Abortionist asks moms if they’d like to hold their aborted children

OK this is really bizarre, but then again, maybe it’s not.

In a lengthy interview with the Hairpin late-term abortion specialist Susan Robinson admits that she asks moms before she aborts their children if they would like to hold them.  Is that nutty or what?!?!

Not only that but she will arrange to have remembrance photos taken, give mom a teddy bear and footprints of her aborted baby.  These are things you do when you give birth, not abort, but in this crazy world we live in lines between life and death, birth and abortion seem to get blurred.

To add insult to injury Susan also offers a baptismal for the baby and non-denominational prayers.

Click here to read the full article / to get more into the mind of a late-term abortion specialist.

Please keep this woman in your daily thoughts and prayers – she is obviously deeply disturbed and could use all our prayers to pull her out of the abortion business.  Thank you.


2 Responses to Abortionist asks moms if they’d like to hold their aborted children

  1. The abortionist is keenly aware that this customer ( all about money) is about to lose her baby to abortion. Susan Robinson is validating the loss of this baby’s LIFE to abortion. So sinister and evil that she says to girls that she will help them through the impacted grieving process because what Susan is really doing is making herself feel better about killing babies for money

  2. singingrosary says:

    This is (I am sad to say) not uncommon. My blog 1inten.wordpress.com is dedicated to these babies. All of the pictures on the blog are from one site that promotes the killing of disabled babies. We need people to know this is happening to these babies and get the word out that this is unexceptable! We can not be afraid to speak out for life.

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