District Attorney says abortionist committed homicide, murder

District Attorney, Seth Williams who is prosecuting late-term abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell recently labeled what Gosnell was doing, “homicide” and “murder.” Kermit is facing eight counts of murder.  If prosecute he may receive the death penalty.

Gosnell ran an abortion facility in West Philadelphia that many have labeled “a house of horrors.”  When prosecutors arrived the facility smelled like urine, blood stains all over the place, bottles and bags of human fetus remains.

According to witnesses many babies were born alive during the abortion process. Allegedly Dr. Gosnell and other facility workers would simply use a pair of scissors to snip the babies spinal chords.  All this while the child was breathing and the heart beating.

This all started when the abortionists’ patient Karnamaya Mongar died from a botched abortion.  Karnamaya’s family sued Dr. Gosnell.  The premises were raided.

This is excruciatingly horrifying on so many different levels.  While at the same time this is no different from an abortion.  Abortion ends the life of a preborn baby just like severing a newborn baby’s spinal cord with a pair of scissors.

All of us should be horrified at abortion just as much as we are horrified at this.

Keep this trial in your thoughts and prayers, that justice is served, that many see abortion as just as horrific and that Dr. Gosnell as well as all involved in these horrific deaths will see the errors of their ways and turn to respect and honor all human life.


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