bands who support life

Pro life Bands

Bands have made it on our pro-life list by supporting the pro-life cause. Many of these bands support Rock for Life by being a part of our compilations, passing out pro-life literature at their concerts, or playing Rock for Life shows. Some simply speak out or just want to be known as a pro-life band. If you know of a band that should be on this list, or if you are in a band and would like your band listed, click here.

13th Tribe
180 OUT
3113 “Hey just wanted to let you guys know that we at 3113 really believe in your cause.”
3lb. Soul
5 Feet Ahead
5000 Sundays “This is a great cause and we would be honored to be part of it.” email, 01/08/2008
7eventh Time Down
Played Rock for Life show May 3rd, 2012


A Beautiful Oblivion “We are most definitely all Pro-Life.”
A Day For Dying
A Love For Enemies
A Moment in September
A Place Tomorrow
A Plan of Escape “Conservative, pro-life band from the E. Tennessee area.”
A Silent Farewell
A Tragic Farewell Supports “To Write Love On Her Arms”, Pro- Life Marches, “March for Babies”
A Voice of Reason “We really support what you are doing and would love to be be apart of it! 🙂 Thank you. God Bless.”
Aaron Rule 
Abandon Kansas
Rock for Life endorser / partner
Accolades “My band is pro-life and consists of members from bands that were previously affiliated with your fine organization.”
After Exile
After This
Against the Tide
Age of Liberty “Most definitely we are Pro Life!”
Agnus Dei
Aim to Miss
All Access
All Lights on Green
All Parallels
All Star United
Allen M
Allen M. Benningfield
America Gomorrah
Amethyst Heart
Among the Few
Among the Thirsty
An Internal Denial “We are all Pro Life”
Anam Cara
And Then I Turned Seven
Angel Mine
Angelina the Polka Queen & King Ira
Angels Wake
Anna Morgan
Annie’s Apology
Another Dream
Anthem For Today
“would love to be added to the pro-life list”
Apostles of Rock
Arelim “Abortion is wrong in the eyes of the Almighty. But even on a human standpoint, is not abortion just gross, distasteful, and morbid? Why crush a living being, then suck it out with a medical vacuum? As humans, we should see a very major problem with that.”
Ari Thanos
ARKEO “WE all are definitely for pro life!”
Arlington Arms
Armed Conflict “We are absolutely Pro- LIFE.”
As Cities Burn
As I Lay Dying
Ashes Remain
Played Rock for Life show May 3rd, 2012
Ashley Hollar “Yes, I am prolife.”
Ashley Reynolds
Asight Unseen
Assignment Vine
Astoria Arms
At Dawn I Die Played RFL benefit May 19, 2007 Gettsyburg, Penn.
Audio Adrenaline
Authentic Existence
Autumn Downing
Autumn War
Avrede “Yes I am pro-life and I believe every human life is precious!”


Babylons Burning
Backporch Pilgrims
Backyard Galaxy
Barlow Girl
Bear These Scars \”We\’re big supporters of your ministry.\”
Becoming the Archetype
Before Pilate
Beki Hemmingway
Ben Govero
Benjamin Del Shreve
Between the Nightmares
Beyond the Veil
working on a 2014 “a pro-life themed EP release”
Bionic Monks
Blessed By A Broken Heart
Blessed by Blood
Blessed Is He
Blessid Union Of Souls
Blood of Innocence
Blood of the Martyr
Blood Stained Tears
“would love to rep this awesome cause!”
Bloodlined Caligraphy
Bloody Sunday
Bobby Wilkinson
Borrowed Time
Brad Knull
Brand of HERO Great ministry!
How can we get involved?
Brave New World
Break Me Beautiful “We all are christians and support pro-life 100%!!!”
Brian Ferry
Brian Lettrell
Brian Neal
Bring on the Destroyer
Broken Chain
brothers pony
Brutal Fight
Buck Enterprises
Bull in a China Shop
Burden of a Day
Burn These Pages
Burning Theory
Burning Yesterday
Burnside Cadillac


caitlin jane
Call to Preserve
Calls From Home
Cannibal Culture
Caravan 2:11
Caroline Purr Pro-life song, \”Mommy Can You Hear Me?\” can be viewed on YouTube here,
Carpathian Ridge
Carriers of the Cross
Cast Out
Casting Crowns
Cathy Sanders
Cease the White Horse
Celestial Static
Charlie Read
Chasing CooperChasing Victory
Chris Lindsay Electronic
Chrome Donuts
Circus Dawn
Clash Of Symbols
Clay Rock
Clay Vessel
Cleansed by Fire
Code of Ethics
Colour Revolt
Come Alive

Common Children

“Our music can really change the perspective of someone’s life. I honestly had a song about abortion and I’ve had people come to me and say that song was the reason why I decided to have my child.” – Wrote and performed Retrospect for Life 
Common Yet Forbidden
Played Rock for Life stage at Cornerstone Festival, summer 2006
Supports Rock For Life
Complex Zero
Consumed by Fire
Cool Hand Luke
Cory Payne
Cory Payne
Cory Taylor Cox
Cries Hannah
CrimSon Redemption
Crisis 112
Critical Mass
Crown and Nails
Crusoe’s Friday


d. russell
David McDonald
David Vogel
Dawn Nichols
Day of Fire
Days Divide
Deas Vail
Death Through Adam
December Star
Decyfer Down
Defective Merchandise “Our band stands for Christ and for the sanctity of life.”
Delayed Flight
Delirious? “40 million babies, lost to God’s great orphanage, it’s a modern day genocide, and a modern day disgrace.” – Delirious?, Our God Reigns
Demise of Eros
Despite the Loss
Destination 7
Destroy the Vile “Our goal is to make the world aware of the truth; not by condemning them for for their ignorance, but by loving them and showing them there is a better way. Hating those who are different than you only closes their minds and ears to what you have to say.. even if it is the truth!!We plan to play at cornerstone 2007 and would like to play on the rock 4 life stage, but either way, we’ll be there! support rock 4 life!”
Diary of a Dead Rock Star “Solo a cappella artist, I am 100% pro-life. Though I’ve yet to release a pro-life song I have 2 in the processes.”
Die Fighting
Die Like Me
Dir en Grey Pro-life Song = Obscure
Distant Hero “We strongly believe in the principles your organization stands for and would like to help support it in any way we can.”
Divine Disturbance
Divine Nature
Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries) “It’s not good for women to go through the procedure [abortion] and have something living sucked out of their bodies. It belittles women.” (source: You! June/July 1996) + “The Icicle Melts”
dont panic “we have been supporters of your cause for a long time”
Down and Away
Dreaming of Eden
Dreaming Under Mercury
Dying to Live


Earthsalt “Yes we are pro-life!”
East RiverEclipsed Dreams Played Rock for Life show Nov. 8, 2014
el toro
Elliotts Run \”We would love to be apart of what you guys are doing!!!\”
Embrace the Eternal
Embracing Forever
Emcee Noiz Played RFL shows at Cornerstone & South Dakota
Emmaus Road “We support life 100%.”
Enough Said
Entering Canaan
Ersatz Dime
Escape From Earth
Escape From Folly
Eternal Covenant Etta Avenue pro-life song, “Silent Screams””No one has the right to decide life or death for another. To consider a growing embryo inside a mother womb as disposable is one of if not the worst genocides known. We support your cause and stand beside you 100%. Thank you for your ministry, you are in our prayers!”
Even the Dogs “We are 100% pro-life and would love to help your ministry in any way that we can.” 8/24/07 email
Every Day Life
Every New Day
Everyday Sunday
Exhaling Belief
Exit the Ordinary
Ezekiel’s Eye


Fade 2 White
Fair Warning
Fairweather Fan
Fallen Proposal
Falling Into Place
Falling To Rise
Far and Fading
Fare Card Captured
Farewell Flight
Finger Prints of God
fireflight  played Rock for Life stage at Cornerstone music festival and Rock for Life show May 3rd, 2012
Fiti Futuristic
Five Bucks Short
Five Iron Frenzy
Five O’clock People
Five Sorrows
Five Thousand Fed
Five Ways From Sunday
Flatfoot 56
Flight 180
Flowers For Faye
Fluffy Road-kill
Focal Point
Fold Zandura
Forever Changed
Forgiven 5
Forty Watt Rocket
Fr. Stan Fortuna
Frame for Alexandra
Friday Mourning
From Nothing Soren J Granholm tribute show benefitting Rock for Life
Frost Like Ashes


Gabriel’s Voice
Galactic Cowboys
Gary Cherone
Gates Called Beautiful
Ghoti Hook
Gideon’s Press
Given Grace
Glen Kaiser
Gold Plated Ocean
Grace for the Fallen
Great Day
GS Megaphone


Hand of Onan
Happy Little Day
Harry Grillo
Harvard Bound
Haste the Day
Havalina Rail Co.
Hearts of Saints
Heaven’s Burning
Here Today
High Pressure
Higher Purpose \”The Silence Within may be the ultimate pro life rock song.\”
Highway Jackson Soren J Granholm tribute show proceeds benefit Rock for Life
Hollis Bishop
Hope at Hand
Hope for the Dying
Horizons Fall
House of Heroes
House of Wires
Hyperstatic Union
Hypo 12%


I Am the Alarm
IDle Down
ill Angelic
imago Dei
In Arms
In Due Time
In God’s Image
In Uncertain Times
Infant Discarded
Inked in Blood
Inner Flame
Insane Dice
Invisible Image


Jacob’s Well
Jaime Thietten
Japans Leading Discussion
Jared Swezey
Jason Buck Band
Jason Lovins Band
Jay Fessenden
Jeni Varnadeau
Jesse and the Rockers
Jesus Disciple \”Abortion is mass murder and genocide. Those who stand by and allow it are committing depraved indifference. It cannot be tolerated and must be stopped!\”
Joe McConnell
John Davey
John Flynn
John Schlitt
Jonah33 Played RFL Ventura show July 21, 2007
Jonathan Snow Carpenter
Jonny Valentine
Jordin Sparks
Joseph Experimental
Joseph Gill Band
Joy Electric
Judd & Maggie
Justin Bieber
Justin Good
Justin Harris


Kathleen Carnali
Kelly Bowker
Kemper Crab
Kids In The Way Rock for Life Stage at Cornerstone , Rock for Life Concert at TAW 2010
Killing Santa Clara
Killing The Drama
Kills and Thrills
King Pin Wrecking Crew
Kingston Falls
Kirkland Fields
We are all pro-life and would be honored to be on Rock for life’s list of pro-life bands. I have been following Rock For Life for yars and I really believe in your cause. Please add our band to the Pro-Life list!
Know The Enemy


L.A. Symphony
La Neta May the Lord bless you and the ministry he has called you to. In his service, La Neta.
Larry Norman
Last Day
Last November
Last September
Last Tuesday
lastonehome “We, all of us, are pro life. Period. ROCK FOR LIFE! We would love to represent the pro life movement even more by being on this website along with so many other amazing witnesses to God and the sanctity of life.”
Laura Allen “i’d like to be one of yall’s pro-life bands!”
Leanne Croft
Lec Zorn
Left Out
Leone “We are DEFF PRO LIFEWe have a song tittled “D&E” which I wrote about how my mother was very old when she got pregnant with me, and doctors/friends were all telling her to get an abortion. But in the end God revealed to her that I would be a healthy baby. so she didn’t get the procedure done. And HERE I AM!”
Leprosy of the Soul
Life in Rescue
Life In Your Way
Lindsay Carter
Listed M.I.A.
Living Sacrifice
Long Goodnight
Lost In Hope
Lost in Rotation
Lost Note Foundation
Lucy Played RFL benefit May 19, 2007 Gettysburg, Penn.
Luke Acheson


Madison East
Madison Greene
Malice of Forethought
Man Alive
Man of War
Manic Drive
Mark Massey
Mark Oshinski
Mary-Louise Kurey
Mason Summers
Matt & Jason “I am always looking for ways to really reach the kids with the pro-life message and was excited to come across your site. We would love to play/ speak at a RFL event!”
Matt Maher
Maybe Tuesday
MC Hammer
Melbourne Avenue
Melted Heart
Memphis in June
Men 2 Monkeys “From time of conception that fetus is a living creation of God!”
Mercury Heartthrob
Mercury Radio Theatre
Mercy 78
Mercy’s Wake
Michael James Mette
Played Rock for Life show April 20th in Gillette, Wyoming
Spoken at several pro-life / pro-family events and was the keynote for the 2009 Life Really Matters pilgrimage to Washington, D.C.
Michael Dillon “This is an amazing cause that I can be proud to promote. Keep up the good work!”
Michael McClead ” I would be proud to be listed on this site. I am 100% pro life and have dedicated my music to the pro life movement. Please add me.”
Michael Robert Band
Middle Ground
Middle Tree
Mighty Joe
Mike and the Nobelmans
Mike Devine
Mike Nyhuis
Minister Theory
Miriam Sielicka \”I wish to work with you in the future\”
Mission Six
Monica Ursino
Morella’s Forest
Moreover’s New Trick
Mourning September
Mourning Sunshine
Moxy Anne
performing Pro-Life Youth Rally Jan, 2014 
Mrblingbling y el king los tigers
My Book Your Sandwich
My Brother’s Scars
My Father’s Only Son
My Judas Window


Nailed Promise
Nailpoint Payment “Could you list us on your pro-life list of bands. Check out our website and On our myspace, listen and read the lyrics to the song LIVE our testimony to the senceless killing of innocent babies.”
Naos Project
Neocracy Played RFL benefit May 19, 2007 Gettysburg, Penn.
Neutral Agreemen
Neutral Agreement
Never Say Forever
New Altum
New Method “We love and support what you are doing for those without a voice. God bless, your work!”
Next 2 Nothing
No Cease
No Compromise
No Innocent Victim
No Longer Micah
No Substance
Nobody Special
Not Called Common Song is called ‘Choose’; contains the lyrics ‘A single mother in the war of life would not retreat, it ain’t a tissue if has brainwaves and a heartbeat’Have played RFL benefits in Irving and Dallas
Not Yet
Nova One
Nu Kreashun


Oaks of Justice
Ocean is Theory
Of The Rescue
Of the Son
Officer Negative
Olive Branch Praise Band
Olivia the Band Played RFL Ventura County show 07.20.07
On Solid Ground
On the AM
Once Around Pluto
Once For All
One 21
One After Me
One Bad Pig
One Friend
One Voice of Worship
One Way Ticket
Organ of Corti
Orphan’s Cry
Orphan’s Cry pro-life song, You Named Me No One 
Orville Conspiracy
Our City Sleeps
Our Hearts Hero
Outer Fringe


Paging Samuel
Pandoras Nightmare
Paris On A Good Day
Pat Dryburgh
Patience is Suffering
Patrick Hasty Worship Project
Perfect Rescue
Pip Lucas
Pleasant Noise
Pointe Blank
Poor John
Poor Man’s Riches
Poor Old Lu
Pound Foolish
Prevailing Words
Prize Fighter
Prodigal Sons
Project 86 Played Pro-life Music Festival
Project for Tomorrow
Prophet at all Costs




Rachel Merchand
Raspberry Jam
Ready the Way
Rebecca St. James
Reboot the Robot
Red Eyes For Blue Skies
Red Letter Anthem
Red Letter Elegy \”We are Pro-Life\”
Red Letter Philosophy
Red Sea Affair “We completely are with your cause and we support you, hopefully we can partner together soon.”
Red Shoed Star
Redeeming River Band We are definitely Pro-Life. All the way!”
Redemption Song
Relentless Pursuit
Relient K
Remembering Venice “I would like to know how I can get my band involved in Rock for Life.”
Repentance \”Adoption not abortion!!!\”
Rest Assured
Revelation 101 Rock for Life Chapter Band
Rise Up!
Risen “The world needs to know the truth about God and how we are killing our generation.”
Robespierre “We’ve been supporting this ministry for years as both individuals and other bands.”
RokaMic “Hi! I am an independent rapper and I am very Pro-Life. I use my music to spread the word about the evils of abortions and pass out pro-life info at my shows. Hope you’ll add me to your list.” email, 01/26/2008
Rufus Tree
RuGGed Cross Band
Ryan McReynolds “Abortion is murder. Abortion is disgusting. Need I say more?”
Ryan Meyers Band “We’d love to work with you all in the future, feel free to contact us!” 11/01/06 email
Ryan Taylor


Sabrina Gauer pro-life song = Song for the Innocent
Sackcloth Fashion
Sacred Covenant
Sacred Sorrow
Safe Haven
“yes u guys rock!” Lead vocalist was also lead vocalist for The Great Transparency who had a song on a RFL comp
Played RFL Ventura County show 07.20.07
Sandra Fields
Sane Dementia Played Rock for Life show April 20th in Gillette, Wyoming
Sarah Bauer
Saviour Machine
Scarecrow and Tinmen
Scarred for Life
Sea Turns Red
Seamless Tragedy
Sean Forrest
Sean.Michel We also are very supportive of organizations such as rock for life, and are very much opposed to the practice of abortion.
Season of the Soul
Second Life “We are pro-life”
Senseless Beauty
Settle the Sky
Settled in Silence Played April 20th Rock for Life show in Gillette, Wyoming
Seven Miles Walking
Seven Sorrows
Seven System
Seventh Day Slumber
Shadow Insurrexion
Shadow of the Locust
Shadows Against My Reflection “pro-life hard core. pro-LOVE”
Shadows Of The Former
Shattered Silence
Sheol Namer “Christian Metal Musican, support Pro-Life and RockForLife 100%”
Shine Bright Baby \”We love you guys and support what you do.\”
Sick Of Change
Sides of the North
Sidewalk Slam
Silence the Epilogue
Silhouette A.D.
Siloam Spring
Simple Servants
Since Remembered
Six Feet Beyond
Six Feet Deep
Pro-Life Song, Lucy 
Skyhawk Drive
Skywire “We are pro-life.”
Slapdash Poetry
Sleep Serapis, Sleep!
Slick Shoes
Slingshot 57
Slow Coming Day
Smalltown Poets
Smilin’ Duck Band
Smiling Politely
“we are a band that promotes life and is active in the pro-life movement” played 40 Days for Life rally
Society’s Finest
Soda Cans Only
Solemn Vow “I think this is a cause that all people should stand up for. Abortion is a terrible thing that’s eating into our society, Christians especially should stand up for what’s right.”
Sonia Vannest
Soulfood 76
Southbound Fearing “We are definitely pro-life.”
Squad 5-0
Stand the Gaff
Stand Your Ground
Starflyer 59
Starlit Platoon
Stars Are Falling
Stars Proclaim
“awesome ministry :)”
Starving Zealots
State of Confusion
Zzyzx Scarecrow – pro-life song
Stellar Kart
Stephen Boan
Steve Angrisano
Steve Counsel
Steve Counsel
Steven Eric Berkenkemper
Still Remains
Storm The Armada “We are definitely pro-life.”
Straight and Narrow
Strange Land
Strangers On Earth \”We are all 100% pro life and it would be an honor to be listed with the other bands.\”
Submerged “Yes… we are Pro-Life and we would love to be listed on your website.”
Sum of One “We played on the Rock-For-Life stage at Shoutfest in VA a few years back. Keep it up!”
Summer Rain
Susan Piper
Svetlana Marie Sejrah~Charlotte
Switched Up
Syezer “I am pro-life”
symmetry/symmetry “Yes, we are definitely pro-life. we have a song that deals with the horrible situation of a pregnant high school girl and the consequences of that CHOICE ALREADY MADE.”
Symphony in Peril


Table for Twelve
Take a Hike
Take It Further
Tanya Mueller “Because of Pro Life, I gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy 17 years ago, after receiving truth about abortion. Being a mother has been the greatest gift!”
Ten 33
Terra Terra Terra
Test Pilot
The 6:22 Band
The Alliance of Us and Them “I (Michael) strongly believe that abortion is wrong!”
The Atrium
The AvengerThe Awakening “We fully support the Pro-life cause. We think what Rock for Life is doing for the cause is a very awesome, needed thing in this world.”
The Benedict Affair
The Black Tie Suicides
The Blamed
The Blue Letter
The Bowels of Judas
The Burning Desire
The Carry Outs
The Chasing After
The Chinese Express
The Clergy
The Cloak and Dagger
The Colorside
The Culprits
The Daniel Kelly Band
The Dave Lutsko Band
The Decoded
The Deep Space Network
Played Rock for Life show May 3rd, 2012
The Dietrichs
The Dig Project
The Disasters
The Discarded
The Divine Romance
The Dog and Pony Show
The Echoing Green
The Elms
The Enclaved
The Fallen
The Fight
The Fold
The Foreshadows
The Fruit Parachute
The Gentleman Homicide
The Gimps
The Great Transparency
The Hallelujah Blues Band “We are primarily an evangelism band, but of course that means we are pro-life, you can’t be pro Jesus & not pro life. We make ourselves available for any pro-life events.”
The Heartbreaks “We are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT pro-life.”
The Hope of Change
The House Effect
The House Effect
The House Effect
The Hungr
The Incineration Complex “Yay for life!” 11/01/06 email
The Insyders
The Iscariot Complex
The Killer Seat Belts
The Kry
The Last Broadcast
The Lester Finn Experiment
The Lett “Completely and totally dedicated to a childs right to life.” 11/05/2006 email
The Lie
The Loud
The Machine
The Mint
The Moment Later
The Morning Air
The Mustard Procedure “We want to play rock to life shows in AZ.”
The Myriad
The Next Town 
The Northside
“would love to be added to the pro-life list”
The Opposed
The Outside Perspective
The Over-Reactors
The Pete Cornelius Band “We support Life 100% No exceptions or Compromise. Keep Fighting The Good Fight!”
The Project “We are definately a supporter of pro life.”
The Rad
The Ransom “We believe that every embryo is a living being after being conceived. That baby deserves to live. It could do great things if given the chance and “legally murdering” a defenseless baby who can’t speak for themselves is just wrong. Thank you for what you guys are doing with Rock for Life. Let’s save some babies that irresponsible people are wanting to put on “death row” for no crime at all.”
The Red Baron
The Reign
The Retail Age
The Right Youth
The Risen
The Rock Band
The Roosevelts
The Rose
The Rose McCoy
The Scripture Band
The Sentenels
The Shiny Darks
The Sixth Chapter
The Sky Pilot
Played Rock for Life show May 3rd, 2012
The Sonflowerz
The Sweepers
The Switch
The Thirty
The Tyler Marsh Band
The Undecided
The Urban Sophisticates
The Usual 3
The W’s
The Wayside
The Wedding
The Well Experience
The Where
The White Tie Event “Abortion is murder”
Thee Helms
Thought P.
Thousand Year Reign Hello, my name is Cassie Paden. I am the drummer for Thousand Year Reign. We have written a song on this issue, and we would definitely love to share it! Would ya’ll be interested?
Three In One
Through and Through
Through Open Arms
Thyne ScabbardTime and Eternal Played Rock for Life show Nov. 8, 2014
Times of Silence
Times Zero “We have long determined that the biological facts and ethical considerations surrounding abortion speak for themselves, and are always willing to stand for the acknowledgment of human life at all points.”
TJ Pillion
Tokyo Rose
Tomorrow Never Coming
Tomorrow’s Ashes
Tony Funderburk Pro-Life Song – “Do Right” & “Nothin’s Sacred Anymore”
Tony’s the composer/performer of the opening song and closing song for Bob Enyart Live (firmly pro-life radio program) on KLTT in the Denver, CO metro area.
Torment Ridden “We are happy to say that we are long time supporters of Rock For Life.”
Torn From Red
Torn N2
Trace of Day
Transform DJs
True Soul Brothaz
True Witness “A Child to Hold” – pro-life song
Truth Bomb
Truth End Ever \” Abortion is wrong in the eyes of the Almighty. But even on a human standpoint, is not abortion just gross, distasteful, and morbid? Why crush a living being, then suck it out with a medical vacuum? As humans, we should see a very major problem with that…\”
Twice As Deep “We are most definitely pro-life! God has created every human with a purpose and to deny that person life is not only treading on the rights of that human, but a aiding the enemy in his mission to “steal, kill, and destroy.” We must be a voice for those that have none!”


Under Construction
Under the Son
Undying Sacrifice \”We support you guys 100% percent!\”
Unmasked “We are definitely prolife and participated in several bound 4 life concerts. We would love to be a part of the cause.”
Unsearchable Riches


Vacation Generation
Valeree Ministry
Veer Chasm
Veil of Suffering “We are most definitely pro-life”
Vexing Souls
Victory 33
Victory In Truth
Vince Lichlyter
interview with Rock for Life
Voice in the Desert
Vow of Silence


Wait til Wednesday
wake the fallen
Walking Edith Park
War of Ages
Warp Factor 9
Wayne Warner
We as Human Pro-life song Broken Inside, wears Rock for Life shirts
We The Broken \”We strongly support the anti-abortion movement and hope to shed light onto the horrible practice of abortion.\”
Wedding Party
Weeping Prophetic
Wendy Baily
When Light Fades
When Lines Fall Silent
When Never Ends
Where Angels Fear to Tread
White Raven “Child’s Play will be on our up and coming debut Album “Where The Monsters Fear To Tread”
Who Do You Say That I Am
Wilby Dunn
Willing To Bleed
Winter Solstice
With Blood Comes Cleansing
Within The Red
Without Form “Of course we’re pro life.’
Wolves Among Sleep
WordsinRed “God Bless this site! May it yield increase to show that abortion is murder and one day like murder it will be illegal.”
Written In Red
Wut Metaphysical


xLooking Forwardx
xSoldiers Of The Rapturex
XTO Band “No way life can not interrupted by human hands. Just God has this right. Abortion = Murder without doubts. Here in Argentina we do not have free abortion, but this situation is to being to change pushed by ONG´s, and ONU, and GLBT organizations.”


Yesterday is Gone
Yours For Mine


Pro-life Song, “It’s Time for a Change”



50 Responses to bands who support life

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  3. Dan says:

    I was hoping to see more than 1 band that I knew on the list… Project 86 is the only one I’m familiar with, and it’s only because my brother listens to a lot of music I’d never hear of otherwise.

    I wish more big-name musicians would join up for something like this, to counter the stupidity of that Rock for Choice crap. I’d look into some more of my favorite bands to see what they think, but after reading about Rock for Choice I’m depressed enough already without knowing that even more bands I like are pro-infanticide.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Shouldn’t Justin Bieber be on this list? He’s openly Pro life.

    • good point, he is now!

    • William says:

      He’s not alone, a lot of teen heartthrobs such as The Jonas Brothers and One Direction are openly pro-life!

  5. Colleen says:

    I was really suprised to see some bands I know (& love!) on this list- specifially As I Lay Dying, UnderOath, Skillet, and Relient K! (Question: If Relient K was pro-life, and Adam Young was the singer, and since Adam Young is now Owl City, should that be on the list? He’s a pretty big name, too.)

    • we’ll look into it, stay tuned! thanks for checking out the list 😀

  6. Taylor says:

    So, have Dir en Grey actually made some sort of statement about being pro-life, or are you just going off a hasty translation of one of their songs? On another note, have you ever watched a Dir en Grey video?

    • A hasty translation? What do you think the song means?

      • Tomek says:

        Here is some translation. I don`t know if it`s good one.
        My English is not so good to understand this song message. I have some doubts if this song is pro-life. It seems to me that this is not Christian song (to my mind the reason of video is enough):

  7. Seriously, why won’t you post perfectly acceptable comments?

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Lights Go Down is Jason Dunn’s (from Hawk Nelson) solo project on his new CD coming out this year he has a pro life song ‘Essa’s Song’ about a girl who was forced to get a abortion (it’s bassed on a true story). So yea you should Lights Go Down to this list. 🙂

    • Thank you Gabrielle, I’ll definately check it out!

  9. lisa says:

    Nick cannon wrote a song “Can I live.” I didn’t see him on here, and I think that song should earn him a spot on this list.

    • Very familiar with that song. It is great! Will def add, that was an oversight. Thanks!

  10. Mike says:

    I am a mobile DJ, and try to play the music of pro-abortion artists only when requested, so GREATLY appreciate your lists. However, I play bars, private parties, public school dances, etc, where people want popular music & artists they know from the radio. I have almost no call for (or library of) Christian music / rock. I really wouldn’t play songs promoting any particular religion unless the occasion called for it or it was a client’s special request. Is there any way for you to to identify the artists on the pro-life list with an asterisk or something, to denote which are self-identified Christian Rock, as opposed to those that support the pro-life cause, but are not “about” their religion?

    I will say that it is a shame that so many good musical groups are for the killing of unborn children. A lot of them have music I really enjoy. But if they choose to use their status as celebrities / role models to promote abortion, I must, in good conscience try to give them as little exposure as possible.

    • Thanks I am glad this is useful. Most of the artists on this list are going to be identified as Christian Rock or some sort of Christian Music Genre. BUT not all Christian Rock artists are promoting their theology specifically in their lyrics. I would suggest getting a subscription to Rhapsody and listening to their music. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  11. Prolife Guitarist says:

    Sooooo thankful my metalcore favs are on here, AILD, BTA, Underoath, tho I was sad to see that The Showdown wasn’t on here, (btw you need to add Children 18:3 their drummer admitted on Effect Radio, that their song “You Know We’re All So Fond of Dying” is definitiely a prolife song, really need to add them guys >:D

    • thanks for the heads up. Showdown and Children 18:3 should be up there. Will put them up as soon as I can. 🙂

      • Prolife Guitarist says:

        ok so I know Kenny Chesney isn’t rock but he has a song “There goes my life” about an unplanned pregnancy. anyway it is def a prolife song in that sense

  12. karinaKMJ says:

    I heard (from you, Erik) that Paramore and Flyleaf are pro-life. But they’re still not on the list. Think about it 😛

  13. Shmeegan says:

    Hey! I am a young Pro-life activist. I love that you have done this website bro! It’s nice that there are others out there who support my views. I was sad to see some of the bands I USE to listen to supported abortion, but if they supported that I never should have liked them. Someone I know asked me to speak at a Pro-life rally and it would be great to use music from these artist during it.

    • fantastic! thanks for visiting our website. Come back again!

  14. daniel says:

    I’ve heard Jack White of the White Stripes, Raconteurs, and Dead Weather is pro-life. I know he originally wanted to be a minister and was accepted to Seminary before quitting to start a music career. In the White Stripes song “Cause and Effect” he sings “Well in every complicated situation There’s a human relation Making sense of it all Take a whole lot of concentration Well you can blame the baby For her pregnant ma.” I don’t know if he’s ever come out on record about the issue. I’ve heard Alice Cooper is pro-life as well. I was sad to learn a lot of the bands I like are on the pro-abortion list…

    • Thanks Daniel, We’ll look into it. If you have any links or cold hard facts please do forward them to us. Alice Cooper did have a conversion to Christianity years ago but I’m not familiar with a specific pro-life advocacy effort. Thanks for visiting!

    • Prolife Guitarist says:

      yeah Alice Cooper could def be prolife, since he’s now a Christian

  15. Luke Procter says:

    Need to add Canadian Christian singer Kelita. She’s openly pro-life, openly speaks against abortion, and directly supports rescued Cambodian sex slaves – she’s an example for everyone to follow.

    • Luke, Do you have a link to something she has done pro-life wise?

  16. Prolife Guitarist says:

    why doesn’t the Sheol Namer link work? 😦

  17. Laura says:

    I like Jordin Sparks and Switchfoot and I’m glad to confirm what I already figured

    • yes great artists!

    • Nicole says:

      and lets not forget the one good thing i can say about biebs. hes pro life… and then theres skillet, and a bunch of other good christian bands like relient k, blindside, etc.

  18. Nicole says:

    we got supertones, superchic{k}, switchfoot, biebs (weird but cool), jordin sparks, relient k, blindside, mxpx (oh yeah), the insyderz, project 86, flyleaf, etc…

  19. Jared says:

    It’s a good bet that Evanescence is a high-profile band with pro-life views. While decidedly not a “Christian rock” band, they are a Christian rock band. =)

  20. jaredbaker says:

    It’s a good bet that Evanescence is a high-profile band with pro-life views. While not a “Christian rock” band, they are a Christian rock band. =)

  21. KMJ says:

    Erik, it is called “Broken Inside”. A sad one, but one of the best prolife songs ever.

  22. William says:

    Where’s Ted Nugent and Paramore? I heard both are religious and conservative and both Ted and Paramore supported Huckabee back in 2008.

  23. Mike Hassett says:

    Amy Grant and her hubby Vince Gill are pro-life as are Jars Of Clay,Toby Mac Newsboys and Steven Curtis Chapman. You can’t forget them.

  24. Chris says:

    Can you feel it coming down
    The righteous wrath of God?
    Revealed from out of heaven
    For the innocent blood crying from the ground

    While the wicked seem to prosper
    And glory in these days
    As if their ways were hidden
    As if they had escaped

    We have lost our sense of justice
    Smearing lines of right and wrong
    Despising any standards
    We blindly stumble on

    Bleeding hearts may scream compassion
    What of those that cannot cry
    A life is worth a life
    Justice, merciful and blind

    Innocent blood
    Is crying from the ground

    It’s coming down

    -Stavesacre, Zzyxx Scarecrow

    • Excellent song!

  25. Chels says:

    Thank you!!

  26. Chels says:

    Thank you!!!

  27. Nerd 42 says:

    I am DJ Nerd42, a mashup artist, and I am Pro-Life. This is my web site
    Here is a mashup I did with Pro-Life lyrics from KJ-52.
    I used to have a button for people to donate to Crisis Pregnancy Centers on my blog, although the new design didn’t leave room for it.
    What are the qualifications for being on this list? I’d be glad to get on it 🙂

  28. Were The Killers and Evanesence ever asked what their stance is. I feel a lot are feeling bullied into not speaking up for the unborn child because of their record companies.

    • I have nothing on them, although you could be right

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