Chinese government officials, “earn cash bonuses for every abortion and sterilization they enforce”

Chinese one-child per family policy is enforced by government officials through incentives involving cash bonuses and career advancement for doing a good job.  Points are gained or lost depending on if the village you oversee is meeting the abortion and sterilization quota or not. (according to an expert on China’s one-child per family policy – read more here)

The Chinese one-child family policy has produced a stagnant population growth, gendercide, a huge discrepancy between the male and female population, forced abortion & sterilization and infanticide.

Born children who escaped this brutal Chinese policy become part of the “black market” – limited schooling, little to no government assistance or health care until the family pays a huge fee or penalty.

Abortion is a brutal act the ends a human persons life.  China’s one-child per family policy takes this brutality to another level.  This must be exposed and this must end.

What Support Will Obama Offer Chinese Pro Life Activist?

Pro Life Activist Escapes

A blind Chinese pro life activist is under the protection of US officials following his dramatic escape from house arrest in a small village in rural China. An overseas activist group has reported that talks are taking place ‘at the highest level’ to decide on the fate of the man.

Fugitive Fled To US Protection

There are unconfirmed reports that the fugitive, known as Chen Guangcheng, fled into the protection of US Embassy in Beijing. If this is the case the incident has occurred at a significant juncture with the US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, poised to arrive in the country with a team of top US officials for some key discussions in the Economic and Strategic Dialogue.

High Level Talks Underway

A statement released by ChinaAid stated, “Chen is under U.S. protection and high-level talks are currently under way between U.S. and Chinese officials regarding Chen’s status.” They quoted a source that was close to the situation as the basis of the report.

Texan Company Involved

It is believed that Chen had escaped to Beijing from the Shandong province in Eastern China. The Texas-based company, ChinaAid and in particular the founder Bob Fu, have been heavily involved in promoting the case, and have relayed the information about the case as it has become available.

No Official Information

As is generally the case in situations like this within China there has been precious little information forthcoming from any official source. There has been no official line from Chinese government sources and the US administration has been similarly tight lipped on the issue. As of Saturday the US Embassy in Beijing declined to comment as did the officials in Washington.

Self Taught Lawyer Fighting The State

The case of Chen is a fascinating one, and he has led the pro life campaign in China, in the most extreme circumstances, surviving the regime there, despite all the odds being stacked against him. Having been blinded in infancy by a fever, Chen became a self taught lawyer in adulthood, and undertook the fight against barbaric practices which are commonplace throughout China.

Exposing Barbaric Practices

The Chinese government, unhappy with his defiance, jailed him for 4 years, for exposing sterilizations and abortions in his own village and surrounding locations. Following his release in 2010 he has been persecuted for his continued fight against the intolerable and inhumane practices. Despite a complete lack of precedent he has been confined to his home and on several times during that period he has suffered extreme physical abuse at the hands of officials.

Support From Across US

His stance has drawn the admiration of many in the US among the pro life community and beyond. The campaign to raise awareness of his case has been growing apace and much support has been given to the people of China in a call to action on the ground. The main impetus of this campaign has been to get people to visit Dongshigu village, where Chen was being held, and help to break the security cordon which kept him confined within his home. As part of the publicity campaign Hollywood star, Christian Bale attempted to visit Chen during his incarceration, but he was met with the same rebuff as all of the others who attempted the visit

Some Statements On The Case

Cui Tiankai, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, could not elaborate on the issue when asked to outline the case. His response to questions was as reticent as could be anticipated. He said, “Your question does not come within the scope of today’s briefing. So I have no information to give you.”

Bob Fu of ChinaAid has declared Chen’s case a benchmark for the US human rights global stance. He said in a statement on the case, “because of Chen’s wide popularity, the Obama administration must stand firmly with him or risk losing credibility as a defender of freedom and the rule of law.” Underlining the significance on the position of the Chinese government he added “If there is a reason why Chinese dissidents revere the U.S., it is for a moment like this.”

Human Rights Groups Call for Safety

There have been widespread appeals for Chen’s safety from the global community over the past two years. There is no doubt that without the international attention there would be some question as to whether Chen would have survived the recent attention of the Chinese government. The case continues.


Yolanda Leigh is an amateur interior designer and professional writer whose work often sees her writing on behalf of the Lane furniture company. However, her personal interests lie in ethical issues and current affairs, especially with regards to human rights issues and fair trading.

Blind Chinese forced abortion opponent escapes house arrest, under US protection

A blind Chinese activist, who has been under house arrest in China for years, has dramatically escaped to the U.S. Embassy.  The lawyer, Chen Guangcheng is known for his outspoken opposition to China’s horrible human rights record – especially its one-child per family policy which results in forced late-term abortions, gendercide and a stagnate population growth.

According to reports he evaded security forces surrounding his home and traveled over 300 miles to Beijing aided by an underground network of human rights activists and found his way to the U.S. Embassy.  American officials have yet to confirm these reports.

Let our hearts and prayers go out for Chen and his family – that Chen can seek asylum in our country and continue bringing to light China’s enormous violations against human rights especially forced abortions and sterilization.  Also, keep his family in your thoughts and prayers as many have been detained by police.  Local Chinese authorities have been known to viciously beat anyone who has tried visiting Chen, including driving away Christian Bale who tried to visit him while under house arrest recently.

Gruesome Late-Term Aborted Baby photo circulates China

A gruesome photo of an aborted baby – a victim of China’s brutal one-child per family policy, has been circulating the internet and causing quit a stir in China.

It appears the victim was near 9 months old – possibly born alive and thrown in a bucket of water. The child’s head and arms are visible.

According to reports the mother was hunted down and forced to abort her child since they already had a born child.

The use of social media is spreading this news throughout China, specifically Weibo – a Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Let’s continue to make use of social media here to expose the truth of abortion and the horrific practices of the Chinese Communist Party’s forcing abortion and infanticide onto their citizens.

Please keep China in your thoughts and prayers.


Why I Am Not Boycotting Texas In July’s Participation In The Take Action Tour

As many of you know there is an organized boycott of a pro-life band on the 2011 Take Action Tour. The band is called Texas in July. Members of Texas in July are not only pro-life but they are also personally Christians. Are you confused? Let me explain.

First, I want to make it clear that my opposition to this boycott is not a personal attack on those who are boycotting. I know many of the pro-lifers participating. I do not wish to make this into a public drama situation. I have prayerfully considered voicing my disagreement, and decided that I must. My conscience and convictions compel me.

Many pro-lifers have assumed that I would joining the boycott and urging our list to do so as well. Many were shocked to learn of my private position not to. I believe that the status messages and Facebook pages do not tell the complete story, and therefore, I must make this public. Here is my statement. If, after reading it, you still have further questions, feel free to contact me with them, and I’ll do my best to respond.

If you are not familiar with the boycott, here is a brief summary.

The Take Action Tour is an annual 4 – 5 week Spring-time tour with 4 – 5 bands on average each year. Each year the tour chooses a different non-profit to highlight and support. This year, unfortunately, the tour chose to benefit a very questionable organization, SexEtc. This organization describes itself as being: “dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive sexuality education to young people and the adults who teach them.” Once you spend a few minutes on the site it is clear they are not coming from a perspective of saving and defending innocent human life during their earliest stages of life nor advocating for innocence, purity and chastity as the only or even main goal a young person should aim for.

Let me make another point crystal clear: I in no way endorse SexEtc or anything on their webpage. While I haven’t read every single thing on their site, I’ve seen enough to know that I do not support it.

Many years ago, Rock For Life may have organized or participated in a boycott of a tour like this, as a whole because of their support of SexEtc. However, since that phase in our ministry, many pro-life bands that Rock For Life has supported over the years have broken out of the typical Christian music scene and into the mainstream, or “secular” arena. Similar to the Christian action of being a light in the darkness, pro-life bands who we support are encouraged to be a light in the darkness.

Texas in July is a pro-life band. They oppose abortion. As a result, they are most likely the only pro-life voice that will be heard on the Take Action tour. So, why are pro-lifers aggressively going after TIJ?

I believe that our opposition should be targeted elsewhere. Rather than targeting young individuals who mostly (if not completely) agree with us regarding the pro-life viewpoint, why not focus on SexEtc or Take Action?

I understand that the main reason for the boycott is that TIJ is raising money for SexEtc. But in actuality, SexEtc is most likely spending more money than they’re making on this tour. I am very familiar with tours, touring, playing tours, sponsoring tours, being the beneficiary of a tour, etc. SexEtc is not making any money off of this tour. Yes, they are getting exposure. Exposure that they are going to get from this tour whether TIJ is on it or not. TIJ is in the unique position to counter the negative SexEtc messages with the pro-life message.

At this point you may be wondering: What are they gonna say from stage? Is it going to be a strong pro-life and/or Christian message? I’m not going to be happy unless it’s a strong pro-life / Christian message. I don’t know.

But let me ask you, do you ask the same question to the Christian missionaries in Islamic Countries and/or brutal anti-religious freedom secular countries like China? A Christian missionary faces expulsion while their citizens risk arrest and death for proselytizing. Is the Christian missionary not Christian enough for not wearing “I ❤ Jesus” tshirts?  We are to be as wise as serpents but as gentle as doves.

A demand is being made of the band to pull out of the tour immediately. But what will that accomplish? They signed a contract. Should we not honor our commitments? What about the financial investment the band, their management and the label have made to be on this tour? Should they throw that out the window and soil their reputation as a band?

Another complaint made by the boycotters is the band’s official statement. The claim is that they didn’t come out strong enough against SexEtc. Yet they clearly said in the statement that they oppose abortion. This means that SexEtc has welcomed a band of pro-life Christians to not only play the tour, but also to speak their minds in whatever manner they would like. What else can we ask for in this situation?

I believe in boycotts. They work. Life Decisions International researches companies who financially contribute to Planned Parenthood and encourages boycotting these companies. Many companies have stopped giving financially to Planned Parenthood because of the boycotts while many keep giving regardless. There are a lot of companies on this list. As much as I would like to I AM NOT currently boycotting them all.

One of them is Bank of America. Several years ago they purchased my loan from my previous mortgage company. It is extremely difficult, and costly (especially in this economic climate) to just change mortgage companies. Am I a poor pro-lifer because I am not boycotting Bank of America?

How many of you are using a Mac computer instead of a PC (Windows operating systems)? Yep, links to pro-abortion causes. How many of you have health insurance? Does your health insurance cover abortions?  Most do.

In conclusion: TIJ is on the tour and booked for the remainder of it. Instead of focusing on demanding that they leave, let’s recognize that they are young kids in a small band who are self-professed Christians who have been given the amazing opportunity to open for 3 – 4 well known acts on a big national tour. Ultimately, THEY NEED OUR PRAYERS! I’m sure this boycott effort must be very traumatic for them. They are probably wondering why fellow Christians and pro-lifers are attacking them. I believe this situation calls for grace over finger pointing. Let’s support them and make the best of this situation.

This is why I am not joining a boycott of pro-life and Christian band Texas in July. If you are participating in the boycott I would highly encourage you to prayerfully reconsider. I respect their desicion to stay on the tour. As they finish out the tour, I will be praying that they continue to shine a light and that they will have many opportunities to share their faith and the pro-life position. Will you join me?

Click here to join the facebook page, I Support Texas in July on the Take Action Tour

VIDEO: $600 for a third child / baby girl in China?

This Chinese couple had to pay a $600 “deposit” (that was never returned) to the local “family planning center”or risk a forced abortion during the eighth month of pregnancy.  China’s one-child-per family policy has caused a huge discrepancy in the countries male-female ratio – many couples willing to go into hiding rather than being forced to abort their own child.

Pray for China.

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