On the road from Tulsa: young mom talked out of an abortion!

Whenever you listen to God’s calling you will feel rewarded and fulfilled. Life isn’t necessarily easier, but you feel at ease and encouraged to keep persevering. Trai and I were able to experience this fulfillment in Acquire the Fire Tulsa first hand. While working the booth we were approached by a girl who we can only guess was fifteen or sixteen who questioned us about why we do what we do. Why leave our homes, quit school, quit our jobs to fight for life? We talked to her and expressed that this is what we believe is right, and that God had called both of us to participate in this tour. After some thought she proceeded to tell us she was eight weeks pregnant, and considering an abortion. That is until she saw that there were people who believed it was so wrong that they would leave their comforts behind and defend the preborn. God used us to save her child! We were, and still are ecstatic! It was amazing to not just know that some where along the line we were making a difference, but meet someone who heard the message and decided to give her child the gift of life. We will never be able to forget this!

Tulsa was a great event even beyond this! The Holy Spirit moved in a great way and many teens came to Christ. Many others were filled with the spirit and worshiped whole heartedly before the Lord. I don’t know what it was in Tulsa that set it apart, but I know I will never forget this weekend.

Rock for Life on the road Caleb and Trai

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