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Tell Your Pro-Life Story

Everyone has a pro-life story to tell. It may be a story about how you converted from being pro-abortion to being pro-life, or you may have a story of how you helped convert someone to the pro-life truth. Your story may be about how you’ve been pro-life all your life but it took a special nudge to turn you into a pro-life activist. You may have been pregnant, scared and considering abortion but decided to choose life, or you may have chosen abortion and now regret it.

This is your section of to Tell Your Pro-life Story! If you have something to say, say it! Don’t be silent. Your story may encourage someone else to take a stand. Your story may save a life!

Tell your story below in the comments section!

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8 Responses to tell your story

  1. Carl Christiansen says:

    I am a daughter of Jesus Christ. I have been from the time I was five years old when I bowed my knee and asked him to forgive my sin and be my savior. I suppose that was the beginning and as such it is nice and clean and neat. However my story brought me to the depths of hell and back and it is not nice to re-visit hell. As I write this story I die all over again and waves of pain and grief come flooding back to my mind. I don’t want to tell you my story lightly. It is not a light story, but a story of drinking the cup of both sorrow and joy. It is a story of a life of ashes that God continues to create beauty from.
    I was a nice girl. The daughter of Christian parents and sheltered from life and tragedy until I was 14 years old. At 14 I felt ugly and fat. I had pimples all over my face and I never fit in with anyone. I hated myself. I wanted to be skinny and pretty like all of the other girls. I wanted to fit in and have fun and have lots of friends. Kids made fun of me all the time and I never felt like I belonged anywhere. For some reason I did have a few friends that were all older than me. My girl friends were 16 and 17 and I loved to be with them. They would try on sexy clothes and then go cruising. They were old enough to drive and they invited me along with them to go cruising from time to time.
    The beginning of this story takes place one night when I went over to a friend’s house and they decided to go cruising. I was the youngest in the car with about five girls. We cruised the streets listening to loverboy in the tape deck of the car. I thought I was cool and was fitting in. I even tried to smoke a cigarette although it made me sick. I don’t remember how it happened but somehow some of us ended up in a man’s car. After that somehow I was alone in the car with this man who was over the age of thirty. I was alone and I was scared. My friends had left me and I didn’t know what to do. This was 25 years ago before there were cell phones so there was no one to call and no where to go. He offered me some marijuana but I didn’t even know what it was. I don’t want to re-live that night in this story, but it was the night that plunged me into hell. I could not get away from him and he hurt me badly. He raped me leaving physical and emotional scars that linger until this day. He dumped me on a lawn and my life was changed forever. Badly beaten and bruised I crawled to a friend’s house. I didn’t tell anyone because I was scared and felt like I had done something wrong. One week later I went to babysit for another man who was an elder in our church. His wife had left for the night and he was waiting for his friends to pick him up. Those friends never came. Now I realize it was part of his plan. There were no friends coming to get him. Instead he slipped a narcotic into my glass of lemonade. I woke up in his bedroom with his body on top of me again being raped by a man that this time I had at least known and trusted. After that I decided that I was worthless. No one would ever want me and no one would ever love me. In order to cover my pain I decided to try and kill myself by taking a bunch of pills but it didn’t work. I no longer cared to live or feel anything. I slept with many men from the time of these rapes until shortly after my 15th birthday. The ironic thing is that all of the men I slept with were over the age of 25. They proved to me repeatedly that I was only useful for sex. I had no self worth and didn’t care about anything. God was far from me and Satan was destroying my life and my future. My only thought was to die.
    I turned 15 and after a night of partying I felt like something changed. I knew I was pregnant even though it was too early to tell. Just before Christmas time I got on a city bus and rode it to Planned Pregnancy clinic. I was alone and scared. I went into the clinic and gave them a different name. The test came back positive and they offered me a free abortion. It would have been easy to do. Just get rid of the baby, pretend like nothing happened. No one would know and I would try to live a better life. The doctor said I was six weeks along. It was still early and it would not matter he said. I looked at him and put my hand on my stomach and began to cry. Through my tears I told him, “I love this baby and I will not kill him. I will die before I allow that to happen.” He smiled and gave me his card. Just in case I changed my mind. On the bus ride home I could not stop crying. Not for myself, but because of what I had become, because of what had been stolen from me and because God spoke to me. His voice was still and soft and said, “I love you. You belong to me. I will bring beauty from this but you must trust me.” I went for a long walk and that day I gave my life to Christ again and told him that I was sorry and I told him that I was angry. He said, “I know, I am angry at what they have done to you as well, but let me carry you. Your life and your child belong to me.”
    I waited until Christmas was over and then I told my parents. They were very sad, and full of love for me. They told me they would help me raise this child. As my stomach grew I still had to go to school every day. Every morning I would get on the school bus and I prayed “Dear God, help me to ride this bus and go to school today because I can’t do it without you.” The voice would always answer and say, “I am walking right here with you. There is nothing you can’t do with me by your side.”
    I loved my baby and I would talk to him often. I always knew I was going to have a boy. I don’t know why, but I knew from the very beginning of my pregnancy. I would sing to him, play the piano for him and talk to him. I told him everything about Jesus and how much he was loved. I would put music headphones right over my stomach so he could hear the music. I think that was his favorite thing because he would kick and jump while the music played. I bought him a crib and some clothes and began to think about what I would name him and what he would be and how I would take care of him.
    One day in class instead of listening to the teachers I was praying. Jesus said to me, “How much do you love your son?” I said, “More than my life. I would die for him.” He said, “Tell me what you want for your son.” So I took out a piece of paper and began to write all things I wanted for my son. He said, “You can’t give him these things, but I can. Give him to me. He belongs to me and I have chosen a family to raise him.”
    As I write this I realize that I cannot begin to tell you everything that happened, or everything I felt because that would fill an entire book. Instead I can only tell you that God chose another family for him. A safe and beautiful family that loved Jesus and was far away from the pain of where I was living and the pain of my life. He would be safe with them. He would be given everything I could not give him. He would have a father and he would be taken care of. I made the decision to give up my son. I prayed he would understand why I was giving him up. I prayed he would not be angry at me, but that he would know somehow how much I loved him and wanted him.
    Toward the end of my pregnancy I was two weeks late. I think it was because I knew that shortly after I delivered him I would have to give him up and I did not want to do that. I only wanted him. I couldn’t dream of being parted from him. Finally I went into labor which lasted for three days. He was struggling to be born and my body was struggling to keep him with me. Finally, the doctors decided to do a C-section. Soon I heard a baby cry and I began to weep. They put the most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my arms. He had beautiful blue eyes and soft blond hair and I loved him more than I have ever loved anything or anyone.
    He stayed in the hospital room with me for three days. I chose his first outfit, which said “take me home.” I wrote him a letter telling him why I was giving him up. I gave him a teddy bear and for three days I fed him and held him and talked to him. I would look in his eyes and tell him, “your mom loves you, don’t ever forget. You are a chosen child, a child of God longed for by him.” Don’t forget who you are. You are a child of the king. And don’t forget I love you with all of my heart.”
    The last day came and the nurse came in to take him away from me forever. I could not give him up. I wanted to run down the back stair case with him. Suddenly I felt alone in the room. It was just me, my baby and Jesus Christ. Jesus came up to me and said, “Give him to me. I will watch over him. He is my son. Trust me with your child. He is mine. I promise to be with him, but he has another destiny, his destiny is with me.” As I laid him in the arms of the nurse, I did not see her, but I saw Christ take my son and leave the room.
    My grandfather read Isaiah 53 and then he read “all your sons will be taught of the Lord and great will be the peace of your sons.” And I read Isaiah 61 “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness the prisoners.” I prayed that the sovereign Lord would be upon the life of my son and that he would be a man after God’s own heart like David. This has been my prayer for 24 years.
    I wish I could tell you that everything was great after that, but the truth is I died that day. Sorrow continues to wash over me, but in those times so does the great love of Christ. I can’t explain what it means to drink both a cup of sorrow and joy but I do. The sorrow comes at what I have lost. The joy comes at what beauty God redeems out of ashes.
    My hearts prayer for you is that you will know how wide, and high and deep the love of Christ is for you. He longs to say over you…Give me your life and I will bring great beauty out of ashes. Trust and see what the Lord will do.

  2. Jeremy Chin says:

    I am the author of the book Fuel, and I have in it a Pro Life poem I’d like to share with the world. All that I ask is for the book and my name to be attributed.

    Sincerely yours,
    Jeremy Chin

    If I could speak
    I’ll not lose my words behind my cheek
    Will never leave any songs unsung
    And thoughts shall never stale under my tongue

    If I could hear
    I’d want my heart to be my ear
    I’d sit alone on the quietest quay
    And try to hear what my eyes couldn’t see

    If I could smell
    My nose will tell you if I’m unswell
    It will crinkle when I smell something bad
    And it will run all day when I’m feeling sad

    If I could laugh
    My grin would cut my face in half
    For awhile my eyes would disappear
    And if I’m really happy they’d start to tear

    If I could taste
    I’d savour every bite and not chew in haste
    Eating right, I wonder how tall I’d grow
    But Mum I guess I’d never know

    Taken from the book FUEL by Jeremy Chin

  3. Dylana says:

    My mother was a drug addict. I was living inside her. She was married to another drug addict. He didn’t want me. She wasn’t sure. She was close to aborting me, but she did not. I do not know what stopped her but I thank her everyday. She let me live. I love life so much. She had to choose between me and drugs and thank God she chose me. Later she converted to Catholicism and I was baptized at 3 years of age or so. Now we are pro-life activists fighting for other babies who are in the situation I was in. To God be all the glory. Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum

  4. Abigail says:

    I was 12 years old when I first became active in the pro-life movement. A friend of mine called and asked if I would help her start a Teens for Life group for the pro-life cause. After thinking for a minute, I asked, “Pro-life, that’s the good side right?” Ever since then my activism has increased, and now I am a very passionate pro-life advocate. The group is still going, and we are very involved in marches, prayer vigils, and supporting our local LifeLine Pregnancy Center. Crazy what God can do, a few years ago I didn’t even know the different between pro-life and pro-choice, now my whole life revolves around the pro-life movement! Praise the Lord of Life! 🙂

  5. Brittany says:

    When i found out i was pregnant i was TERRIFIED. The father was a minister and told me i had to have an abortion to cover up what happened and to protect his “image”. He made the appointment for me, I didnt want to get rid of my baby but i know he would hate me forever. The night before the appointment i couldnt stop crying! i prayed and asked God for stregnth. My mother came in my room and i told her i was pregnant and scared. She shared with me how she once had an abortion and it was the worst decision of her life. I found so much stregnth from her and that conversation gave me power to stand up against what the father wanted me to do. I did NOT go to that abortion appointment, and im glad i didnt. On Aug 6th 2012 i gave birth to my blessing! She is everything i needed.:) Eventhough her father is mad at my decision, im so glad i kept my baby girl!

  6. muriel says:

    God bless you Brittany, for choosing LIFE! You will NEVER regret your choice to allow your baby to live. If you had done what the father was trying to coerce you to do, you would have lived with a lifetime of regret… praise God for you mom, for sharing her testimony with you!

  7. Vostra Guida says:

    I have used the below story to help others (particularly those without a strong belief in God) see the light. Please share it with others. Thank you and God bless.


    I’d like to get your opinion on something. I own a building. Most of the building is made up of non-living areas, but there is one apartment in the building that is a suitable residence. That apartment, however, is not usually occupied by any people. From time to time, I might let a friend use other parts of my building, but I am usually very careful to lock the door to the hallway leading to the apartment because I don’t want anyone in there. In addition, my building has an internal alarm system that will let me know if something moves in that apartment. By accident, one day I forgot to lock those hallway doors when one of my friends came by.

    A few days later, my building’s internal alarms went off — alerting me to the fact that something had entered the apartment. I sent someone to inspect and they reported back to me that there was some food remnants found in the apartment that were not in there before. There were other signs that something had been or was in the apartment as it did not look the way it normally did. He could not say for sure whether it was a person, an animal, insects, or something else, but that there was a good chance that it could be a person. I spoke to a friend of mine who has a similar building and she said that, from time to time she had found a homeless person in the usuaully unoccupied apartment at her building.

    I really was not interested having something in the only residential apartment I had in my building, so I hired someone to fumigate the apartment. When he arrived at the door to the apartment, the fumigator called me on his cell phone to say that he could hear something in the apartment but he could not tell for sure if it was an animal or a person.

    I told him I didn’t want to know what it was and that I just wanted whatever it was out of my apartment. So I told him to open the door and place the fumigating bomb in the apartment so that whatever was in there would not cause me any more problems. So he did just that and left.

    When I told some people about what happened they were extremely upset with me. They claimed that I had no right to do that and that if there was a person in the apartment — and the person died from the poison — I and the fumigator had committed murder!

    Who the hell do these people think they are? Are they insane? It is my building and my apartment. What right do they have to say anything about what I do with my building? Besides, the fumigator and I did not know for sure that it was a person — it could have been a rat or something else as far as we knew. Even if it was a homeless person, why should I be held responsible for whatever happens to him/her when he/she was the one trespassing in my building? Just because I forgot to lock the door to the hallway one day does not mean that some homeless person had the right to start living in my apartment when I didn’t want them to live there.

    So what do you think? Did I do something morally wrong?

    What if I told you the “building” is my body, the “apartment” is my womb, and the fumigator is an abortionist?

    Are you still pro-choice?

    To me, it is simple. If you don’t know for sure that what is in the womb is not a human life, then how can you justify taking actions that will kill it?

    Now, can there be exceptions? Of course there can. For example, if another person’s existence is threatening to end your life, you have every right to defend yourself, including by killing that other person if necessary. This if a mother’s life is at risk due to the pregnancy, she has every right to put her life above that of the unborn child’s life. There may be other limited exceptions that reasonable people can discuss (e.g., rape or incest). But the point of the above story is to stop all of this “It is my body and I can do whatever I want with it” nonsense in circumstances when your actions may cause the termination of another human life. The starting point should always be that innocent human life should be protected whenever possible. Mere inconvenience is not a justification for ending an innocent human life.

    Bottom line, if we are not sure whether something is or is not a human life, shouldn’t we generally error on the side of protecting that life?

    Respectfully submitted,

    Vostra Guida

  8. Britt says:

    I travel around the country sharing my story as a birthmother and the ministry I started to help women who face unexpected pregnancy. I want to speak for you guys! contact me!

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