VIDEO: Planned Parenthood representative argues for post-birth abortion

This is unbelievable!  Here is an exchange between a Planned Parenthood representative and Florida state legislators about what to do with a baby who has survived an abortion.  Florida is considering requiring abortionists to provide medical care to a baby who survived an abortion.  This Planned Parenthood representative dodges questions and is seemingly very uncomfortable defending her client’s position, but she does it anyways.  The Florida legislators are shocked, and so will you be.  Watch below.

Oh Look, another abortion coupon

These guys are so nice, aren’t they?  Free pap smear with the purchase of one abortion.  Now, $125 off an abortion pill.

Is their abortion business struggling so bad they need to market with coupons?  Pitiful – IMHO!

Thanks Steve @ for the heads up 😀

Free Pap Smear with Abortion Coupon?

Yep, that’s right.  All Women’s Health Center of Orlando (and of Tampa), is offering a free pap smear with the purchase of an abortion.  Wow, great deal huh?  Abort your child and get a little health care for free.  Only one coupon per mother.


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