Planned Parenthood opens up abortion facility next to an adoption center

This past Sunday Planned Parenthood opened up a mega-abortion facility in Fort Worth, Texas.  The facility is called Planned Parenthood Southwest Fort Worth Texas Health Center.

The $6.5 million center was built next to – AN ADOPTION CENTER!  The center is called Gladney Center for Adoption.  An interesting move as its usually the non-profit Pregnancy Care Centers looking to open up next to Planned Parenthoods and other abortion facilities.

Planned Parenthood is the group who aborts 145 babies for every adoption referral.  That doesn’t mean an actual adoption took place, just they failed to make the abortion sale to the mother and instead referred her to an adoption agency.

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If you are in the Fort Worth area and would like to get involved with a local group to pray and sidewalk counsel at this abortion facility click here

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