WHAT!? Teen Sues Her Parents Over Abortion

(BREAKING: It just came in that the girl won the lawsuit!

It is a sad state that our culture is in when a teenager has to fend off her parents to save her own child. However, that is exactly what is happening.

A 16-year-old mother of two months in Texas has filed a lawsuit against her own parents through the Center for Defense of Life. The girl’s mother apparently tried to get her grandparents to slip her an abortion pill.

Yeah, officially disgusted.

And it gets worse.

Apparently, the girl’s dad even tried to take her to a clinic and claimed that the decision was his to make. Where are the feminists here? A man would DARE tell a girl what to do when concerning abortion? Where is the choice in that?

The teen also said her parents took away her phone and car, keeping her out of school as well in order to punish her for not going along with their plan to abort their own grandchild.

This is not unusual, guys. Parents and friends have been known to pressure their loved ones to abort as well as boyfriends and husbands. I can only imagine the trauma these parents are putting on their daughter who has chosen to take a very courageous stance. It is a position I would hope no girl would be placed in, between her parents and her own son or daughter.

Let’s pray these parents have a change of heart and that this girl is able to protect her child and herself from the tragedy of abortion. (And the girl won!)

Source for Original story: http://www.lifenews.com/2013/02/12/teen-girl-sues-parents-to-stop-them-from-forcing-her-abortion/
Breaking news courtesy of Yahoo! News.

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