Pro-lifer arrested for praying on public property

This morning I went up to Washington, D.C. to stand in solidarity with my pro-life brother Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition who was challenging Planned Parenthood’s claim that the public property in front of the abortion facility is now private property. Now that is a strange claim (read yesterday’s post).

For some reason these photos aren’t showing up as well as on Rock For Life’s Facebook or Myspace page so feel free to go over there for higher quality images

Here is the new fence that Planned Parenthood just put up

Behind that fence is public property

Behind that fence is public property

Here I am before all the cops and media show up

Here I am before people and the cops show up

Here is the police officer in charge and Pat discussing the situation.  Pat has been in discussion since this fence went up with the American Center for Law & Justice and they are confident that nothing regarding the property behind the fence has changed.  According to Planned Parenthood it is now private property and they do not want pro-lifers behind the fence.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition talking to the police officer in charge.

Here is Pat talking to the media

Pat talking to the media what he plans to do and how the DC police plan on responding

I spoke briefly to the media as well.  Earlier Pat was asked a question about the sidewalk in front of the fence and if that is still public property.  He said yes.  I brought up the fact that Planned Parenthood is trying to take public property and claim it as their own.  If we give them that inch they will take a mile.  If we don’t stand up and say no to this what will happen next?  Will they then claim the public sidewalk outside the fence as theirs?  What about the public sidewalk across the street?  When will it stop?  We must draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough!

Pat talking to the media.  Soon after Erik Whittington, Rock For Life director spoke as well.

Pat praying

Pat praying on the public sidewalk leading up to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

Pat being warned

The police officer warning Pat that he is trespassing and will be arrested if he does not move.

Pat defying the warning and back to praying

Pat defying those warnings and continues to pray.

Pat informed that he is under arrest for “unlawful entry”

Police officers handcuffing Pat

Pat, in handcuffs being taken to a police vehicle

Police officer walking Pat, handcuffed to the police car

Pat, in handcuffs being placed in a police vehicle.

Pat, handcuffed being put inside the police vehicle

As of this moment I have not heard from Pat, 8 hours after his arrest.

There is some excellent video of these events on the Bound4Life blog.


Planned Parenthood’s Fence On Public Property To Be Challenged

Tomorrow Pro-life activists will be challenging the legality of a fence Planned Parenthood put up on public property in front of their Washington, D.C. abortion facility.  Some pro-lifers, including Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition are even risking arrest.

Here is Kortney on public property in front of Planned Parenthood on January 20, 2010:

Kortney at Planned Parenthood

Here is the new fence

As you can see, if this fence would have been up on January 20, 2010 Kortney either wouldn’t have been able to be on public property in front of Planned Parenthood or she would have risked arrest if she tried.

Rock For Life has led numerous prayer vigils and pro-life visibility events on this public property.  I have stood their numerous times to pray for the abortion minded mothers going in and for the eventual closing of this abortion facility.

This is obviously meant to scare away sidewalk counselors who are highly successful at convincing abortion minded mothers entering this Planned Parenthood to keep their baby (in other words they lose business).  Well, guess what Planned Parenthood?  We are not backing down!

With that in mind I am going up tomorrow to pray while some of my pro-life brothers and sisters risk arrest for praying on a public sidewalk in downtown Washington, D.C.  I WILL NOT be risking arrest but I will be there to pray – specifically that the police DO NOT arrest pro-lifers for praying on a public sidewalk, that if they do that their court case will be quick and in our favor, for abortion minded mothers to choose life, for the fence to come down and for the eventual closing of this abortion facility.

If you can join us tomorrow the event will start at 11 a.m. tomorrow, June 8th in front of the Planned Parenthood at 1108 16th St., NW, Washington, D.C.  See you there!

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