On our way to San Antonio!

nashvilletosanantonioHey guys, a quick update on our Spring 2013 Tour!  This morning the team is driving towards San Antonio!  Yes, this is a slight change of plans as we were originally going to attend Acquire the Fire in Harvey, near New Orleans.  Instead we will be attending the event in San Antonio this weekend.

Things have been going great!  Caleb and Trai will be posting something very soon updating you on their travels.

In the mean time I am hoping you could help us out.

First, their safety.  The drive is going to be all day long.  Actually they won’t be making the full trip.  They will be stopping near Dallas tonight.  All in all the total trip is nearly 14 hours.  Keep Caleb and Trai in your thoughts and prayers, that they stay safe and full of excitement to share LIFE with everyone they run into today and this week.

Secondly, host homes. Caleb and Trai need places in the Dallas and San Antonio area.  If you are in this area or know someone who is, prayerfully consider letting them sleep on your couch or floor this week.  Let me know.

Thirdly, opportunities to share.  Caleb and Trai will be looking for opportunities to set up a Rock For Life table at a church service, youth group meeting, concert, youth convention, pro-life rally or meeting.  This is a great opportunity for us to share our message and vision with others.

Finally, fuel costs.  The trip from Nashville to San Antonio is 934 miles.  This trip will cost us about $288.  If you could prayerfully consider a donation to offset these costs that would be terrific!  Keeping fuel in the van keeps it going!  And we need it to keep going to share the human rights for all message, born and preborn to the thousands of young people attending Acquire the Fire and other events on this Spring Tour!

You can donate on our home page, at the Rock For Life Store, by sending a check or money order to: PO Box 333, Locust Grove, VA 22508-0333 or I’ll even take a credit card gift over the phone.  Call my cell at 540-840-9764.

Thanks again for all your support!


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