Gruesome Late-Term Aborted Baby photo circulates China

A gruesome photo of an aborted baby – a victim of China’s brutal one-child per family policy, has been circulating the internet and causing quit a stir in China.

It appears the victim was near 9 months old – possibly born alive and thrown in a bucket of water. The child’s head and arms are visible.

According to reports the mother was hunted down and forced to abort her child since they already had a born child.

The use of social media is spreading this news throughout China, specifically Weibo – a Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Let’s continue to make use of social media here to expose the truth of abortion and the horrific practices of the Chinese Communist Party’s forcing abortion and infanticide onto their citizens.

Please keep China in your thoughts and prayers.



“If abortion is permissible, infanticide should be permissible,” – says Oxford U ethicist

Yep, you read that correctly.  In a way he, Julian Savulescu has a point.  Since there is little difference between a human person right before birth and a human person right after birth, then after-birth abortions should be permissible.  The only difference between the two individuals is a few moments age difference and the change in scenery/environment.

Unfortunately Julian isn’t making that point.  He is arguing in defense of an article by his ethicist comrades, After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? which is a paper defending the act of infanticide.  To read the full article click here.

Instead of arguing that born babies should be killed since preborn babies are being killed, why not the other way around?  Since it is illegal to kill born babies and since there isn’t really any difference between a born baby and a preborn baby, then killing preborn babies should be illegal as well? Why do the liberal ethicists take things toward death and killing and not life and protection?

Julian goes on to defend his right to publish his colleagues’ paper, but supposedly not defending their position on infanticide.  The rest of his article is calling out the opposition mail he received calling it “hate mail.”

Julian really doesn’t get it, does he?  Of course people are upset.  He just published a paper endorsing infanticide.  If this world had infanticide on demand like many countries have abortion on demand, how many more millions of innocent children would be slaughtered in the name of “choice?”

This is insanity!  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but we must not allow this way of thinking to pervade our society and enshrine itself into law one day.


Abortionist pleads guilty to third-degree murders, report claims he severed their spinal cords

This is a very disturbing and graphic story so be warned.

Steven Massof, an unlicensed abortionist who worked for Kermit Gosnell at his notorious shop of horrors abortion facility in Philadelphia, has pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree murder, murder conspiracy and other charges.

According to his testimony to a grand jury he snipped the spines of more than 100 born babies after seeing them breathe, move and show other signs of life.  And, according to the 300 plus page grand jury report, “”Gosnell encouraged his staff to kill babies born alive; Lynda Williams, Adrienne Moton and Steven Massof all followed his barbaric example.”

All abortion are grisly and barbaric.  Unfortunately many don’t view the barbarism of a born or late term baby the same as an early abortion.  Let’s pray that justice is served for all involved, that Steven Massof sees the errors of his ways and that the barbaric crimes committed here will help to show the American people that all abortions are horrific and help to bring an end to abortion in our country.

For more information on Kermit Gosnell and the horrific crimes committed at his abortion facility click here.

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