Rock for Life Maryland Conference Recap!

Hello lovely beautiful people,

It has been some time since I blogged with y’all but the time has come! I am back and ready to blast your faces off with brilliant blog recap love of the Rock for Life Maryland conference! (cue crowd noise.)

So in case you were not aware, Rock for Life had an amazing conference Nov. 17th that had all the important things needed for a great pro-life time: Awesome passionate speakers (I was one of them! They just let me up on the stage! It was great!), great music (The Revived! They were awesome!) and free merch! (You totally should have been there! You could have gotten free stuff!)

Ok, toning down the excitement just a notch.  I have pictures!

Our lovely lady of ceremonies, Erica Valenstein!


The Revived!!


Michele Henrickson!! Laying down the facts.





Erik, Michele and Andy Moore chilling like bosses.

So clearly it was AMAZING and I, as well as the rest of the RFL team, cannot wait to do it again. The evening, besides being fun, was an energizing conference complete with a thorough scientifically-sound pro-life presentation from Michele Hendrickson. She laid out the pro-life case passionately and showed us that we are the side with the facts and we will not be silenced. I spoke on my story as an adopted child and my intro into activism. Finally, our fearless director, Erik Whittington, explained how he got involved in fighting the tragedy of abortion. Our message was simple: Abortion is wrong, we have the tools to stop it and we want YOU to join us.

So will you?

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