Ohio Mother Sues Abortion Clinic Over Failed Abortion.

Miracle baby: Ariel Knights, pictured left with her fiance, he son and the 'miracle baby' girl she delivered in September

An Ohio mother of two has decided to sue an abortion clinic over the failed abortion of her daughter, a child she and her fiance have since called “miracle baby.”

Last year, when 22-year-old Ariel Knights was told by doctors that her pregnancy could be life-endangering, she made a decision to schedule an abortion. In March 2012, Knights scheduled an abortion through Akron Women’s Medical Group.In an interview with the Beacon Journal, Knights said the clinic’s atmosphere was dark, “Every seat was full. People were standing…It was pretty much like a slaughterhouse; it was like OK, next, next.” Knights full detail’s of the experience, found here, are rather shady and scary. She was dealt with in a very cold way, the deed was done and she was sent on her way. But a few days later, she began feeling ill and going through some serious physical pain. She eventually ended up going to the ER, where a doctor had some startling news for her and her fiance.

She was still pregnant.

Knights got in touch with the clinic where the abortion had occurred and the clinic denied her claims but suggested she could go to their other office in Cleveland. Knights decided to try a different clinic but they refused to perform the abortion, stating, they wouldn’t treat her for “somebody else’s mistake.” Knights decided to carry her baby to term after that.

It wouldn’t be an easy pregnancy. Knights had a medical condition that Knights said made the process risky and stressful. She was worried the failed abortion had weakened the baby and might mean the child’s death.

Knights had multiple hospital visits and bi-weekly ultrasound visits with a doctor who specialized in high-risk pregnancies. But Knights’ miracle baby, a little baby girl, was born in September.

Cutie: Knights and her fiance are thrilled to have their healthy baby girl, pictured

Knights and her daughter suffered no complications during delivery. Knights is pursuing a lawsuit of 25,000 dollars for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. She said she is also hoping to find answers through the lawsuit. She and her fiance are happy to have their “miracle baby” though she is still suing for malpractice.  She told the Becon Journal, “I mean, it’s just hard, thinking she’s here and thinking, if they would have done their job… It’s just something I don’t like to think about.”

My commentary: The health of the mother is a very hard consideration to deal with when we are talking about abortion. When most people say they support abortion only in cases of the mother’s health, my experience has been that they don’t understand the difference between a life-saving operation and one that aims to end a life. Knights believed she was acting in her own life’s interest as well as that of the family she might leave behind. But an operation that saves a mother’s life and result’s in the baby’s death is one thing. An abortion, which tears apart and dismembers a baby’s body because of a health risk, is another thing. We need to keep that in mind when doctors encourage us (speaking as a woman, here) to abort our children. While I agree with Knights’ quest to find answers from a shady abortion clinic, money will not be able to fix the fact that her daughter was almost killed and clearly was meant to live. As pro-lifers though we must be careful when dealing with such a story. If anything, we need to be researching options for high-risk pregnancies and educating scared women on how they can save their life and their child’s life as well.


6 Responses to Ohio Mother Sues Abortion Clinic Over Failed Abortion.

  1. I think this woman is disgusting! She almost murders her baby, then tries to gain wealth from it!
    How is she going to feel when that baby grows up and she loves her to peices, and she realizes that she almost killed her! She’ll have to live with that!!!

    • Barb Dailey says:

      Reread the article, Margaret. You’re on the wrong track.

  2. Renée says:

    It is sad when we put our own wants and desires above other people’s lives. We need to be there more for others who are considering abortion in a positive way. I failed to do this for a friend. You can help by praying give positive reinforcement, resources.. there are many who want babies. I also believe that we should not be play God by deciding who should live not live. If there’s a chance for a baby to live, I believe we sould give a baby a chance & not murder a life. I have to believe we should be grateful for the children that God blessed us with. If we are unable to take care of our children then we need to stand up for them, humble ourselves, and allow somebody else to take care of them who are able too.

  3. CarolL says:

    Margaret, $25,000 is hardly going to make anybody wealthy. Her comment to the Beacon Journal, quoted above, is an indication that she is struggling with what could have been, had the abortion been successful. She isn’t suing just for money (or she would have filed for far more than $25,000, and probably win much more too), she wants something done about the clinics unacceptable (and potentially dangerous) practices. This lawsuit has the potential to work in the pro-life’s sides failure, by exposing what often goes on behind the scenes at many baby-killing facilities. Also, if her one uterus is so unstable, I would think something could be done other than doctors telling her to get an abortion because she could die. She needs to find pro-life doctors who can give her better answers.

    • CarolL says:

      “favor” not “failure”

  4. hope33 says:

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