CD Review: Showbread’s Who Can Know It?

So when I heard months ago that Showbread was to follow up The Fear of God with a complete, free album – I was excited to hear I wouldn’t have to pay a cent.  Lord knows we all love free music!  The day it came out I picked it up, popped it on and sat down for a listen.

I knew that the disposition of the band had obviously changed a bit over the years and this reflected on my outlook towards listening to Who Can Know It? When you sit back and listen to the honesty and the boldness of this album, be prepared to be blown away by the sheer backbone of this band and the courage to contrast all that we deem normal and fitting in music. They have stepped into a new world we left so long ago – the world of truth. They dare to be as close to the line as most can go and they do it perfectly.

The first track  A Man with a Hammer is a blunt, descriptive look into the dark realms of the world we sometimes do not realize exist. The most beautiful aspect they bring to the table is redemption & Love (at least that’s what I got out of it). For the evil they so speak strongly against they contrast that with the story of Truth and Love, the example that Jesus left for us. I have missed, from the Christian rock genre, the story of evil redeemed and people forgiven in Jesus’ name. Showbread has hit that spot on.

With the hard hitting lyrics, the attitude that is Showbread, and the raw rock style they managed to infuse into a lighter album (like they have been perfecting over the last two albums) this is a must listen. I feel that this should be an album that is in everyone’s iTunes, so here’s where to find it: Download, import, and enjoy!

Peace, Love, and Prayers
-Rick McVick


Pro-Life Song Review: Showbread – A Man With A Hammer

I was really excited to learn that Showbread was coming out with a new CD (Who Can Know It?). So as soon as I got a chance I downloaded it from Come&Live.

The first song, A Man With A Hammer hits you, well, LIKE A HAMMER!  It is powerful!

I call it pro-life not because it mentions abortion in the song, but because it has a message – a powerful message.  God’s love for you is so deep, so incomprehensible it doesn’t matter what you have done in life (murder, rape, adultery, abortion, etc., etc) He loves you and will set you free!

About abortion:

I woman with lots of money
Whose plans were left in doubt
Because of the baby in her womb
So she pays to have its brain sucked out

The message:

Oh the thought of what sets a person free
Before I could ever love you back
You gave your love to me
Now I see my sentencing reprieve
You offer me your everything
Even though I am still me

You need to get this song – heck the whole CD and you can do that by downloading it for free here.  If you want to bless them by paying for it at full price or to buy A Man With A Hammer individually click here.  Make sure to pray for these guys, host them on tour or even make a donation to their ministry.

Click here for the lyrics to, A Man With A Hammer

Click here to read what Josh Dies (songwriter) has to say about the song.

What do you guys think?

CD Review: Oceans In Love’s La La La

So let me set this scene for you:

It is a cold, rainy day. I sit down with my coffee and put on this album, one I have had for awhile now but just getting around to listen to it. So as I sit here I realize that one thing stood out among this artistry – originality. From the voice to the orchestration to the pinpoint guitar work, I feel as though this is a diamond in the rough.

This album, La La La by Oceans In Love is perhaps a light in the world of emerging artists that seem to blend in with the plethora of shabby music everywhere lately. This album runs from one side of the road to the other, with down home licks to big, open areas where you could imagine a field in the winter with snow falling and music coming from all around.

Apart from half bit imagery, from knowing most of these guys personally, and sharing the stage with them on a few occasions they sincerely match the honesty and purity they pour into their music. Their live performance is no change in pace either – a grand display of passion and love for who they are as a band and what they do.  So now on to other matters.

La La La, as it were, is a beautiful mix between worship and passion; most popular worship lacks that element as of late. When I listen to tracks like “Hallelujah” I melt inside from the purity in the lyrics to the simplistic yet subtly complex structure of the instruments.  Then going to “Old Men” a more folksy perspective wrestling with indie is a perfect blend for any day. This album is as inspiring as it is pertinent to everyday life – the push for, and longing for Hope, Love, and Life in all aspects. This album is available on Band Camp.

So in a final word, be ready!  They are not done and are running with another album in the near future. And, on a side note, from this band I would love to see a Christmas album…hint hint….

-Rick McVick

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