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11.30.13:; Christmas shopping for pro-lifers

11.24.13: Crossmap; Undercover Video Shows Drug Stores Allowing Statutory Rapist to Buy Morning-After Pill

11.23.13: ChristianNewsNetwork; Undercover Video Shows Drug Stores Allowing Statutory Rapist to Buy Morning-After Pill

11.21.13:; Team of pro-life leaders launches the ‘pro-life Drudge Report’ – ProLifeWire

05.20.13:; 2013 pro-life summer boot camps for teens/college students!

03.18.13:; 5,000 Citizens Demand Late-Term Abortion Facility Shutdown

02.20.13:; Let your shirt speak: Pro-life tee’s that’ll get stares and start convos

09.13.12:; Youth Group Launches “I Vote Pro-Life First” Campus Tour

02.18.12:; Why the Slayer’s choice matters: Abortion controversy in the Buffy comics

02.16.12: LifeSiteNews; UPDATED: Catholic priest, pro-life activists arrested outside White House protesting Obama mandate

12.29.11: World Net Daily; Perry on abortion: No exceptions

09.08.11:; Students Engage in National Pro-Life Chalk Day Today

09.08.11:; Today! National Pro-Life Chalk Day

02.17.11: CNN; Backlash over Bieber’s views on abortion

02.16.11:; 16-year-old pop superstar Justin Bieber: abortion is ‘like killing a baby’

02.16.11:; Justin Bieber Says He’s Pro-Life on Abortion, Wait for Sex

02.02.11:; National Pro-Life Chalk Day to Spark Student Activism

01.28.11:; Fighting Planned Parenthood – the author of the TooManyAborted campaign in his own words

01:26:11: Religion Dispatches; The (Mostly Catholic) Anti-Abortion Roe v. Wade Schlep

01:25:11: The Christian Post; National Pro-Life Youth Rally Inspires Students to Save Lives

01:25:11:; ‘World’s largest’ student pro-life conference equips, energizes young pro-life vanguard

01.24.11: Catholic Online: March for Life Activities Already Underway in Washington, DC

01.21.11:; Pro-Life News: France, Abortion, BarlowGirl, Verastegui, Assisted Suicide

01.21.11: Everyday Christian; Pro-Life March, Youth Rally Set For Monday

01:18:11:; In sex-saturated San Francisco, West Coast Walk for Life a beacon of hope

01:13:11: The Catholic Review; Events in Washington, around U.S. to mark 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

01:10:11:; STOKING FIRE – Sing Out For Abortion Rights

12.29.10:; Youth Pro-life Leaders Respond to MTV’s Abortion Episode

11.11.10:; Burgeoning European Pro-Life Youth Movement Gets Major Boost at Irish Conference

11.04.10:; The election for gays, women, and the unborn: Your sex and gender morning roundup

10.22.10:; Is Northern Virginia pro-life? Or IS it?

10.15.10:; Canadian Universities Continue Their Purge of Pro-Life Speech by Students

10.08.10:; Northern Virginia is PRO-LIFE Rally

06.16.10: Washington City Paper; Barrier Method: How a 42-inch Fence Is Threatening Our Nation’s Unborn

06.09.10: Washington City Paper; Anti-Abortion Activist Gets Arrested, Attention

06.09.10:; Pro-Life Pastor Arrest at Washington, DC Planned Parenthood Abortion Ctr

06.09.10: ProLifeNews; Pastor Arrested In Washington D.C. For Praying On A Public Sidewalk

06.08.10:; Pastor arrested in public property dispute at Planned Parenthood

06.02.10:; Pro-life union divides to conquer

05.25.10:; Dispute over ownership of “Rock for Life” brand

05.25.10:; Rock for Life Takes Pro-Life Ministry In New Direction With Move To California

03.05.10:; American Idol, and Planned Parenthood: Promoting Sex, Abortion

02.08.10:; Fundraiser Should Drop Pro-Abortion Group

02.03.10:; MTV Criticized for Donating Haiti Fundraising Proceeds to Pro-Abortion UNICEF

01.20.10: OneNewsNow; Youth Prepare to promote pro-life movement

01.11.10: The Catholic Review; Baltimore archdiocese ready for March for Life

10.29.09: RenewAmerica; From the Sicko world of Planned Parenthood

10.22.09: The Valley Voice; We Choose Life

10.21.09: Pajamas Media; Aborted Fetus Photos, In the New York Times No Less

10.06.09:; ‘I Am 71’ crowds condemn abortion funding

10.05.09:; Memorializing 51,000,000 unheard cries

07.26.09: RH Reality Check; Sex, Lies, And Health Care Reform

07.07.09: Rochester Christian Living Examiner; Parents sue school over student’s right to wear pro-life t-shirt

03.04.09: The Lapeer County Press; Pro-life teen plans to “Rock for Life”

01.06.09:; REV21 Honored at March for Life rally

09.12.08:; Pro-Life Group Upset Russell Brand Attacked Sarah Palin on Abortion on MTV

09.06.08:; National Pro-Life Student Group Sponsors Video-Based Abortion Activism Award

04.25.08:; AWHS students: We were punished for wearing pro-life shirts

10.04.07:; University of Florida Postpones Jack Kevorkian Speech Until January

09.01.07: TimesOnline; A matter of human rights – Junk medicine, amnesty and abortion

08.30.07:; Rock for Life Corrects Times of London: Christina Aguilera Actually Supports Abortion

08.30.07:; London Guardian Newspaper Misquotes Pro-Life Advocate on Amnesty Intl

08.28.06:; Cardinal resigns from Amnesty in abortion row

08.27.07: Christian Today; Amnesty International Branded As Hypocritical In Treating Musicians

08.26.07:; Pro-life rock stars ‘duped’ by Amnesty – Anti-torture group’s new support for abortion called betrayal of musicians on fundraising CD

08.26.07: The Sunday Times; Pro-life rockers clash with Amnesty

7.06.07: Herald & Review; Rock for Life show at Wake the Dead Thursday

5.19.07: People in Public Places; Teens Say Life Rocks

4.23.07:; Pro-Life Students Will Protest Abortion With Their Shirts on Tuesday

4.07.07:; National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day Helps Youth Stand Against Abortion

4.04.07:; Video – National Pro-life T-shirt Day – April 24th

1.30.07: National Review; Who Are These Friends of God?

1.22.07: The Tribune-Democrat; Abortion opponents march on D.C.

1.21.07: ProLife Blogs; Demonstrations Precede the March for Life

1.14.07: Reno Gazette-Journal; Anti-abortion activists rally on anniversary

1.05.07:; Erik Whittington at St. Peter’s Church

1.04.07:; Nancy Pelosi being picketed

11.18.06: WorldNetDaily; School bans pro-life T-shirts, fliers – Officials fear other students will object, consider message religious

10.11.06: Washington Post; Abortion opponents energized in key U.S. state

9.29.06:; RU 4 freedom of T-shirt speech?

9.27.06: Wall Street Journal; Embedded With God’s Young Recruits

9.26.06: Christian Science Monitor; Among ‘the Disciple Generation,’ fervor and diversity – A ‘nonbelieving’ journalist spends time with the young and evangelical

1.12.06:; Federal Judge Says School Can’t Bar Student From Wearing A Pro-Life Shirt

8.16.05: The Phantom Tollbooth; Rock for Life Waukesha Show review

8.13.05:; Remembering the 46 million

6.22.05: Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages; Why On Earth (Or Elsewhere) Am I Enjoying Christian Rock?

6.07.05:; Planned Parenthood Celebrates the Birth Control Pill

6.07.05:; Planned Parenthood Celebrates Anniversary of Legalization of Contraception in America

05.19.05: AgapePress; Pro-Life Teen Sues His School Over ‘Offensive’ T-Shirt

05.10.05:; New York Student
Sues High School for Prohibiting Pro-Life Shirt

05.08.05: Metro West Daily News; T-shirts reflect wearer’s personalities

04.29.05: Metro West Daily News; T-shirts cause a reaction

04.29.05:; More Students Denied Right to Wear Pro-Life T-Shirts Against Abortion

04.29.05: The Des Moines Register; T-shirts stir debate over speech in school

04.29.05: Knoxville News-Sentinel; School bars child’s antiabortion T-shirt

04.27.05:; National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day Finds Students Opposing Abortion

04.12.05: Agape Press; Commentary & News Briefs

03.31.05: Agape Press; Terri’s Gone

03.29.05: Family News in Focus; America Talking About the Value of Life

03.24.05: New York Daily News; Will the real MTV please stand up?

03.11.05: CitizenLink; National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day is Coming

03.03.05: The Conservative Voice; Bush Administration gives money to Planned Parenthood

01.30.05: Philadelphia Inquirer; American Rhythms: Young people divided on abortion rights, too

01.25.05: Washington Times; Bush buoys pro-lifers

01.24.05: Los Angeles Times; Abortion Foes Rally in Washington

01.23.05: Washington Post; After 32 Years, Roe Remains a Lightning Rod

01.19.05: San Bernardino County Sun; Emergency contraception disputed

10.18.04:; Commentary & News Briefs

10.14.04: Dar Al-Hayat – Saudi Arabia; Ayoon wa Azan (Art Opposition)

10.14.04: Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star; Band beats out pro-life message

10.0404: Newsweek: They Dress to Express

9.23.04: Western Catholic Reporter: A young man’s dilemma: ‘What kind of father am I called to be’

8.19.04: Coshocton Tribune: National band comes to Attik 3:16

8.11.04: Pro-Life Group Calls for Boycott of ‘Vote for Change’ Artists

4.29.04: Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star: T-shirts stir up school

4.27.04: Washington Times: Pro-lifers suited to a T

4.27.04: – Students Take Pro-Life Message Into Public Schools Today

3.31.04: – Students Mobilize for Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

3.19.04: School Relents on Teen Wearing Anti-Abortion Sweatshirt

3.12.04: Pro-life shirt barred as ‘obscene’

3.12.04: Pro-Life T-Shirt Is Not Profane or Obscene, Student Says

10.28.03: Cincinnati Enquirer: Our Kids

4.04.03: Youth Attitudes on Abortion Encourage Pro-Life Groups

2.05.03: Another student penalized for pro-life shirt

2.01.03: Kicking off National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

1.31.03: Pro-life shirt equated with swastika

1.21.03: Pro-Life Youth Hold Prayer Rally At DC Abortion Clinic

7.30.02: Christians Protest MTV, Offer up Alternative Programming

2.05.02: Pro-lifers protest Olympic condoms

1.22.02: Another Letter To Eddie Vedder, by Gary Cherone

1.21.02: Teen Pro-Lifers Protest Embryonic Stem Cell Research

1.19.02: Pro-lifers: Young and Feisty

11.24.01: Standing up against evil

06.09.01: The myth of freedom of speech


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