10 things to save babies at school

10 Things You Can Do To Save Babies This School Year

To help you this school year we put together 10 things you can do to save babies. Remember, this is about pacing yourself, consistency and persistence. Don’t cram all 10 action items into the first semester only to find yourself burned out and uninspired. Focus on one or two activities a month. Or use your first couple weeks at school to round up some troops to join you in the battle. But don’t wait around if no one shows up. One person can accomplish much.

Pray – Obviously, prayer is our biggest and most important weapon. Let’s start the school year right with prayer. Pray at the pole, before and after school, with your friends at lunch. Pray that God uses you in big and mighty ways this year and keep the faith, even if you don’t see the results. Ask God to bring likeminded friends to your side and so lives will be saved and hearts converted to the truth.

Hand out literature – You can do this before and after class, before and after school and during your lunch hour. You cannot hand out literature during class without your teacher’s permission. If you are told you cannot do this, you may have been told incorrect information. Contact the Thomas More Law Center (734-827-2001, info@ThomasMore.org, www.ThomasMore.org) if you are harassed by a school administrator.

Wear pro-life gear – Be a walking billboard by wearing a T-shirt, sweatshirt, hat or wristbands that bear a pro-life message. Many pro-life students have been harassed by school administrators for wearing a pro-life shirt. You have a free speech right to do so. If harassed, again contact Thomas More Law Center.

Speeches and reports – Turn these assignments into opportunities to educate your classmates, your teachers or even yourself by giving a speech or report on abortion or a related topic. Contact us if you need assistance.

March for Life – Join hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers in Washington, D.C. on January 23rd to march on the Capitol and show a united effort against abortion. If you are unable to make it to Washington, consider joining other pro-lifers at your state capitol. See www.MarchforLife.org for more information.

National Life Chain Sunday – The first Sunday of every October, pro-lifers all across the country gather at busy intersections holding signs that read, “Abortion Kills Children.” This has been a proven effective tool in getting out the truth. Contact churches in your community to see who is hosting this event. If no one has volunteered, ask your priest or pastor to host one this year. For find a Life Chain in your area, how to start one yourself or for more information visit www.NationalLifeChain.org.

Baby item drive – Ask your classmates to donate baby items for the local pregnancy help center — and ask parents to help as well. You can coordinate the collection of items from your friends, locating the local pregnancy help center most in need, and delivering those items. Look in the yellow pages under “abortion alternatives” for a list of pregnancy help centers.

National Week of Chastity – Use the time around Valentine’s Day to share information about chastity, failed sex-ed classes and condom failures. 

Day of Silence – Put tape over your mouth and commit to a day of silence in remembrance of the 3,500 babies scheduled to be aborted that day. Write messages like “life” on the tape.

Cemetery of the Innocents – Locate public property or a nearby church or park and erect crosses to symbolize the number of deaths from surgical abortion. Of course if it’s public property or a park, you most likely need a permit. If it’s private property, you need the owner’s permission. Use the abortion numbers here to help you decide how many crosses to erect.

Have anything to add? Any ideas or interesting stories? Let us know, and we’ll publish the best.


One Response to 10 things to save babies at school

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow these are fantastic ideas. I really like the cemetery for unborn babies idea. I’ll have to ask my church about it. Thank for the ideas. God bless you. You’re doing His work. ❤ Love from your sister in Christ.

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