lisa twigg

LisaBioProfileLisa Twigg, Social Media Director

Lisa is the Social Media Director for Rock For Life, a network of bands, musicians, artists (over 800!) and their fans who use their talents to provide life-affirming solutions to counter the assaults on the right to life.  RFL works to educate, activate, mobilize and unite pro-life youth to fight against the attacks made against the most innocent of all human beings.

Lisa first got involved with the pro-life movement, and Rock for Life specifically at the age of 14.   Since then she has given countless hours to Rock for Life and the pro-life cause, including starting and maintaining a pro-life group on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, participating and leading many activities to expose Planned Parenthood and politicians abortion advocacy.  She also brought in the highly controversial pro-life awareness campaign Genocide Awareness Project to VCU.  Lisa also shares her heartfelt testimony about being an adopted child and incorporates that into her training in Pro-life apologetics.

Lisa has her B.S. degree in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University and continues to work for the cause of the unborn under Rock for Life as a pro-life advocate and social media director.

Lisa enjoys speaking and would love to come visit your youth group, church, etc.

To contact Lisa:


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