It’s ok to be pro-life.

CalmYourselfHey guys, Lisa here. I want to let you in on a secret. 

Come closer.

Closer! I don’t bite.

Ok. Ready?

It’s ok to be pro-life.

Yeah, shock of the century but being pro-life isn’t controversial. Or at least, it shouldn’t be.

It’s something that just kind of hit me mentally recently. Even I have had moments where I have been hesitant or slow to mention what my views on abortion are when it comes up in conversation. If I want to get my groceries or pump my gas peacefully, sometimes I just thought it was easier to keep my mouth shut. But the fact is, it shouldn’t be some shocking thing we are afraid to say.

I have two points to make. First of all, we should not be ashamed of our belief that human beings deserve protection regardless of their size, level of development, or whether they are wanted or not. That should not be a thing that is looked down upon. But some people will do just that. They will make you feel small or silly for believing such a simple fact. We have numerous items of merchandise at rock for life that explains just how simple and logical it is to be pro-life. In case you aren’t familiar with it, here it is!

I am a human being.
I believe that other human beings,
no matter what age
deserve the right
to live, to love,
to be loved,
to be 
to be safe,
to experience every aspect of life,
before & after birth.
I am pro-life.

This is a concept that should be accepted by all. Sadly, it isn’t. That is why Rock for Life exists. We educate. We explain. We make it ok to be pro-life.

The second point I wanted to make is that while there will always be pro-choice people, we are the pro-life generation! Our generation is more pro-life than generations before us that accepted abortion as a social norm. Our generation is tired of our brothers, sisters, best friends, and countless other would-be loved ones who are not here because “choice” came before love. We are tired and we are fighting back. So I wanted you guys to know it is ok to be pro-life. It’s ok to want hope for our generation instead of death. It’s ok to fight for hope too. Join us. Fight back.


Abortion facility closes! 5 total so far in 2014!

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.45.55 AMThe Family Planning Associates abortion facility in Montclair, California is closing!  This is the fifth known abortion facility to close in 2014 that we know of. FANTASTIC!

Additional proof that even though abortion is “legal” we can close abortion facilities by educating, being active and even praying.  It’s difficult to get an abortion if there are less and less facilities to perform them.

Big huge thanks to all of the pro-life activists who sidewalk counsel, organize pro-life awareness events and prayed for its closure.  Now its a done deal.

Click here to read more.

Little More Rock and A Little Less Roll

Screenshot 2014-02-22 at 10.27.21 PM

A little more rock, a little less roll
A little more new, a little less old
A little bit of faith, a little bit a trust
A little bit of never giving up

Stereo Skyline – A Little More Us

Dear Pro-life Movement,
A little more love and a lot less hate.

On Monday March 10th I will personally celebrate my anniversary of becoming an abortion abolitionist.  It was in early March of 2013 that I met the Rock for Life crew at the Maryland March for Life.  (Which will be held Monday March 10th this year!  More details:  I didn’t realize it then, but a new chapter in my life was just beginning.

Like a teenarger just discovering indie rock, I immersed myself in the culture.  This time, instead of dying my hair red, attending shows, and dating band guys, I went to protests, started groups, and ran the Rock for Life booth wherever a venue would have me.   In my short time of activism, I’ve discovered that pro-lifers carry the burden of a pretty hefty stereotype.  We are perceived as hateful.

Allow me to walk you through a surprisingly eye-opening event I ran last summer:

Rock for Life partnered with Maryland Right to Life at a county fair to have a booth with pro-life educational materials and sell some shirts.  A large part of our display consisted of a simple MDRTL banner, neon “I ❤ Babies” tank tops, and a video clip of a 4D ultrasound for a baby at 20 weeks.  Every day that week the booth was manned by my team of passionate educated young women excitedly donning their neon tank tops.  To stay with the theme: we were ready to rock.

After the first day, it was clear what the rest of the week would have in store.  Our neighboring vendors were visibly unsettled that they were stationed next to the “controversial booth.”  I knew going in that each new face or family passing the booth had their own unique story concerning the issue of abortion.  Most people have already formed an opinion and were ready to either high five us or avoid eye contact.  One minute we received loving support and hugs from complete strangers thanking us for our brave efforts, and the next we were cursed out by an old man with a cane.  After complimenting a passerby on her Where the Wild Things Are tattoo, she shouted, “I hate you and everything you are about!”  One woman even yanked her little girl away from the booth and covered the girl’s eyes as they darted in the other direction.

So, that was Day One.  I knew the only aspect of this week-long event in my control was how our team could respond and present ourselves to the public.  So our mission was clear: be the most pleasant and loving group in that exhibit hall.  Each day when other vendors sat in the back of their booth, we stood ready to greet everyone at the aisle.  We brought the other vendors coffee and doughnuts and sparked conversation whenever possible.  We welcomed the public to “come learn about human development” or “see how they could make a difference in a young woman’s life.”  When asked, “So what is this all about?” we would respond, “We are educating young people and empowering women with the knowledge and truth about what happens in their bodies when they become pregnant.  We also connect with the local crisis pregnancy center to help support women and their children.”

Looking back on the event, I believe the woman who shielded her daughter’s eyes from the TV screen at our booth assumed the 4D ultrasound clip was a graphic image of abortion.  Why would she assume that?  Well, because that’s the image we’re most known for presenting.  Why did the old man shake a cane in my face and tell me to “mind my own damn business”?  Well, he probably needed a nap, but mostly it’s because he’s from a generation who remembers violent protesters and clinic bombings.

I may get a lot of grief for this, but some stereotypes exist for a reason.  I’ll make fun of myself to illustrate: Italian people are obsessed with food.  Totally accurate description of my Italian family.  When I visit my grandmother, the order of welcoming phrases are, “How have you been?” and then, “Are you hungry?”  Even if it’s 2am, there is freshly baked bread and half a leftover ham waiting in the fridge.  Pro-lifers are stereotypically pegged as a hateful, judgemental, and hurtful group of humans – and there’s a reason.

We can’t go back and change how the pro-life movement has presented itself in the past.  We can’t stop every extremist from being hurtful in the future.  What we can control is ourselves, and thankfully, love is quite contagious.  Certainly my team didn’t take the county fair by storm and convert every pro-abort to be pro-life, but I know we made a huge impact.  Our mission wasn’t only to show the opposition our credible scientific research or moral theology.  Our mission was also to show that pro-lifers care about women and children.  Vendors surrounding our booth (many who were admittedly “pro-choice” in varying cases) were drawn over to us, listened to our message of love and education, and signed the MDRTL petition for banning abortions after 20 weeks (when the baby feels pain).

If you’re a pro-lifer, take some time today to reflect on the way you’ve used words or presented yourself to your pro-abort friends and the public.  If you support abortion, let the record show that your opposition, the pro-life community, desperately loves and cares for all humans, born and pre-born, mothers and children – some of us may just not have shown it very well.

Claims that I’ve made in this post open a myriad of other doors for questions and topics which I am excited to address in a future post.  For now, my two-year-old is not napping, so I must stop here.

❤ Michele

PHOTOS: National Pro-Life Chalk Day Spring 2014

National Pro-Life Chalk Day this spring was a success.  More and more people are getting involved, chalking their sidewalks in their communities and college campuses and therefore more and more people are reading the messages and stopping to discuss the pro-life topic.  We are so excited to see more and more people not only get involved in this day, but also to continue sidewalk chalking as a tool in their arsenal of pro-life witness tools.

We are contemplating moving the Spring Chalk Day to a March date.  There seems to be too much snow on the ground, especially this year, therefore limiting the number of potential participants.  We would like your thoughts on that.

The Fall date is Thursday, October 2, 2014.  Make sure to join the event page on facebook and invite all your friends on facebook to participate.  Also, make sure to “like” the Chalk Day page as well as inviting all of your facebook friends to like it as well.  Thanks!

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New merch!

We have some new merch and we are excited to share these with you!

We redesigned “former embryo” and put it on a black and turquoise crew neck.  Available for only $17 plus S&H.

We put the “Adoption Saves Lives” artwork on a grey baseball style shirt with tri-black sleeves. Very cool! Available for only $25 plus S&H.

We also tried the “I AM PRO-LIFE” design on a black crew neck sweater.  Available for only $35 plus S&H.

And finally, we redesigned the “I AM PRO-LIFE” slogan and put it on a grey heathered crew neck sweater ($35), a white crew neck shirt ($17) and a white crop top ($20).

Picture Slideshow below.  Let us know what you think.  Thanks!  To view our whole store click here

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March for Life 2014

Thanks so much for everyone who supported us and our team this year. This year we had a core group of 12 RFL’ers who helped us have a presence at not only the March for Life, but the Students for Life conference, the March for Life exhibit hall and the Geaux Forth youth conference. Our team was very blessed to be there, joining hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers from across the country to brave blizzard-like conditions to show our nation that we are the pro-life generation and we will do all we can to eliminate abortion from our land.

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Thanks to everyone who volunteered, prayed for us and financially contributed to make this a huge success. If you are one who did financial contribute you are owed a Rock for Life merchandise product. Please comment below so we get you what you want in a timely manner.

Help send a RFLer to Washington, DC next week!

RFLMFL2014As most of you know next week is the annual March for Life, where hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers join to protest the US Supreme Court decisions Roe v Wade & Doe v Bolton that decriminalized abortion, allowing for abortion on demand, its legal protection and our financial contribution to it. Wednesday, January 23rd will mark the 41st “anniversary” of that horrific decision.

Most of you can’t attend but there is a way that you can help – by sponsoring a Rock for Lifer to be there in your place!

Click here to sponsor a RFLer

We want to have 12 Rock for Lifers there, in your place, not only Marching for Life but also to attend the Students for Life conference. This will be a great learning experience as they can learn from great pro-life leaders such as David Bereit, Kristan Hawkins, Jason Jones and many others. What a great opportunity to learn pro-life apologetics, starting pro-life groups, campus outreach and how to transform your community with revolutionary strategies!

In order to make this happen we need some help. We can do all of this for only $756.24! Twelve Rock for Lifers, 2 nights in a hotel room, 2.5 days in Washington DC, food, marching for life and attendance at the Students for Life conference. That’s only $63.02 each. You (and we) can’t beat this!

Click here to sponsor a RFLer

Would you be willing to invest in our future by getting a Rock for Lifer to DC next week?

A donation of $5 or more will get you a wristband or iPhone case of your choice.
A donation of $20 or more will get you a crew neck tshirt or tank top of your choice
A donation of $40 or more will get you a sweatshirt of your choice

Remember, each RFLer only needs $63.02 for food and lodging for 2.5 days!

Please prayerfully consider helping sending a Rock for Lifer to DC next week in your place. Help us to continue engaging culture with the “human rights for all” message. Help us to continue to raise up young people and young adults to not only be the pro-life leaders of tomorrow, but of today!

Click here to sponsor a RFLer

Thank you so much

Punk Rocker Kathleen Hanna: Abortion “Was One Of The Best Things To Happen To Me”

kathleenhannaIn a recent article on The Frisky punk rocker Kathleen Hanna described how abortion effected her life:

  1. “I really credit [my abortion] as something that changed my life”
  2. “I don’t regret it at all,” and,
  3. “…it was one of the best things that happened to me”

Later on in the article she credits her abortion to her music career, saying that if she wouldn’t have had an abortion she wouldn’t have graduated High School or College let along being able to perform in bands such as Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and Julia Ruin.  Why would a feminist activist sell herself so short if she had birthed her child, relegating herself to managing a McDonald’s as opposed to accomplishing her goals and having a music career?  If we are pro-woman shouldn’t we be empowering woman to succeed in life, even as a mom as opposed to taking the route of aborting your own child?

Although she claims to not think about her child, saying, “I don’t think, ‘Oh, I really regret it,” and “…I’m not one of those people who’d have looked back and been like, ‘Oh, that kid would be 30 right now’,” she is thinking about her child.  Kathleen, maybe you think abortion was great for you and that it changed your life – the abortion wasn’t great for your child.  Unfortunately it also changed your child’s life.  You will never be able to bring you child back.

Please keep Kathleen Hanna in your thoughts and prayers – that she will be healed from her abortion.

Life-affirming video alert! We’re looking at you, Coca-cola.

So I came across an adorable, funny ad by Coca Cola in my facebook feed. It was this glorious video:

This video is just perfect. Yeah, parenthood isn’t a cakewalk. It’s hard work and has its ups and downs. BUT, it is a journey full of joy and adventure. Love life! It’s worth loving. Pass it on!

“He killed my baby!” A sad story of how abortion stole a man’s fatherhood.

One of my heroes in the pro-life movement is Jason Jones. I have had the pleasure of meeting this man and besides just being a very gregarious, funny and kind individual, he has made it his mission to further the pro-life cause, mainly in Hollywood through films. At Rock for Life, we love the idea of impacting culture from within. Jason is helping to do just that. (You should check out the movies he has been involved with, if you haven’t already:  Bella, Crescendo, and The Stoning of Soraya M.)

The thing though that made Jason stand out to me is his heart-wrenching story which was posted on Lifesite News today. You can read it here.

I will give you the basic highlights. Jason was in highschool when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant. Instead of making a rash decision, they both began to plan how to take care of this new life that had come into their lives. Jason decided to go into the military to make a better life for his new family.

“So here’s what we decided: I could drop out of high school to join the army (a friend of mine had just done the same). My girlfriend would keep things secret, wear baggy sweaters and take vitamins until I got back from basic training and then we would be together—and I’d take care of all three of us.”

Their new plan seemed to go into motion without any problems. Jason went through basic training and waited for the day he would come back to take care of his girlfriend and their new child.

Then, one day, Jason got a call from his girlfriend. She was almost inconsolable, crying desperately for a reason Jason couldn’t immediately understand. When she did speak, her apologies overflowed,

“…she was crying, as I have never heard a woman cry before. Ever. The only way that I can explain it is that her soul was crying. And she kept saying over and over and over again, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It wasn’t me.”

Another voice which belonged to Jason’s girlfriend’s father was then heard on the line. He informed Jason that his girlfriend had gotten an abortion.

Jason was hysterical and once he was able to speak coherently, he informed his captain of the crime that had been committed,
“They pulled me into my captain’s office and threw me in a chair. At the sight of me falling apart like this, my captain—a big army ranger—looked pretty broken up himself. I managed to form some sentences: “Sir, call the police, my girlfriend’s father killed my child.” And he asked me to explain what happened. And as I did he looked confused and he said, “Private. Why would I call the police? Don’t you know that abortion is legal?”

Jason had not known that. He hadn’t known someone could get away with murder so easily. And he was demolished by his unjust loss,
“The thought of that baby had kept me going, every grueling day of basic training. My heart was broken.”

When Jason talked to his girlfriend again, he made a promise. A promise he still intends to keep today, ““I promise you, that even if no one else cares about abortion, and if it takes me the rest of my life, I will end abortion for our daughter Jessica” (we knew that our child was a girl because the abortionist said to my girlfriend afterward, “By the way, your baby was a little girl”). And I know now that no one person can defeat the Culture of Death. But I really meant it at seventeen, that I would through my own will end abortion. And I believed it.”

I urge you to read Jason’s complete story. Ever since I have read it, it has imprinted itself onto my heart. We so very rarely hear the stories of the father’s who lose their children to the tragedy of abortion. Lost fatherhood is a terrible, terrible thing. At the very moment of knowing of his child’s existence, Jason’s instinct was to protect and care for his family. Then that family was ripped away from him.

Tis is why we, as compassionate pro-lifers, must make a pledge similar to Jason. We know that one person cannot defeat a culture of death that has killed millions of little lives. But we need to believe that we can end abortion. We need to fight for those lives lost and defend those yet to be taken away.

Jason said it best,
“I know that if all of us commit our lives and resources to this, the greatest human rights cause of our age, we will see full legal protection for the human person, from the child in the womb to the child in her mother’s arms, from the embryo to the elderly, in our lifetime. ”

Fight with us for the preborn, Love those touched by abortion, and we will change lives.

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