VIDEO: “There’s A Human Being Growing In Your Stomach!”

I love pro-life commercials.

Of course, this commercial is not “pro-life” really, but it communicates part of a pro-life principle. There is a human being inside a woman’s stomach when she is pregnant!  Well, not technically the stomach, the uterus, but you get the point.  This isn’t a religious or politically motivated statement, it’s a fact. However, this fact isn’t enough to deliver an entirely pro-life message. I’ve met people who have admitted, “Yes, I believe there is a person inside a woman’s stomach.” You would think that would be the end of it I’d clap them on the back and welcome them to the pro-life movement!  But sadly, it’s not. People still believe that preborn human beings are allowed to be killed. Why? Because they are an inconvenience. Or they are a reminder of a painful time in that person’s life. Or they won’t have a good upbringing.


Life should be celebrated, in all cases. It is amazing that a child can result from any circumstance. There are countless stories out there, available to anyone with a search engine, that explain regardless of how someone is conceived, all they needed was a shot to do great things. However, in the end, it doesn’t matter if a preborn person will cure cancer, inspire millions with music, or deal a crushing blow to poverty. What matters is we all deserve a chance to live. Being pro-life isn’t only about recognizing there is a human being in a woman’s stomach. It’s also about recognizing that human beings deserve to survive. Period.


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