about us

Rock for Life is:

Erik Whittington – Executive Director

Lynsdey SmithAdministrative Assistant to the President

Rebecca Cicione – Artist Development

Rock for Life is promoting human rights for all people, born and preborn, by engaging the culture through music and education. Rock for Life’s message is the personhood message that each and every human being is a person from his or her biological beginning.


Engaging….Through Music

  • Hosting Rock for Life concerts
  • Presenting educational booths at concerts and festivals
  • Producing pro-life compilation CD’s
  • Equipping hundreds of bands in presenting the personhood message

Engaging….Through Education

  • Providing literature to students and youth groups
  • Speaking at concerts and youth rallies
  • Equipping bands with pro-life resources to take on tour
  • Maintaining RFL chapters around the country

Engaging….Through Activism

  • Encouraging and participating in peaceful, legal street level activism
  • Passing out literature in front of high schools
  • Holding prayer and worship services in front of abortion clinics
  • Participating in national pro-life events and activism
  • Providing alternatives for girls in crisis pregnancies

5 Responses to about us

  1. Anthony Niles says:

    Please post or re-post an article that highlights the efforts of Gary Cherone to promote the right to life.

    See: http://www.l4l.org/gary/index.html

    Thank you,

    Anthony Niles, Franciscan University ’07

    • YES! We published that for Gary!

  2. Marisa Mercer of Winnfield Louisiana says:

    We are going to end aboration one day till then we need to speak up against it. So speak up. Re- post if like it?

  3. Mike Wills says:

    Smilin’ Duck Band is proud to be associated with your organization. Thank you for standing up for what is right.

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