Could you help us reach thousands by helping us insure our van?

Hey guys!  Big favor: Could you help us insure our van? Our vehicle insurance is about to expire and we really need help to renew the policy.

Within the next five weeks we will be traveling over 1600 miles attending youth conferences, conventions, marches and rallies with the opportunity to reach thousands of young people with the human rights for all born and preborn message.  In order to make these events we need to insure our vehicle.  Can you help?

The next five weeks are going to be crazy.  We will be educating young people about abortion, getting young people involved and inspired, getting them some cool pro-life gear, getting young people to make the I Vote Pro-Life First pledge and getting those old enough registered to vote!  But in order to do this we need to renew our vehicle insurance!

Believe it or not our insurance policy is only $396 for a full year!  We have started a ChipIn page where you can “chip in” to help, view our progress, invite others to “chip in” and find out when we have reached our goal.

So please, prayerfully consider helping us in this way.  We appreciate anything you can do.  And we really appreciate your support through your prayers.  Thanks you so much!

All donations are tax-deductible.


Help us get to Purple Door – get a free shirt!

Tomorrow, Friday August 13th we leave for Purple Door!  Purple Door is a two day music festival in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.  This year it is held this week-end August 13th-14th.  Each year is an awesome time of ministry, educating and inspiring many to action.  If you are in the area we urge you to stop by and check out this festival.  It has a great line-up this year! (Children 18:3, Showbread, Days Divide, House of Heroes, A Plea For Purging)

Things are pretty tight here so I need to hit you up for some help.  It is going to cost us about $150 this weekend in gas and food.  Plus the mini-van is in desperate need for an oil change and tire rotation.

So here is what I am going to do.  The first 10 people who commit to donating $15 or more I am going to send you a new Rock For Life mission t-shirt.  These shirts are printed on Tultex fine jersey, 90% ringspun cotton.  In other words, these are nice shirts with a great message!

The shirt reads; Rock For Life is promoting human rights for all people, born and preborn, by engaging the culture through music, action and education.

Normally these shirts are $15 plus shipping & handing but since you are standing with Rock For Life in spreading the human rights for all message (born and preborn) we can absorb the shipping cost.

So please, prayerfully consider helping us get to Purple Door (and back) along with some minor way past due maintenance issues and you get to wear the Rock For Life mission statement!

In order to do so send $15 (or more!) through PayPal to or send us an email ( saying that a check is in the mail or you would like to charge a donation to your credit card.

Thank you for standing with us!

Heading out to Kingdom Bound – Need Your Help

Today we head out for Kingdom Bound! We are very excited! We have the mini-van loaded with new materials and can’t wait to get there, spread the human right for all message, talk to people, educate people, show them our new materials and share with them the vision of Rock For Life.

What we really need today is your prayers. Please pray for a safe trip.

Also pray for provision. As an independent organization again we really depend on your generosity to make our ends meet.

Over the next several days we are going to need at least $500. Our drive today is going to be over 400 miles, so we’ll need some gas money. We are staying at a campsite near Kingdom Bound, so we’ll need some help to pay for that. Soon after we get to Kingdom Bound the mini-van is due for an oil change. Also the engine light is on and Auto Zone tells me I need new spark plugs and possibly new wires and distributor cap. I can probably do all that myself. However, If we get enough donations in I can pay a mechanic to do it in Buffalo, which gives me time to minister at the booth instead of underneath a hood.

Could you pray about helping us financially over the next few days? If we could get at least $500 that would be amazing!

We can take donations via check (snail mail), PayPal or even credit card over the phone. If you can do this then send us an email at and let us know which donation method you prefer and I’ll send you more info.

Thanks again and make sure to check back here as I keep you informed on our trip. Plus I have more new merchandise to show you.

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