the courtroom yesterday.

There is a lot of good information in that article but the one thing that sticks out to me is the reasoning Gosnell gave, according to his defense, for snipping the necks of the babies who survived abortion.  Why?  To alleviate pain for the child!

Is that the most absurd thing you have ever heard in your life?  To do this to children in the first place has got to be pure evil, you have to be sick and twisted.  But to think anyone, the jury especially is going to buy into that is just insane!  A child is in severe pain from an attempt to kill him/her so to alleviate that pain you snip his/her neck? I mean, repeating it here is just absurd. Plus, it’s an admission of guilt, is it not?

Let’s hope and pray NO ONE on this jury buys this excuse and the full weight of the law and justice come down. Gosnell and everyone associated with these atrocities needs are prayers but the victims need justice and future victims need protected from these acts of violence.

Stay tuned for a verdict…

Abortion facility worker saw 10 babies breath before being killed

Yesterday, during the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, one of his employees, Kareema Cross claimed to have seen ten babies breath before Gosnell killed them.  Cross claimed to have seen the babies chests move,but Gosnell said they were not breathing.  She also claimed three of the babies moved their limbs and one of them even let out, “a soft whine.”

Kareema Cross is the final witness against Gosnell.  At this point we need to hope and pray that justice is served and all the atrocities performed here help to show others that abortion is a horrible crime against humanity.

Jennifer Morbelli: Another victim of LeRoy Carhart


Abortion hurts women and sometimes kills them as well as their children. Jennifer Morbelli and her daughter, Madison Leigh make two more lives that abortionist LeRoy Carhart has taken from this world. Morbelli was a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher who had been 33-weeks-pregnant when she discovered that her daughter suffered from fetal anomalies. Morbelli made the tragic choice to seek out a third-trimester abortion from Carhart at Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Maryland. Morbelli died at Shady Grove Hospital on Thursday, February 7. The exact cause of Morbelli’s death isn’t officially known but it is suspected that she died from internal bleeding that resulted from the abortion.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. In 2005, Carhart’s careless methods caused the death of a 19-year-old girl named Christin Gilbert.

We need to remember these women when we speak out against abortion. Abortion isn’t just snuffing out a life, it is a procedure that is dangerous for women. Abortionists like LeRoy Carhart are willing to take advantage of these scared and confused women for the sake of money. Late-term abortions are happening and women will continue to get hurt in this way because the abortion industry cares more about their own financial well-being than the well-being of their “patients.”

My thoughts and prayers go out to Morbelli’s family and I hope to see more women choosing life for their children and themselves in the wake of this tragedy.

Source and Picture: LifeSiteNews

VIDEO: Illinois State Senator Barack Obama voted no in effort to ban late-term abortions

Then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama tells Illinois Channel that he voted no in an effort to ban late-term abortions in the state of Illinois.  Further proof of how pro-abortion Barack Obama is and how out-of-step he is with mainstream America.

Most Americans believe in banning most abortions.  Most Americans oppose late-term abortions.

This is another reason why elections are important and have consequences.  This is another reason why you should check out the I Vote Pro-Life First” Pledge, signing it and getting involved.  Rock For Life is a founding coalition member.

Gruesome Late-Term Aborted Baby photo circulates China

A gruesome photo of an aborted baby – a victim of China’s brutal one-child per family policy, has been circulating the internet and causing quit a stir in China.

It appears the victim was near 9 months old – possibly born alive and thrown in a bucket of water. The child’s head and arms are visible.

According to reports the mother was hunted down and forced to abort her child since they already had a born child.

The use of social media is spreading this news throughout China, specifically Weibo – a Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Let’s continue to make use of social media here to expose the truth of abortion and the horrific practices of the Chinese Communist Party’s forcing abortion and infanticide onto their citizens.

Please keep China in your thoughts and prayers.

HT: LifeSiteNews.com

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