VIDEO: Abortionist compares aborted baby to “meat in a crock pot”

Today Live Action released the fourth undercover video as part of their Inhuman series.  This one is directly targeting late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart.

In this video Leroy Carhart compares a dying baby in-utero to “meat in a crock pot” and when asks how he breaks the baby up, in case it isn’t born whole, Carhart jokes how he uses a pickaxe and a drill bit.  He also goes into great detail of how he aborts babies.

But there is more, Carhart also goes into great detail of what happens if a mother has complications at the hotel, waiting for the abortion to complete.  He makes it sound like he will there and available no matter what time of the day in case something happens.  Unfortunately for Jennifer Morbelli, this wasn’t the case.

Carhart also tells the undercover agent that this abortion will make you a better person.

And if that isn’t enough, he also lies to the mother telling her that Morbelli did not die from the abortion, but from the pregnancy.  That is not correct.

This video is very eery, it not only uncovers the above but it puts a voice and a face to a man who commits heinous crimes against humanity.  This is a must see and must be shared with everyone who considers themselves pro-choice.


One Response to VIDEO: Abortionist compares aborted baby to “meat in a crock pot”

  1. Wendi says:

    Sick. Beyond sick. I have to say that in Jennifer Morbelli’s case, however, her death is not only the abortionist’s fault. Yes, he botched it, but for the love of God, no matter what is wrong with an unborn baby, it is not for anyone to decide whether he or she lives or dies! When we play God, we mess with disaster. There is no such thing as a perfect baby/human being… Never was, never will be – Of course with the exception of Jesus Christ Himself. It’s way past time we all understand that every life is meaningful and holds great worth. That family will never know the lessons and joys that baby girl would have given them no matter how long her life may have been, had it not been so selfishly robbed from her! Shame on them and shame on humankind for allowing this slaughtering of innocents!!

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