10 things to save babies


1. Remember the babies in your daily prayers. Take advantage of the most powerful tool we have in the fight against abortion.

2. Use your voice. Be educated and speak up when the topic of abortion is discussed. Don’t be shy – you’ve got the truth on your side!

3. Get educated. Keep up-to-date on current pro-life events by regularly visiting https://therockforlife.wordpress.com. For additional pro-life news and commentary, subscribe to this blog.

4. Write pro-life papers or speeches for school. This is a great way to spread the pro-life message to your teacher and possibly your classmates. Contact Rock For Life if you need any help finding information for your project.

5. Wear a pro-life t-shirt. You’ll be amazed at the conversations that your t-shirt will start! Remember that you have a Constitutional right to wear a pro-life t-shirt to your public school. If you don’t have a pro-life t-shirt, you can get one at .

6. Write a letter. Unfortunately there are many politicians, companies, entertainers, and musicians who publicly support abortion. Take a few minutes to write a letter to these people or groups explaining your disappointment when you learned of their position.

7. Pass out pro-life literature.

8. Get involved with your local Rock For Life chapter. As a chapter, you’ll work side by side with RFL International to stop abortion in your community.  If your community doesn’t have a chapter, consider starting one. Write to erikwhittington@gmail.com for more info.

9. Pray outside a local abortion facility. This is a baby’s last chance at life. You can intercede with prayer for these baby’s lives. Contact a local pro-life organization or Rock For Life to get started.  You can also offer alternatives to mothers and fathers heading inside the facility.

10. Volunteer your time at a crisis pregnancy center. Look under “Abortion Alternatives” in the phone book to find one.


8 Responses to 10 things to save babies

  1. TekBudda says:

    I disagree in part to protesting outside an abortion mill or standing on a road with abortion kills signs. This does little to stop what is happening & only serves to enrage others & give them yet another reason to hate Christians. I am not saying we have to make nice with everyone, but I think there are better things that we can be doing, some of which are mentioned above.

    While I have not engaged any protesters directly, I would likely ask what they are actually willing to do to stop that woman from having an abortion. How do they know that the 15 year old girl who is scared poopless & trying to get by them, didn’t just have her parents tell her to abort the baby or get out of the house? Or if that lady was raped & got pregnant. I do know a lady who kept her rape baby & while she was brave & tough for doing it, I am sure it was a hard thing for her to do.

    Maybe instead of holding a sign telling the pregnant women that “Abortion Kill’s”…maybe they could offer them a place to stay or help in raising the baby. Maybe they could work with churches or community groups, etc. to try & develop or support a baby drop-off. This is topic that has been in the news lately with reports of people dumping babies in dumpsters. If they had someplace they could drop them off…

    In short…what can we be doing…men & women alike…to truly be living up to what Christ meant when he talked about caring for the world (homes for homeless, father to the orphans, etc.). Maybe we shouldn’t be asking “What WOULD Christ Do” in situations, but “What DID Christ Do?”

    • TekBudda, Thanks so much for coming to our site and posting a well thought out comment.

      There are many different things you can do to stop abortion, if that is what you are trying to do. One of the things you can do is be a public witness, engaging culture. How can you do that? Go out to an abortion facility and pray and be a witness. I refrain from using the word “protest” because it holds so many negative connotations. In all reality its a public witness. Concerned citizens are sharing the truth that “abortion kills children,” etc., etc. Many signs you will see at an abortion facility may be “Pray to End Abortion,” “Adoption – the Loving Option,” etc., etc. If you have something better to say than what you see I would challenge you to go out there and say it. You can’t sit on the sidelines because others are saying things you don’t think work or are right.

      The bottom line is this – it does work. If our goal is to save lives then it works. If our goals are to make friends and never be criticized, then you are right. I would think our goals is to save children and to count the defriending and mockery as the costs of saving lives.

      As an example, 40 Days for Life is 40 days of prayer and fasting in front of abortion facilities. The last campaign the conducted, Fall of 2010 – hundreds of babies were saved from abortion that we know of, many clinic workers quitting their jobs and even some abortion facilities closing! So, you see it does work.

      Plus, I use to be pro-abortion. It took “protesters,” those nasty mean christians who held signs that read, “abortion kills children” to get me to change my mind. No one had ever told me this. It made me think and come to the conclusion that I am wrong, they are right and I need to make some serious changes in my life.

      Thanks again for posting. Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.

    • Please note the article suggested praying outside of a clinic. Prayer is not the same as holding a sign or trying to bar entrance to the clinic.

      I do also believe you are offering a false dichotomy here. It’s not pray outside a clinic or offer help to unwed moms instead. Both can be done at the same time and are being done all over the country.

      • Judy, Thanks for the comment. We just made a slight change. Let us know what you think.

    • Brad says:

      The right to life always trumps the right to choose. That’s natural law, not Christian morality. It’s human dignity.

  2. tester says:


  3. rosemarykeane says:

    #10 is probably the best option – you’re actively helping not only the baby but also the MOTHER, and that’s just as important. That’s what I think real Christianity is – if you want so badly to save that child’s life, donate of your time to providing resources to help that become a reality!

    I’m not doubting the power of prayer, but I also think that the power of volunteerism is still underrated. If people see Christians offering their time, monetary resources, and efforts towards helping the mothers, it might help to change perceptions – rather than solidifying the horrible view that people have of Christians as portrayed by extremists in the news.

  4. Ashley says:

    The crappy part is my school has a only school T-shirts dress code so I’m not allowed to. I will definitely do all the others though. Besides praying outside an abortion facility. I live an hour away from the nearest city and my mom would never drive me. She’s terrified I’ll get hurt or killed for my pro-life and living for God attitude. But in my eyes that’s one of the best ways to die, the other is protecting the people I love.

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