Signs at NARAL PRO-CHOICE America’s “My Birth Control Is Not My Boss’s Business! Rally”

This morning I attended the “Prayer and Rally at the Supreme Court for Religious Freedom.”  Here, I not only attended but I also provided the sound system for the rally and I got to listen to some amazing speakers – including my wife!  For those of you who don’t know Hobby Lobby is suing Kathleen Sibelius for attempting to force them and all employers to provide health insurance that covers birth control.  Birth control is one thing, but many forms of birth control can cause abortion – in other words, they are abortifacient.  Therefore, in the name of “health care” and “birth control” the Obama administration is forcing employers to pay for their employees abortifacients.  This goes against the religious and conscience convictions of many Americans, including Hobby Lobby.

Next to our rally was another rally in support of forcing Hobby Lobby and all employers to provide health insurance that covers / pays for birth control including abortifacients.  The event was called, “My Birth Control Is Not My Boss’s Business! Rally.”  I found the name of the rally and the whole meaning of it not really making much sense.  If birth control is not their boss’s business, then why are they attempting to force their boss to provide to them health insurance coverage that provides them their birth control / abortifacients even against their religious / conscience convictions?  Doesn’t that in and of itself MAKE IT THEIR BUSINESS?  Just doesn’t make sense.

Regardless, below are some pictures I took of their signs and in some cases, some pithy remarks from me!  ENJOY!  Oh, and feel free to comment your thoughts on this topic and/or their signs.



This was the main messaging and the main sign.  Again, if it’s not your boss’s business, then why are you making him/her pay for it?  That in and of itself makes your birth control his/her business.  Forcing your boss to go against their religious/conscience convictions is offensive, out of touch and definitely out-of-bounds.



No, it’s not your healthcare if you make someone else pay for it.  No, it shouldn’t be your decision to force your boss to go against their religious / conscience convictions to pay for your birth control / abortifacients.


BossBedroomClever, and I agree of course if it’s consenting and your boss or employee is your spouse!  But I don’t think that’s what they mean.  By forcing your employer to pay for your health insurance plan that covers your birth control / abortifacients against your employers religious / conscience convictions you have already invited your boss into your bedroom.


hobbychurchThis one is funny, because it’s so ridiculous. Hobby Lobby doesn’t have church services in their stores.  Actually, they are closed on Sundays – you know, the day MOST churches hold church services.  Maybe because this is sponsored by Americans for the Separation of Church and State.  They should probably research what a church is before they wish it to be separate from the state.  And how is Hobby Lobby part of the state?  And how is forcing Hobby Lobby to go against its religious / conscience convictions by providing health care the covers their employees birth control / abortifacients ok?



This is a fun one.  First of all, no one there could site a source to prove 99% of Catholic women use birth control.  Now I’m not Catholic but my understanding is natural forms of birth control are acceptable, contraception is not while abortifacient drugs and obviously abortion in and of itself a major NO NO!  Regardless, rally attendees kept chanting, “We are the 99 percent.”  So, I’m not sure were they all Catholic?  So I asked a few ladies what that chant meant.  I received various responses, none of them once quoted the signs that were right in front of their faces.  Some said it referred to 99% of all women are on birth control.  Some said 99% of all women will used birth control during their lifetime.  Some said 99% of all people believe using birth control is ok.  It was definitely a MIXED MESSAGE – one that was used the most but no one really even seemed to understand why they were chanting it. LOL!!!



You are right, it is your business!  But when you force others to pay for it, it then becomes their business as well.  If you want it to remain your business, then, well keep it your business.  Pay for it YOURSELF!



It WAS your business.  Now it’s not.  I draw the line at forcing others to pay for it.  Now it’s not your business.  SORRY!!



I can understand this, to a point.  Some forms of contraception are abortifacient.  Aborting human embryos is, well not health care for those people.  Not sure how forcing employers to pay for it is health care.


mybodyYes it is! Employers also have bodies! And religious /conscience convictions as well.  Let’s not forget that, ok?!!?


discrimination So it’s not discrimination to force employers to violate their religious / conscience convictions? You need to be consistent, guys.

You get the point.  We could go on and on and have lots of fun!  There were lots of crazy signs, officially from organizations and organizers to even crazier homemade signs.  I’ll post the rest below in a slide show.

Next time, if you ever have a chance to join us for a pro-life rally at the U.S. Supreme Court you HAVE TO BE THERE.  It is not only very important to have your support and to show abortion sympathizers as well as the mainstream media and DC politicians, but it is also a great way to get experience with “on the streets” form of activism.  It is very eye-opening and can be lots of fun as well.

Hope you enjoy the photos, let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to Signs at NARAL PRO-CHOICE America’s “My Birth Control Is Not My Boss’s Business! Rally”

  1. ‘Don’t impose your beliefs’, it says on one of the signs in your slide show. Isn’t that precisely what these people are trying to do?

    Also, I’m not American, but my understanding of the ‘separation of church and state’ issue is that this policy came into being in order to protect the church from state control….. so trying to use the slogan to say that the church should submit to the state would appear to be….. well….. really silly….. lol.

    • Exactly!!

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