Give them dignity: Naming the 45 babies babies recovered from Gosnell’s clinic.

Kermit Gosnell’s story is no longer being ignored (for the most part.) The late-term abortionist currently is on trial for lives lost at his clinic, women and children, as well as having to answer for the disgusting conditions of his Pennsylvania clinic. If you haven’t heard of this man yet, please google him. Educate yourself. Don’t close your ears.

The whole ordeal is heart-wrenching. It shines a spotlight on the horrific effects of not only one man but of the ignorance of the media when it comes to the abortion industry. This particular story, originally from LifeSite News, gives a small note of good to a saddening series of events.

Forty five precious babies were found at Gosnell’s clinic. They had no names because they were deemed “unwanted.” But those of us who value life, we recognized that these children were important, they deserved life. Since they were denied the right to live, we agree with the sentiment that Father Frank Pavone holds: they all deserve names.

We here at Rock for Life, out of respect for these children, will list their names below:

Names of the Gosnell Babies

From the Grand Jury Report: “The Philadelphia medical examiner analyzed the remains of 45 fetuses seized from the clinic. Of these, 16 were first-trimester; 25 were second-trimester, ranging from 12 to 21 weeks; 2 were 22 weeks; 1 was 26 weeks; and 1 was 28 weeks.”

Baby Adam (Baby Boy A, aborted at seven and a half months, six pounds weight)

Baby Michael (Baby Boy B, killed at 28 weeks)

Baby Alex (Baby C, breathed for 20 minutes after delivery.)

Baby Chris (Baby D — Was delivered into the toilet and was seen swimming there.)

Baby Andy (Baby E — This baby was heard to whine.)

Baby Lou (Baby F — This baby’s leg jerked and moved after being delivered.)

Baby Pat (Baby G)

Baby Joshua
Baby David
Baby Ashley
Baby Sal
Baby Terry
Baby Sam
Baby Val
Baby Tony
Baby Ronnie
Baby Sarah
Baby Melanie
Baby Sandy
Baby Corey
Baby Drew
Baby Ryan
Baby Toby
Baby Sean
Baby Kelly
Baby Carroll
Baby Joseph
Baby Benjamin
Baby Stacey
Baby Gabriel
Baby Brett
Baby Julian
Baby Taylor
Baby Courtney
Baby Danny
Baby Kim
Baby Mandy
Baby Robin
Baby Austin
Baby Abel
Baby Michelle
Baby Lisa
Baby Shannon
Baby Nevin
Baby Connor

It is our duty to do this. As pro-lifers, as human beings. In America, the nameless dead are always tragic. We feel a special kind of loss when we are unaware of the identity of the victim of a crime. It is always a tragedy for someone to suffer violence, but to have their name and their identity forgotten adds a bitter note. For these children, this is one way to give them respect, dignity and to love them. Obviously, we should aim for this body count to be unthinkable. We lose around 4,000 little lives like these every day in America. Little Connors, Little Kims, and Little Taylors. Think of them and oppose abortion. Think of them and stand up for life today.

For the full article, written by Fr. Pavone, go here.


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