2014 Summer Festivals Tour Schedule

map2We are excited to announce the 2014 Summer Festivals Tour Schedule!

This summer we will be exhibiting at 13 Christian music festivals in 9 states, traveling 7,584 miles through 21 states total.  The total attendance / ticket sales for all of these events combined is over 700,000! We have an opportunity to reach thousands upon thousands of young people this summer!

Here is our current schedule:

June 12-14: Atlanta Fest – Stone Mountain, Ga.
June 18-21: Alive Festival – Mineral City, Oh,
June 25-29: Creation Festival Northeast – Mt. Union, Pa.
June 26-29: King’s Fest – Doswell, Va.
July 10-13: Lifest – Oshkosh, Wisc.
July 16-19: SonShine Festival – Willmar, Minn.
Aug. 3-6: Kingdom Bound – Darien, NY
Aug. 7-9: Soulfest – Gilford, NH 
Aug. 16: DC Fest – Fairfax, Va.
Aug. 29-31: Lifelight – Worthing, SD
Sept. 5-7: Ignite Festival – Meadville, Penn.
Sept. 13: Awakening Festival – Centreville, Va.
Sept. 19-20: Uprise – Shippensburg, Pa.

If you plan on attending any of these festivals make sure to stop by and say hi!  Hope to see you this summer!

Check back here on our website as well as our facebook, twitter and instagram for pictures, stories, blogs, videos, etc., etc. Thanks!


Heading out to Kingdom Bound – Need Your Help

Today we head out for Kingdom Bound! We are very excited! We have the mini-van loaded with new materials and can’t wait to get there, spread the human right for all message, talk to people, educate people, show them our new materials and share with them the vision of Rock For Life.

What we really need today is your prayers. Please pray for a safe trip.

Also pray for provision. As an independent organization again we really depend on your generosity to make our ends meet.

Over the next several days we are going to need at least $500. Our drive today is going to be over 400 miles, so we’ll need some gas money. We are staying at a campsite near Kingdom Bound, so we’ll need some help to pay for that. Soon after we get to Kingdom Bound the mini-van is due for an oil change. Also the engine light is on and Auto Zone tells me I need new spark plugs and possibly new wires and distributor cap. I can probably do all that myself. However, If we get enough donations in I can pay a mechanic to do it in Buffalo, which gives me time to minister at the booth instead of underneath a hood.

Could you pray about helping us financially over the next few days? If we could get at least $500 that would be amazing!

We can take donations via check (snail mail), PayPal or even credit card over the phone. If you can do this then send us an email at info@rockforlife.net and let us know which donation method you prefer and I’ll send you more info.

Thanks again and make sure to check back here as I keep you informed on our trip. Plus I have more new merchandise to show you.

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