From Atlanta!

calebatlantaATFAcquire the Fire Atlanta was a great success at the Rock for Life table. Trai and I (Caleb) had a blast seeing a new city and meeting lots of new people. We had the opportunity to educate many people about what it means to be pro-life as well as introduced many other people to Rock for life as an organization. This being only my second Acquire the Fire event it was surprising how many people have not heard of Rock for Life before, especially considering how long we have been around. The environment was very conducive for having conversations with the youth as well as their families and pastors. Over all we are both very pleased with how this event went and excited for our next tour date in Nashville on Friday. If you’re interested in following us on our journey check the Rock for Life Instagram page as well as our facebook. We will be posting pictures and videos daily!

It was also amazing to see how many youth come to know Christ through Acquire the Fire’s ministry. One girl in specific who spent a lot of time at our table talking to us and asking about Rock for Life came to us at the end of the event and told us that, “Jesus had Captured her heart.” It was awesome! I am definitely looking forward to more of this on the tour.

We not only met new people at the events but also stayed with two awesome host families this weekend. A very special shout out and thanks to Scott, Rhonda, and Erin Lynch as well as Brian and Annie Bollinger! These people opened up their homes to us and gave us a well needed place to crash after driving and working our events. If you’re interested in helping us on our trip by being a host contact us through email or facebook, We will be in your town someday.

-Can’t wait for what is ahead

-RFL on the Road

-Caleb and Trai


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  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting

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