World Down Syndrome Day: Dear Future Mom

So if you guys were not aware, March 21st was World Down Syndrome Day! I love when this day rolls around. You see my brother is autistic. His life has been joyous and brought about its own difficulties but all in all, he is a blessing! He also has gotten us rather involved in Special Olympics and some of his closest friends are autistic or have down syndrome. As a result, I have gotten to know some amazing human beings who are classified as having Downs. So when this day comes around, I just love celebrating.

Why celebrate? Because life is amazing and I want this day to be a happy day where I can educate others about the love and preciousness of individuals with Down syndrome. I cannot do it quite as well as this video though. I love it’s positive message. It is a video directed towards a scared new mom whose child will have downs. Check it out!

The statistics can be found here.  It’s clear children who are diagnosed with down-syndrome are in drastic danger.  But I want to make this point: What is more tragic? A massive number of deaths? Or the concept itself, that someone with a mental disability is worth less than the “normal” or “average” person? When did we become such tyrants deciding to end life because it doesn’t match out perfect or ideal picture of happiness? Watch that video again and consider this fact: ALL life is worthy of dignity and love. Happy World Down Syndrome Day. Celebrate Life.


Down Syndrome Survival Rate: 10%

Once a baby has been diagnosed with Down syndrome that child has a 10% chance of survival.  In other words, nine out of ten babies diagnosed with Down syndrome while in-utero are aborted.

Not all Down syndrome babies are identified before birth, so once all of the numbers are put together you are looking at 26-37% of all Downs Syndrome children aborted in the U.S.  The rates are much higher in Europe.  The overall abortion rate is about 25%, or 1 out of every 4 pregnancies ends up being terminated via abortion.

So as you can see Down syndrome children are targeted and snuffed out at an early age.  Very disturbing.

Please help us spread this information.  October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and we should spread this info so people know those with this condition are being targeted while in-utero.

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