PHOTOS: National Pro-Life Chalk Day Spring 2014

National Pro-Life Chalk Day this spring was a success.  More and more people are getting involved, chalking their sidewalks in their communities and college campuses and therefore more and more people are reading the messages and stopping to discuss the pro-life topic.  We are so excited to see more and more people not only get involved in this day, but also to continue sidewalk chalking as a tool in their arsenal of pro-life witness tools.

We are contemplating moving the Spring Chalk Day to a March date.  There seems to be too much snow on the ground, especially this year, therefore limiting the number of potential participants.  We would like your thoughts on that.

The Fall date is Thursday, October 2, 2014.  Make sure to join the event page on facebook and invite all your friends on facebook to participate.  Also, make sure to “like” the Chalk Day page as well as inviting all of your facebook friends to like it as well.  Thanks!

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5 Responses to PHOTOS: National Pro-Life Chalk Day Spring 2014

  1. Melissa says:

    I would definitely support a move to March! There is still so much snow here and you shovel it but inevitably there is still snow on the sidewalks and not to mention the snow, but the cold temperatures (especially this winter, which for us has been colder than average) also make it hard to chalk.

    • Thanks Melissa, Looks like we will move it in 2015

  2. Denise says:

    We always participate in the Chalk Day in September, but February is a NO go…..after all, if it’s not snowing in northeast Ohio then, it’s probably snow or ice covered, thawing, or raining! March or April is definitely better in this part of the country!

    • Thanks Denise it looks like we will be moving the Spring date in 2015

  3. Richard Loveday says:

    Even here in the South, March or April sounds like a much better idea (especially this year!)

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