Rock For Life Compilation CDs

Playlist 2010 – featuring Christafari, Skyhawk Drive, We As Human, The Great Transparency, Becoming The Archetype and much more!

Winter 2009 Compilation CD – featuring Manic Drive, Hope At Hand, Willet, Jamie Thietten, Blessid Union of Souls and much more!


9 Responses to Rock For Life Compilation CDs

  1. karinaKMJ says:

    Do you mean I can download this music from this site legally and for free? Are these all pro-life songs or maybe just christian and “with-good-message” ones?

    Do you know if bands like RED (this hard rock christian band, their last album is called “Until We Have Faces”), Thousand Foot Krutch (Trevor McNevan’s band), Flyleaf (one of the most popular numetal christian bands, I’m sure you know ’em ;)) and Paramore (yes, this pop punk band, they played for “Twilight” movie and you “liked” them on facebook) have any views on abortion?

    Your site/project is really something great… even though I had to stop listening to Good Charlotte because of you and information your site gave me about their pro-choice views. I believe they’re not so pro-choice, Joel Madden from GC made a great song for his little daughter and Paul Thomas from GC put some photos of his preborn child (now his new-born baby) on their website. But well, they are/were pro-Obama, pro-PunkVoter and pro-PETA :-/ Good to know other bands I love are pro-life (Relient K, Fireflight and my all-time fave Skillet :D).

    PPS. I was really surprised NOT to find Avril Lavigne on your “bands who advocate abortion” list. I thought she’s such a rioter, such a punk, such a poser, such a girl-power singer, and such a “I-don’t-give-a-*curse*-about-you-*curse*” that she MUST be pro-choice. But now I see she’s not… or maybe she is, but she doesn’t sing about it and she doesn’t raise money for pro-choice organisations. That’s kinda great – I don’t listen to her anymore, but her music welcomed me into rock and pop-punk music world :).

    God bless!

    • yes you can. Paramore played our ROck FOr Life stage at Cornerstone several years ago. Since then I believe Paramore has changed members with Hayley being the only original left. So, I don’t know how she currently stands. But it is good to note.

      Flyleaf spoke out against abortion on MTVNews during the 2008 presidential campaign. I’m looking for the video right now.

  2. karinaKMJ says:

    Thanks for your reply 🙂

    Well, Farro brothers left Paramore a year ago. Jeremy Davis and Hayley Williams were in the band from the very beginning. Taylor York has worked with Paramore before he became a part of the band and he became a member of the band before Farro brothers left. So, it’s not like Paramore members are all new right now.

    I know Farro brothers are religious and conservative (for pop-punk rockers :P), they made Paramore even christian (praying before concerts, songs about faith like “Hallelujah” etc.), so maybe (probably…) they were the reason Paramore played a pro-life concert. Hayley is not so conservative, but she says she believes in God and I’ve never heard she’s pro-choice. She likes horror movies and Lady Gaga, she doesn’t sing about God without Farro brothes right now, but as long as she doesn’t sing for Planned Parenthood, I’ll think about her as a not-pro-choice singer :). And old Paramore songs like “Emergency” and “We Are Broken” sound so pro-life to me (even though I know they’re not about pro-life issues: the first one is about a divorce, the second one: about children that were used for sex).

    And I believe Flyleaf memebers are still pro-life. They’re christian band, they spoke against abortion – that’s enough to me, they’ll never play for things like Planned Parenthood :).

    I think Flyleaf and Paramore should found themselves on your pro-life band list. You could write to them and ask if you’re still not sure.

    How about RED, Pillar and TFK? These are christian bands, but they’re not on your pro-life bands list.

    God bless.

  3. William says:

    Is there any way to get the list of artists with their songs from the Playlist 2010: Winter Compilation. The metadata just lists the artists as: Playlist 2010: Winter Compilation.

    • Hey William, when you go here, click on the CD cover and a list of all the artists and the names of the songs pop up. Thank you so much!

  4. Kayla says:

    lmfao stupid fucking prolife assholes, get a fucking life instead of pretending to be punk rockers

    • wow aren’t you kind, lol

      • Loke Fitz Andreu says:

        lol Kayla, lol that’s all I can say you make me laugh I’ll say a prayer for you and no offense but you seriously made me chuckle, that’s all I can do is chuckle cause that has got to be the worst argument I have heard for abortion ever

    • Jen says:

      If you don’t like us and what we stand for, get off this site! Make your immature comments on your pro-choice site.

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