My 10th March


The March for Life! The time when, contrary to the news coverage, there are hundreds of thousands of people who travel from all over to celebrate the growing pro-life movement as well as grieve together for the millions and millions of babies lost since Roe V Wade.  This year marked 40 years of Roe V. Wade.  Forty years of abortion equals 55 million babies…gone. It’s a difficult thing to stomach but being around so many fellow pro-lifers helps keep me from getting discouraged. It shows me that we are the pro-life generation and the abortion industry should be shaking in its boots.

This year was a special one for me.  It marks my 10th march in a row.  I’ve marched for 10 years in the cold D.C. streets with my fellow pro-lifers. It’s a milestone, in one way I wish I didn’t have to celebrate.  I wish abortion had ended by now.  But this milestone represents something else to me as well. It means I am a pro-life “lifer.”  I am committed to this cause.  It’s not just because I march because that would be silly.  No, it’s because every time I go back to DC and meet with my fellow activist-friends from all over the country (and the globe) we can share all the pro-life work we have done to dignify mothers and their babies that previous year.

And I wouldn’t be where I am without Rock for Life.

Rock for Life was the reason I was woken up to the horror of abortion.  Sure, I knew it was wrong.  But I hadn’t really thought about DOING anything.  Then this guy named Erik (El Director!) announced to my church that his organization would be hosting their Annual Training and Activism weekend.  We would be protesting and marching to bring awareness to the millions of babies who had been lost to abortion.  So I went and I will never be the same.  My eyes were opened to the horror of abortion and the hope that the pro-life movement could offer to women in crisis situations.  Women just like my birth mother.  It clicked with me.  I survived Roe V. Wade and therefore I could not think of any other place for me then to speak for the silenced unborn children.  It’s been 10 years since then and while I am grieved we lose 4,000 children everyday to abortion, I know I am making a difference.  Not just by marching but by being a pro-life ACT-ivist.  Rock for Life continues to give me an opportunity to speak out about human injustice and it gives me a link to others, my friends, my fellow activist, who want to make abortion unthinkable.

I will leave you with a question poised by Sophie Scholl, a young girl about my age who did what she could to speak out against the injustice of the Nazis who had taken over Germany, her country, “Are there still people today who never weary of directing all their thinking and all their energy, single-heartedly, to one cause?”

Sophie’s question applies to where we are today.  Many will say we are foolish for being so “pro-life.” Just remember that we must always be focused on this cause.  Join us.

One Response to My 10th March

  1. joeykerlin says:

    “pro-life lifer” thats great, RFL should start a special id card that says that, but first you have to put in like… 1000 hours of volunteer work, heh.

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