VIDEO: Abortion supporters chant “Hail Satan”

While pro-lifers are singing “Amazing Grace” at the Texas State Capitol abortion supporters attempt to drown them out with their own chant of “Hail Satan.”  See the video below.


Now this is in no way suggesting all abortion supporters are devil worshipers, just like not all opponents of abortion are Christians, but unfortunately the underlining theme is far too common.  Pro-lifers peacefully pray at abortion facilities and other visibility and outreach events.  Abortion supporters rarely, if at all do.

Please keep all abortion supporters in your thoughts and prayers, who are so hurt and angry by our support of all human life. Thanks!



3 Responses to VIDEO: Abortion supporters chant “Hail Satan”

  1. Did you think they would serve a different master than Satan?

  2. Jane Martin says:

    We live in a world where evil is called good. And good is called evil. We are in this world but not of it. We are to stand for what is right, just,fair,and decent. Even if we stand alone.

    We are to love one another. Even if you don’t like what someone’s actions. You should still love the person. And pray for them.

  3. I wish I could be speechless… I wish I could be surprised… I wish that this was shocking… Unfortunately, it’s expected. Moral truths and firm foundations aren’t slowly slipping away, they are being violently torn apart from the American culture.

    It doesn’t mean that God is weakened, or any less God. It simply means that we as people have become less concerned with hiding sinful nature.

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