bands who advocate abortion

Bands that support abortion
316 Bands Listed

There are many reasons for a band to be on our pro-abortion bands list. Some of them donate money or play concerts to raise money for Planned Parenthood, Rock for Choice, Voters for Choice, Axis of Justice, America Coming Together,, Air Traffic Control Project, or other pro-abortion causes.  Some of these bands produce songs with a pro-abortion message or they have taken a strong pro-choice stance. The bands on the following list either promote or endorse abortion.

27 Years “I believe in personal choice…In my opinion it should always be up to the individual to decide. My mother got pregnant when she was young, drugged out, stupid and completly unfit to be a mother…she aborted that child and It was the best thing do for everybody involved. So thanks for being our friend for a brief time…good luck with trying to stop people from aborting babies. Lantz” myspace message Nov. 15, 2007
311 Nick Hexum, Air Traffic Control Project


Affirmative Action Jackson
Against All Authority
Against Me!
Alanis Morissette March for “Women’s Lives”
Alice in Chains
Alkaline Trio
Amiee Mann test
Amy Joe Johnson March for “Women’s Lives”
Amy Maines March for “Women’s Lives”
Ani DiFranco March for “Women’s Lives”
Ashley Judd March for “Women’s Lives”
Audio Karate
Audioslave Morello, Cornell & Wilk; Axis of Justice
Audrey McDonald
Authority Zero
Auto Pilot Off
Avoid One Thing


Babes in Toyland
Bad Astronaut
Bad Religion
Barenaked Ladies
Behind Enemy Lines
Ben Harper America Coming Together benefit , March for “Women’s Lives”
Big D and the Kids Table
Bikini Kill
Blink 182
Blues Traveler
Bobot Adrenaline
Bonnie Raitt America Coming Together benefit
Bouncing Souls
Break the Silence
Bright Eyes America Coming Together benefit
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Hornsby
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band America Coming Together benefit


Cabaret 4 Choice “An Independently-Produced Show & CD Recording To Benefit Freedom of Choice”
Carole King March for “Women’s Lives”
Carrie Newcomer Donated portions of album sales and done benefit concerts for Planned Parenthood.
Carrier Can you please add our pro death band Carrier to the list? Thanks!
Casio Cassanova Plays VOX shows
Cathie Martino
Chaka Khan
Chin Music
Choir the Bear
Christina Aguilera March for “Women’s Lives”
Circle Jerks
Citizen Fish
Common Rider
Cowboy Junkies
Cutthroat Junction Plays VOX concerts
Cyndi Lauper


Da Rat Pack Played VOX show
Dag Nasty
Dance Hall Crashers
Dave Matthews Band
David Byrne
David Crosby
Death Cab for Cutie America Coming Together benefit
Deborah Cox
Destiny Plays Vox shows
Destruction Made Simple
Dice Raw
Diesel Boy
Dillinger Escape Plan
Dillinger Four
Dixie Chicks America Coming Together benefit, glorifying abortion supporters in tour video
Dropkick Murphys


Enemy You
Eve’s Plum


Fabulous Disaster
Face to Face
Father MC
Flogging Molly
Foo Fighters
Four Non-Blondes
Frenzal Rhomb


Get Up Kids
God Awfuls
Good Charlotte
Good Riddance
Graham Nash
Green Day
Gretchen Peters donates royalties of \”Independence Day\” to Planned Parenthood


Helen Reddy
Henry Rollins
Holy Mary Mother of Bert
Hot Snakes
Hot Water Music


Iggy Pop
Indigo Girls


Jackson Browne America Coming Together benefit
Jackson Browne
James Taylor America Coming Together benefit
Janice Ian
Jewel Performed “Zero Population Growth” fundraiser at Madison Square Garden, Jan. 25, 1999
Joan Jett
Joan OsborneJoDell and the Mountain Road Band Jodell owns three abortion facilities in Florida
Joe Henry
John Fogerty America Coming Together benefit
John Mellencamp America Coming Together benefit
John Taylor (Duran Duran) Tweeted, “and I like Ryan, basically, but can’t get with the Pro-Life deal
Josh Perlman
Juliana Hatfield
Juliette and the Licks
Jurassic 5 Axis of Justice benefit CD, America Coming Together benefit
Justin Timberlake


Keb ‘Mo’ America Coming Together benefit
Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds America Coming Together benefit
Konverse “I am pro-choice.”


Lady Gaga
Laurie Anderson
Lawrence Arms
Le Tigre often seen giving Gloria Steinem the mic
Lenny Kravitz Supports pro-abortion organization “Rock the Vote.”
Less Than Jake
Lily Allen
communicated pro-abortion views on her twitter account
Lisa Loeb March for “Women’s Lives”
Living Colour
Liz Phair
Lot Six
Luscious Jackson
Lyle Lovett


Mad Caddies
Margie Adam March for “Women’s Lives”
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Mary J Blige
Mary Prankster
Mary’s Danish
Matthew Sweet
MC5 Wayne Kramer, Axis of Justice benefit
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Melissa Etheridge March for “Women’s Lives”
Melissa Ferrick
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Mike Watt
Miles of Clear June Plays VOX shows
Mishap Oct. 6, 2004 email from Rick Waldron
Moby March for “Women’s Lives”
My Morning Jacket America Coming Together


Naked Aggression
Nanci Griffith
Natalie Merchant
Neil Young
New Found Glory
New Mexican Disaster Squad
No Doubt
No Use For A Name
None More Black


Only Crime
Operation Ivy


Page 80 Plays VOX shows
Paint It Black
Ambrosia Parsley
comedy show benefit for Planned Parenthood of New York City
Paula Cole Performed “Zero Population Growth” fundraiser at Madison Square Garden, Jan. 25, 1999
Paula Cole
Pearl Jam endorses ChoiceUSA, Rock for Choice, Feminist Majority Foundation, Planned Parenthood Federations of America, National Organization for Women & National Abortion Rights Action League. America Coming Together benefit
Pete Yorn Axis of Justice benefit CD
Phoebe Snow
Phosgene Hi, we are a German death metal band and since our website went online our link list has featured your very informative homepage including a very explicit call to visit it. So we think it would just be fair to kinda exchange links, particularly because we deserve more than to be added by your standards. Sincerely Michael Marquardt (Voc/Bass)
PINK March for “Women’s Lives”
Possum Dixon
Presidents of the United States of America


Q And Not U


R.E.M. America Coming Together benefit
Rage Against The Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea, Axis of Justice
Regina Spektor Performed at Planned Parenthood fundraiser, 3rd annual \”Roe on the Rocks,\”
Rickie Lee Jones
Rise Against
Rocket From the Crypt
Rosanne Cash
Rum Diary
Rusted Root Planned Parenthood
Rx Bandits


Salt ‘N Pepa
Sarah McLachlan March for “Women’s Lives”
Screaming Trees
Seth Timbs Plays VOX shows
Seven Year B*&ch
Shawn Colvin
Sheryl Crow March for “Women’s Lives,” Planned Parenthood supporter, plays “Rock for Choice” concerts, lobbyed for SF 192 – the “Iowa Stem Cell Research and Cure Initiative” which would legalize cloning and killing human embryos for their stem cells
Shudder to Think
Sick of It All
Social Distortion
SONiA March for “Women’s Lives”
Sophie B. Hawkins
Soul Asylum
State Control Oct. 6, 2004 email from Rick Waldron
Stone Fox
Stone Temple Pilots
Straylight Run
Strike Anywhere
Strung Out
Suicide Machines
Sum 41
Swingin’ Utters
Swoosie Kurt March for “Women’s Lives”
System of a Down Serj Tankian, Axis of Justice


Tabula Rasa

Tegan and Sara

Ten Foot Pole
The Bangles
The Butchies
The Code
The Commercials
The Coup Boots Riley, Axis of Justice benefit
The Crisis Team
The Decemberists
Aug. 31, 2004 Brendan Susens-Jackson email
support Planned Parenthood
The Delusionals “Hi, can you put us on your list of Pro-Choice bands? By the way, it’s a little unfair of you to call us ‘Pro Abort’, but whatever.”
The Donnas
The Donots
The Dwarves
The Epoxies
The Explosion
The F-Up’s
The Ghost
The Glitter Dragons Plays VOX shows
The Gossip
The Hollow Ground vocal at shows about their support of abortion
The Holograms “You can be assured we would be quite proud to be listed with the many other notables on your pro-choice roster” email dated 7-16-2006
The International Noise Conspiracy
The Kennedy’s
The Love Cats Plays VOX shows
The Ques Played VOX show
The Red Light
The States Plays Vox shows
The Unseen
The Vacancy
The Young Livers Plays Vox shows
Thom York March for “Women’s Lives”
Thought Riot
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Tom Waits
Tool Maynard, Axis of Justice benefit ,
Toys That Kill
Tracy Bonham
Trans Am


Ubre-Prima Played VOX show
Useless ID


Veruca Salt


Wayne Kramer
Western Addiction
Wilson, Winter Drive, Cassandra
World/Inferno Friendship Society




Yo La Tengo Air Traffic Control Project
Youth Brigade

Info on’s support for abortion can be found here (“We want to make sure our government continues to guarantee all of our reproductive freedoms, and all of our rights to our own personal privacies“) and here (link to NARAL Pro-Choice America as an activist organization to get involved with).


66 Responses to bands who advocate abortion

  1. Thomas says:

    Not to be nit-picky, but some of the artists on these lists have nothing beside there name to say how they ended up on witch list. I would like the know how people like Justin Timberlake, Iggy Pop, and Alice in Chains ended up on this list.

    • I’ll dig through my files and post that info soon. Check back later. Thanks!

  2. Dan says:

    Oh thank God, I was worried I’d see AC/DC on here. That would’ve killed me.

    Still pretty pissed about giving money to a lot of these bands through album purchases without ever knowing I was contributing to supporters of mass murder. So I figure from now on, I won’t pay even a penny for any song they’ve ever done. I’ll still listen; many of them are talented regardless of their views. But I won’t listen on the radio and I won’t pay for anything they put out. What I’ve got now and what I can find on YouTube will do just fine.

  3. steven tate says:

    isnt sarah mc whatser name the dont abuse animals spoke person

  4. Misty says:

    This is ace! I’ve needed some pro-choice bands to listen to.
    Thank you so much, it’s great to see some of my favourite artists support such a good cause 🙂

    • Hi Misty, They aren’t technically “pro-choice” since they don’t believe in choice for pregnant moms let alone the choice the child has in staying alive.

      • Taylor says:

        Don’t believe in choice for pregnant moms? Were you dropped on your head as a child, or is your overwhelming stupidity the result of a genetic mishap?
        Pro-choice means “I respect the right of everyone to choose what is right for them”.
        You’re pregnant and happy? Great, good for you and you should have resources provided to make the pregnancy go smoothly.
        You’re pregnant and don’t want to be? That’s your choice, and the same respect and resources should be provided in support of that decision.

        Also, c’mon anti-choicers. Pro-choice has Santana. Just give up now.

      • Actually Taylor we USE OUR HEADS. Human life begins at the moment the human sperm penetrates the human ovum. that is a scientific fact. You will not find one human embryologist to disagree. We also use our HEARTS. Killing is wrong, and that includes defenseless preborn human persons.

        The term pro-choice begs the question. What is the choice? Killing children in-utero. Then no, we aren’t. And neither should you or anyone else. We will not respect anyone’s desire to kill preborn children.

    • Jeremiah Bw says:

      That’s okay, people can respond by not doing business with you.

  5. Jovan says:

    Thank you for compiling this list. I will try to get at least one album from all of those artists, since they support true freedom and YOU misogynists in the Rock for Life HATE freedom.

    • How can they support freedom when abortion denies the human baby the basic freedom of life? And how is it freedom when abortionists do not share scientific information on human development to pregnant moms? And how is it freedom when abortion advocates deny prolifers from sharing info on Options to pregnant moms walking into abortion facilities seeking to abort their child? You seem to have a skeewed sense of freedom.

    • How does freedom of abortion mean freedom to you? Are the babies free to choose to live? Didn’t think so! Make sure you buy all of Hitler’s books, too. He advocated some great choices! Like, let’s kill everyone with brown hair… It’s ok to choose who to keep alive around you, right? You have the freedom, right? So when your mother becomes a burden, it’s your choice… rip her apart and such her up into a vacuum.

      • Helena says:

        A fetus/embryo/zygote does not a equal a baby. Take a biology course.

      • depends on what kind of fetus/embryo/zygote are you talking about? A monkey fetus? Of course it doesn’t! A human fetus? Well of course, its a human!

  6. blah. says:

    Shouldn’t most of these be obvious? i mean…have you heard any of their lyrics. oh, anti-choicers, you slay me.

    • me says:

      Why do you call me anti-choice – I believe in choice – you on the other hand can be called anti-life!

  7. Melissa says:


  8. Laura says:

    Thanks for the information. It’s easy to forget how musicians can finance abortions too. I like to vote with my money. I had two unplanned pregnancies, both of which are now both asleep upstairs in their pjs. I think if you’re old enough to have sex, you should be responsible enough to love what love created.

  9. tania says:

    thanks for compiling this list — i’ll be sure to support these bands at every opportunity, as they’ve shown themselves to be in favor of reproductive rights of women, and not hateful misogynists. moreover, i’ll be delighted that it’s less likely that bigots like you will be at their shows.
    btw, no one is “pro abortion”; the use of loaded phrases like that reveal your hatred and negativity. unsurprising.

    • how can someone who supports abortion be for reproductive rights for women? More than half of all abortions abort a female human being. So much for women’s rights, huh?

      If saving children and moms from abortion is considered bigoted, then go ahead. But I would say the true bigot is one who advocates for the death of another, which is what abortion is.

      finally, the term pro-abortion is used because, well that is what you are for and advocating. It is interesting to note how the abortion advocates hate saying the word abortion. What is so bad about it? If it’s so great of a procedure then why not tattoo on your body? Wear the term proudly. Is it because you know abortion is bad and wrong but don’t have the courage to stand up for what is right?

      Eagerly awaiting your reply

      • Helena says:

        Why, exactly, would you need to save a mom from abortion? People don’t need to be saved from their own choices. Also, unless you have a womb, you have zero right to comment on what womb-owners should be able to do with their own bodies.

      • Because abortion causes a life long grief. If you think men shouldn’t have a say in abortion, then it needs to go both ways. 1) Roe V Wae was decided by MEN, 2) Obama is a man who is forcing others to pay for abortions. What about rape? Since I’m not a woman should I have a say about men raping women? of course I should. I oppose all injustices including rape and abortion.

      • Loke Fitz Andreu says:

        i find Helena’s comment interesting, “people dont need to be saved from their own choices” wow how blind can you be? even if we’re not talking about abortion people still do need to be saved from bad choices, why do you think we have paramedics and firefighters? because a lot of tragedies that happen are a result of bad CHOICES abortion is not different, yes people do need to be saved from their own choices, especially the “choice” of abortion

    • me says:

      really? And pro-choice people using the term anti-choice instead of pro-life isn’t negative and hateful?? Seriously – I am neither a hateful misogynist nor a misguided, misinformed individual – I simply believe every life is precious – a woman has an absolute right over her own body – but the child within is NOT her body – just being housed there temporarily. I cannot walk into a doctors office and insist he remove my appendix, I can’t even get a dentist to remove an imperfect tooth – why should I have the right to end the life of another human being simply because it is a burden to me even though I created it? The rationale is definitely skewed.

  10. M'leigh Espinoza says:

    Hey, don’t forget The Decemberists! They’re full supporters of women’s rights and the pro-choice movement. Just check out their official facebook page!

    And thanks for this list, I really needed some new music to listen to, and all of these guys rock!!

    • M’leigh, THanks for the head’s up. I’m adding them right now. Any other bands I should add?

  11. Prolife Guitarist says:

    I love how the pro-aborts have a crush on us (obviously, here they are, creeping on our sites) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ROCK FOR LIFE!!!!

    • haha thanks!

  12. Politics_Girl says:

    I am a former subscriber. I am now proudly pro-choice.

    • that’s too bad, what happened?

    • Jen says:

      You have posted at least two comments but you still haven’t answered the question about your reason for becoming pro-choice. Aren’t you going to? If you don’t support rockforlife anymore, quit getting on this website.

  13. Shmeegan says:

    For everyone who is Pro-choice, arn’t you happy your mom was Pro-life.

    • Politics_Girl says:

      My mother IS pro-choice. She CHOSE life. Because it was her choice.

      • Shmeegan says:

        I saw your earlier post, politics girl.I am curious what would make you go from a supporter of life to a supporter of Pro-choice? Jw.

    • Helena says:

      You can be pro-choice and still have a baby. Pro-choice does not mean “nobody should ever give birth”, it means “you have control over your own body”.

      • no one argues abortion advocates can’t have babies. obviously many of them do. Controlling your own body is fine but once you start controlling others thats a problem. Abortion ends the life of an innocent, defenseless human person.

      • Helena says:

        To be innocent, you have to have the capacity to make choices. For example, most people wouldn’t call a flower or a tree or an ant innocent (or evil) for that matter, because they’re not choosing their actions based on morality. They’re not innocent or evil, they just ARE, because they don’t have that capacity. Same with a zygote/fetus/embryo.

      • me says:

        the child within is NOT YOUR BODY

  14. Patrick says:

    I use to be a regular visitor to this site back in 90’s glad to see it is still going strong. I challenge anybody to look at the ultrasound of your children say you are still pro-choice considering the angry comments I have just read it shows the moral courage Whitney Houston showed thirty years ago. I pray that she is at peace

    • Glad to see you back!

    • Kim says:

      I’ve looked at ultrasounds of 4 children and I’m still pro choice. My teenagers are too.

      • Loke says:

        that’s so sad for you, that your conscience has wasted so thin I’ll be sure to say a prayer for you

  15. Trey says:

    okay all you anti-choice fascist motherfuckers need to chill out. okay. pro choice means to choose. we respect a womyns right to choose and privacy. okay. abortion isn’t the only choice a women can choose. so many options. if you don’t agree with abortion, don’t fucking have one, you have no right to govern someone else’s body!

    • Trey, okay all anti-slavery jerks need to chill out. pro-choice means to choose. We respect a slave owner’s right to choose and privacy. okay. slavery isn’t the only choice a plantation owner can choose. so many options. if you don’t agree with slavery, then don’t have one. you have no right to govern someone else’s business!

    • Prolife Guitarhero says:

      hey Trey, it’s time to grow up and stop verbally abusing and bullying people who dare to disagree with you, guess what? we’re not the only ones who disagree with you, (and not on just this issue either, there are always people who disagree with you, and calling people who disagree with you the names that you’re calling us, you know what that tells me? That you’re immature, need to grow up and that I feel very sorry for you, anyway I’ll be praying that if nothing else, God at least helps you to treat others with respect, because that is a sign of maturity and one last thing, Erik is totally right choice is just that, choice, I recently saw a photo which asked me (and my fellow prolifers) if we’re prolife on every issue, well here’s a similar question to you and yours, are you “prochoice” on every issue, (for example slavery)? (just something to think about)

      • Helena says:

        Using God in an argument is a surefire way to get yourself laughed at. Not everyone has the same religion at you!

      • Prolife Guitarhero says:

        Helena, laughed at? You honestly think that’s what i care about? well it’s true that everyone doesn’t share my beliefs, but it’s also true that not everyone cares about being laughed at, no offense, but your comment seriously makes me think you’re only 13, and I would also point out that i was not using God in my argument, I was stating that I would be praying for this sad person, maybe you should actually read what I wrote before you comment

  16. jones42 says:

    You spelled Sleater-Kinney wrong. Great list of bands, can’t wait to listen. Sad that most people on here are going to miss out on some awesome music.

    • hey nice catch, thanks. Sure they may make great music but should we be listening to artists who are advocating ending the life of young, defenseless, innocent children?

  17. The people who support abortion (baby killing) seem to think that calling us pro-life people names is going to make us change our minds and become supporters of the same thing Hitler supported, wrong answer, we will not be intimidated or beat down by those who support murdering babies

    • Prolife Guitarist says:

      true dat friend 😀

  18. Prolife Guitarist says:

    It’s so disturbing that an unborn human baby can be murdered legally and yet if you were to crush a bunch of sea turtle eggs, in so doing killing unborn sea turtles, then you would most likely end up in federal prison, hey why shouldn’t I be able to kill unborn sea turtles? it’s my choice isnt it?

  19. Kim says:

    Thanks for the heads up on what bands to support. They’ll be sure to get money from me now.

    • Loke says:

      fascinating that you feel the need to get on this site and say anything at all, why not just ignore what we’re doing here? the answer is you know that we will succeed in ending this atrocity and for some odd reason that scares you

  20. Laura says:

    Most of this bands I’ve never heard of but thank you for informing me about the few that I recognize. I’ve never bought anything from them, thankfully, but now I know to never do.

    • Nicole says:

      I am a little frustrated about Good charlotte. I have been a fan of them since 99/00.

      • KMJ says:

        Nicole, the same here. I’ve been their fan in senior high, their music helped me much, so I will always be sentimental about GC. Madden brothers always have been left-wing/liberal, ’cause they were growng up in a blue-collar, punk-anarchist background. They are pro contraception(I may be wrong about it, but let’s be honest – Madden brothers have no problems with premarital sex, they sing about it, Benji has also been joking about himself going to hell because of premarital sex and using condoms), pro animal rights (support for PETA), they also support UNICEF, and UNICEF supports abortion. But, what is interesting, they are kinda pro-family: they’ve written songs for their mother, who cared about them after their father left them, Joel Madden have written a song for his little daughter (he and Nicole Richie, his actual wife, chose life for their daughter and son, even though they both had their careers and they weren’t married, I don’t know if they’ve ever thought about aborting their own children or if they haven’t aborted their children from earlier relationships), one of the band members posted the USG pictures of his daughter on their official website (but this daughter was wanted and he had her with his wife, it doesn’t change the fact that he can be prochoice), they also have a song against suicide and some song about their faith in God (Madden’s mother was a Christian, so she wanted to sha her faith with sons, they say they believe in God, they have “religious tattooes”, but I heard that both Maddens do not go to Church, they probably are not connected to any religious organisation or ministry). So, boys from GC are not bad guys, but someone or something has misled them. I don’t listen to their music anymore, I’ve grown up, but I still have their albums and a ticket from a show in Berlin, Germany.

  21. Nicole says:

    what gets me is some of these bands are on the pro choice list when they’ve been avid supporters of PETA. and other animal rights organizations…. are people not animals as well?

  22. Sam Cav says:

    May want to add Tegan and Sara. I believe they are affiliated with Rock for Choice, and at least one of them has been quoted advocating for abortion (and being insanely anti-American).

    • added thank you!

  23. ZZZ says:

    So many artists I will never support again. My money will go elsewhere.

  24. BarbedWire says:

    I’m here so that I know who to listen to. Thanks, woman haters

    • Thanks for visiting. Actually, more women support banning abortion then keeping them all legal

  25. Chels says:

    Thanks so much for this list! I never thought to check whether an artist supported abortion or not, now I’m kicking myself for buying some of this! Arrrrg! Well at last I can sell the music I’ve already got and give the money to Pro Life organizations.

    • Chels, Thanks for visiting the site and you can donate by clicking on the donate button at the top of, call in with a credit card, 540-322-3761 or sending a check or money order to us at: Rock for Life, PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508 THANKS!

  26. says:

    Time to delete some stuff from my iTunes library!!

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