From the road: Winston-Salem


Although Rock for Life has been attending Acquire the Fire events for almost a year now, it was about time I had attended one myself.  Everyone I have sent out to attend has come back with amazing stories and how everyone associated with Acquire the Fire are wonderful people and excellent to work with.  My trip to Winston-Salem would prove to be no different!

There were three conversations that stand out the most.

First, I spoke with a lady who shared with me that she used to be a stripper.  She had an abortion to continue her career   Since then she has turned her life around, or God has turned her life around.  Not only has she left that lifestyle but she is now happily married and was chaperoning young people at the conference.  She was full of love and life, especially when purchasing her new favorite shirt – the “I AM PRO-LIFE” Purple V-neck!  Although she has been counseled for her abortion, she still grieves for her child.  Her and her husband long for children but unfortunately the abortion has left her unable to have a child.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

A second conversation that stood out was a young man I was speaking to.  His girlfriend got pregnant and, against his wishes had an abortion.  She waited until the fourth month of pregnancy, when she started to show.  She tried to force him to pay for it.  He was deeply hurt and is still grieving.  Abortion hurts men, too.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Finally, I have a conversation with a young lady, I’m guessing maybe 17 or 18.  She told me that when her mom was pregnant with her she was scheduled to be aborted. At the very last moment her mom felt she heard a voice from God telling her “no!” so she decided not to abort her girl. The clinic she was at was telling her that if she didn’t have the abortion she was going to be infertile, never able to have children again.  Not only did this young mom keep her child, but had six more!  This young lady was obviously very happy her mom choose life for her!  We also came to the collective conclusion that God has amazing things planned for her life!  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I love hearing stories and I am sure you do too!  Your support helps us get to these events so we can not only changes hearts and minds, but also to be that ear for others to share their story – and sometimes that shoulder for others to cry on.

Thank you so much!


On the road from Tulsa: young mom talked out of an abortion!

Whenever you listen to God’s calling you will feel rewarded and fulfilled. Life isn’t necessarily easier, but you feel at ease and encouraged to keep persevering. Trai and I were able to experience this fulfillment in Acquire the Fire Tulsa first hand. While working the booth we were approached by a girl who we can only guess was fifteen or sixteen who questioned us about why we do what we do. Why leave our homes, quit school, quit our jobs to fight for life? We talked to her and expressed that this is what we believe is right, and that God had called both of us to participate in this tour. After some thought she proceeded to tell us she was eight weeks pregnant, and considering an abortion. That is until she saw that there were people who believed it was so wrong that they would leave their comforts behind and defend the preborn. God used us to save her child! We were, and still are ecstatic! It was amazing to not just know that some where along the line we were making a difference, but meet someone who heard the message and decided to give her child the gift of life. We will never be able to forget this!

Tulsa was a great event even beyond this! The Holy Spirit moved in a great way and many teens came to Christ. Many others were filled with the spirit and worshiped whole heartedly before the Lord. I don’t know what it was in Tulsa that set it apart, but I know I will never forget this weekend.

Rock for Life on the road Caleb and Trai

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From Atlanta!

calebatlantaATFAcquire the Fire Atlanta was a great success at the Rock for Life table. Trai and I (Caleb) had a blast seeing a new city and meeting lots of new people. We had the opportunity to educate many people about what it means to be pro-life as well as introduced many other people to Rock for life as an organization. This being only my second Acquire the Fire event it was surprising how many people have not heard of Rock for Life before, especially considering how long we have been around. The environment was very conducive for having conversations with the youth as well as their families and pastors. Over all we are both very pleased with how this event went and excited for our next tour date in Nashville on Friday. If you’re interested in following us on our journey check the Rock for Life Instagram page as well as our facebook. We will be posting pictures and videos daily!

It was also amazing to see how many youth come to know Christ through Acquire the Fire’s ministry. One girl in specific who spent a lot of time at our table talking to us and asking about Rock for Life came to us at the end of the event and told us that, “Jesus had Captured her heart.” It was awesome! I am definitely looking forward to more of this on the tour.

We not only met new people at the events but also stayed with two awesome host families this weekend. A very special shout out and thanks to Scott, Rhonda, and Erin Lynch as well as Brian and Annie Bollinger! These people opened up their homes to us and gave us a well needed place to crash after driving and working our events. If you’re interested in helping us on our trip by being a host contact us through email or facebook, We will be in your town someday.

-Can’t wait for what is ahead

-RFL on the Road

-Caleb and Trai

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